Small School Sleepers 

These are the very best small school football players that will be draft eligible in 2016. From the biggest F.C.S. state universities to the smallest Division II, Division III and N.A.I.A. college programs.

These prospects are loosely ranked, so check back frequently, as we intend to update these rankings often as we accumulate more information.

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1. Paul McRoberts Southeast Missouri State  Senior Bowl Invite; College Basketball Player
2. Ed Eagan Northwestern State Senior Bowl Invite; High Impact Kick/Punt Returner
3. Jamaal Jones Montana  
4. Chris King Duquesne
5. Reggie Diggs Richmond
6. Darrin Peterson Liberty
7. Seth DeValve Princeton  Potential N.F.L. H-Back
8. Marquise Cushon Pittsburg State
9. Andre McCulloch Rocky Mountain Fresno State Transfer
10. Andrian Jones Jacksonville State

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