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last updated: 02/28/07

Earlier today we linked a Denver Post story on Wyoming safety John Wendling. A friend just informed us via E-Mail that we should link the Posts' amazing video of Wendling clearing a 66 inch hurdle!


We once again updated our list of Top Free Agents. But this update is different than the others, as we've added about 45 names of mostly unrestricted free agents to the list!

The list above is, perhaps, the most comprehensive list of ranked free agents in cyberspace. We think it makes a great free agency topic starter on N.F.L. message boards around the world.

**** E-Mail [Draft Captain]:

There is a great linebacker in Canada that plays at Wilfred Laurier University. Jesse Alexander is 6'1", 230 pounds and is one of the best linebackers ever to play in Canada. Canada's college stars are nowhere as good as the U.S. stars and have a hard time making it. But Alexander has the pass coverage skills of a safety; had 3 interceptions in the regular season. He also was fourth in the country in tackles (56.5) with one sack. In 2004 he had 7.5 sacks, but was so quick he was moved to the inside. Jessie should be put on the boards so the scouts can look at him. Jessie has a lot of awards. He helped W.L.U. win a championship and have several winning seasons. The C.F.L. drafted Jessie in 2005 but he turned them down to go back to W.L.U. Comment: Thank you for the E-Mail, Captain. Hopefully Jessie gets at least a fair look by teams in the U.S. His stats are particularly impressive, when you consider his team played only eight regular season games per season!


Former Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson believes he's the best player in the N.F..L draft.


Houston Chronicle: Top Six Most Impressive Combine Workouts.


Former Rutgers captain Shawn Tucker turns his attention to the N.F.L. Draft after being denied a 6th season of eligibility.


Baltimore has waived running back Jamal Lewis, but it appears the team wants to re-sign its all-time leading rusher.


Q&A's with Northwestern linebacker Nick Roach and Maryland defensive tackle Conrad Bolston.


ESPN's John Clayton recaps a Combine, which featured a lot of speed.

**** Combine winners and losers.


Tuesday was the big day for former U.L.M. defensive backs Kevin Payne and Chaz Williams at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Results were mixed at best for the Warhawk duo.


Closer look at former University of Wyoming safety John Wendling. Comment: We thank long time supporter Ace C. for sending us the link above. Just an update, since the article was written, Wendling ran a sparkling 4.43 at the Combine yesterday....During the 2005 season we got a couple negative E-Mails about placing Wendling among our Top 12 juniors safeties. As it turns out, he's probably a Top 5 safety in his class. Great size, speed and football talent. Fans of the team that gets this player in the draft should not assume his upside is only special teams (as the L.A. Times recently reported). He has the potential to be a quality starter in the N.F.L.


Former University of Arizona tailback Chris Henry, who had limited success on the field for the Wildcats, created a "buzz" in Indy with his workouts.


Respected analyst Gil Brandt files his sixth report from the N.F.L. Combine: Some Defensive back Notes.


Quick look at former Arkansas cornerback Chris Houston, who did real well at the Combine.


USA Today: Weak talent makes N.F.L. free agency a buyer-beware market.


USA Today's big board: A look at the top 64 NFL draft prospect.

**** Latter-round quarterbacks have as much chance as top picks.


A few more random Combine Notes from a "inside source" we have in Indy:

Tuesday was a great day and it broke just how I heard it would. I think this draft has a lot of good depth and the only spot that is weak is tight end. I believe linebacker is deceptively good and the safety class is exceptional!....I Still contend this class of wide receivers has more potential busts in it than any group....If your team plays a Tampa Two D, there is a lot of cornerback talent here. There are only two "man press corners" in this draft and the one I touted (Chris Houston) could go as high as #6 overall. He won't get out of the top 10, in my opinion!

Safety LaRon Landry and linebacker Patrick Willis were the best defensive players in Indy. Landry looks like a sure-fire top 10 pick, too. He had a Hall of Fame workout and his interviews were outstanding across the board. I heard Baltimore absolutely loves Landry, but they have no way of getting him. His interview with them was supposed to be things legends are made of. He actually broke down Baltimore's tape by memory because he had looked at every tape his brother gave him and he told DC Rex Ryan were mistakes were made from memory and what he would have done given the pre-snap reads.

Some more rumors on NFL players: The Dolphins will be cutting veteran defensive end Kevin Carter if he does not re-do his deal by Friday. Quarterback Joey Harrington is done and the 'Fins may also look at dumping some of their huge cap money at the wide receiver spot -- Chris Chambers and Marty Booker could be in a tight spot....Chicago is "very" serious about trading linebacker Lance Briggs, defensive end Adewale Ogunleye and tailback Thomas Jones this off season, as they want to recoup draft picks. Look for the Patriots to seriously look at Briggs. He is a great outside linebacker that fits what they do.

Seattle and Denver are looking closely at defensive ends Adewale Ogunleye and Jared Allen. And Denver really likes Patrick Kerney. The New York Jets could be very interested in Kevin Carter, but I hear he wants no part of cold weather. I keep hearing several restricted free agents will be signed -- a lot more than anyone thinks. Names included Jared Allen, Jacob Bell, Matt Schaub, D.J. Hackett and Michael Turner.

Notre Dame's Brady Quinn could go as high as 3, or as low as 24 (Kansas City). The scouting community is really split on him. Most love his pre-snap reads and decisions, but many can't believe how many open wide receivers he misses with his gun and the "windows" are smaller in the NFL.

Rutgers running back Brian Leonard told every team he is a running back, not a fullback. He worked it that way. His cone scores were great for his size/speed ratio. A former Bills' scout told me Leonard reminds him of Ronnie Harmon. He's a valued prospect, but I see him going in round two. His best chance to go in round one is the Patriots. I think Cleveland really likes him a lot, too, and is trying to look disinterested. But their scouts were eyeballing him from a suite in his workouts.....Again, I think Oakland and Cleveland really like U.S.C. center Ryan Kalil.....Speaking of U.S.C., I think Dwayne Jarrett is in trouble, as even his staunchest allies (former U.S.C. coaches) think he may have trouble getting off the line in the N.F.L. Plus he hates contact and can't block.

Linebacker Quincy Black of New Mexico's workout numbers look insane. He is a fast twitch guy, but an athlete first. His game film is average for his skills. He reminded me of Terne Nande's last year -- unreal numbers that got him in the fifth round. Black may go a bit higher, but his film will knock him down a bit.

I think the Jets know a quality defensive tackle prospect like Justin Harrell or Tank Tyler will be there in round two. I know the Jets really liked the cornerbacks they saw today. Their coaches paid very close attention to Josh Wilson of Maryland, Tanard Jackson of Syracuse and Travarous Bain of Hampton. But they really took notice of former U.N.L.V. star Eric Wright. He is a big legal risk, but he is the best pure Cover cornerback, other than Chris Houston. Wright's skills are already N.F.L. good. Footwork is what separates the great cover cornerbacks.

last updated: 02/27/07

The Miami Dolphins would have interest in acquiring Kansas City's Trent Green if placed on the trading block by the Chiefs, a source said at the NFL Scouting Combine.


Former University of Wisconsin middle linebacker Mark Zalewski hopes to impress scouts, despite the Combine snub.


We once again updated our list of Top Free Agents. It's updated, in the sense that we have noted several transactions (re-signings, franchise designations).


Don Banks: After Maurice Drew's big rookie season, N.F.L. teams will be more apt to look at diminutive running back Garrett Wolfe.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Miss. State defensive lineman Antonio Johnson during Senior Bowl week. Comment: We did about 15 quick Q&A's with some top prospects in Mobile and have posted most in the last week, or so.


Quarterback John Stocco didn't melt in the biggest games for the University of Wisconsin nor did he back down Sunday in his workout at the N.F.L. combine. Comment: We thank Sean for sending this link. Sean, Stucco's not as tall as N.F.L. teams would like (below 6' 2") and doesn't possesses a rocket powered arm. But, he's a proven winner and and a quality character player for the locker room. No reason to think he won't get a look around round 5 or 6.


Peter King: When tenths of a second can mean tens of thousands of dollars, Combine prep becomes serious business.


With a fancy showing at the Combine today, did L.S.U. safety LaRon Landry put himself in the top 10? Should the Houston Texans draft him?


NFL free agency 101: How it works


Former University of Arizona running back Chris Henry improves his stock at the N.F.L. Combine.


Peter King: As the draft process plays out, two quarterbacks will jockey for the top spot in the N.F.L. draft.


Rotoworld: Movers and shakers at the N.F.L. Combine.


In-depth look at former Arkansas defensive end Jamaal Anderson, who is sitting out the N.F.L. Combine with an injury.


The defensive backs have started running in Indy and, as our source inside the Combine predicted last week, Arkansas' Chris Houston has been the star....Leon Hall is "not" slow after all!....Meanwhile, full sized Oregon State defender Sabby Piscitelli and LaRon Landry have posted impressive times at safety.

Check today's "unofficial times" for the Defensive Backs at FFLiveWire.


L.A. Times: U.S.C. center Ryan Kalil stands out at the N.F.L. Combine.


Frank Coyle's N.F.L. Draft Top 100 Prospects.

***** Clemson's Gaines Adams rises, while Michigan's Alan Branch stumbles at the N.F.L. Combine.


Former Syracuse linebacker Kelvin Smith confident he impressed at the Combine.


In-depth look at rising Purdue defensive end Anthony Spencer.


Closer look at New Hampshire wide receiver David Ball's week in Indy.


Jason Kelly: It's hip to be wrong about Brady Quinn's N.F.L. future?


The N.F.C. Champion Chicago Bears sort through a thin crop of tight end prospects.


Forty yards to pay dirt: Calvin Johnson dazzles scouts, may change shape of N.F.L. Draft.


N.F.L. scouts envision former Georgia Bulldogs' defensive ends at linebacker.


A few more random Combine Notes from a "inside source" we have in Indy:

A defensive tackle a who made some cash Monday is Turk McBride of Tennessee. His lateral movement was amazing in drills and his straight line speed was decent at 4.85. But his agility drills show why he made a ton of plays. A great 4-3 defensive tackle of 3-4 defensive end. I think he could go between the latter part of round 2 or early Day 2....I like Tim Shaw and Anthony Spencer -- they both can "do it". But it wont happen as rookies. Jarvis Moss of Florida is the only guy I think can make an instant impact as a 3-4 outside linebacker like Ware did in Dallas.

Drew Stanton had a nice Combine. Stanton throws can be a little off because of his mechanics, but he and Trent Edwards have the tools to develop in fine N.F.L. quarterbacks. By the way, saw Stanton's Wonderlic and measurables, very nice indeed!....Monday almost all offensive coaches left and only about 15 head coaches remained in Indy. It was filled with all the defensive coaches. Everybody is talking about the safety and defensive end class and many 3-4 teams seem to like this group of outside linebackers.

Last week LaRon Landry ran a 4.45 to a 4.52 and that is all he needs. The safety with speed issues is Reggie Nelson of Florida. I have heard numbers all over the place on him -- 4.52 to 4.7. Nelson does have great ball skills, but he needs a good time to go top 20. Reggie Nelson, I believe, has more to win or lose than any player with his forty time, maybe only rivaled by Dwayne Jarrett of Southern Cal!.....Young New Orleans safety Roman Harper's knee surgery was fine (coming off ACL surgery), but they found some issues that may make it take a bit longer for him to return. He did not have great speed to begin with and this injury really could hurt his future in the league. Much like what happened to Tank Williams after his knee injury -- lost his cutting ability as a strong safety.

The Detroit Lions are trying to trade half their team, it seems. They offered veteran Marcus Pollard to all teams needing a tight end. They even talked within their division! Cornerback Dre Bly has been offered around as has defensive end James Hall....I think the New York Giants are also looking to dump half their team. Veteran Mike Strahan could be cut loose and I think center Shuan O'hara will leave via free agency. O'Hara turned down a $21 million deal here in Indy Sunday morning and it looks like Giants drew a line in the sand.....The Cincinnati Bengals may part ways with injured linebacker David Pollack and troubled wide receiver Chris Henry. Running back Chris Perry is in trouble too.

I overheard Pat Kirwan saying that the Jets and Pats love defensive end Jarvis Moss and he interviewed very well. Most of the 3-4 teams think Moss will make a great outside linebacker in a 3-4. He has the ability to do it. I know the Jets and Patriots both interviewed him last night. Steelers interviewed him, too, as did Cleveland and Baltimore.

Indy media is reporting a deal between linebacker London Fletcher and the Redskins is done....The deal I hear is almost done is Kris Dielman going to Cleveland, because of LaCharles Bentley's possible career ending injury and the fact that his longtime Chargers coach is now the new OC in Cleveland....I got some hits on Donte Stallworth too -- it looks like its Tennessee and San Francisco, because they seem willing to pay the price....As for Tennessee, their deal with Travis Henry fell through on guaranteed money, so he could be a cut.....Wide receiver Drew Bennett could get some love from San Francisco, Oakland and Atlanta.

New Orleans likes Mike Merriweather, free safety from "the U". I think Merriweather merits a top 20 pick, but he could fall like LenDale White did, as his off-field stuff is going to hurt him big time with the movement in the league towards "character" players!....Veteran wide receiver Joe Horn is telling his agent to keep him in N.O., but I think he is done there based upon things I have heard. The teams' front office is done with him.....Biggest trade proposal on the table is the Skins trying to dump Clinton Portis, since they re-upped Betts. They want picks in return because they don't have many. They like Gaines Adams, but they are more open to moving #6 for additional picks from another team in the top ten -- they have a ton of options. They may even stay at six if Adrian Peterson falls, believe it or not! Portis may be moved and there are several interested teams -- both New York teams and the Patriots.


We think we provide quality, unbiased and updated draft news and info 12 months a year. We offer this daily for free, while similar sites charge a significant amount of money for a subscription fee. Therefore, we ask our loyal readers to please support our subscription free web site by spreading the word that we are here and by checking out the products of those that support our site from time to time....This helps us pay our bills (server costs, ect.) and keeps's content free for all. That's not much to ask, considering many sites -- with a lot less updated info -- charge significant amounts of money to access their front page.

last updated: 02/26/07

Louisville running back Michael Bush eyes recovery from broken leg as N.F.L. career looms.


Cowboys Mailbag: DBs will abound in draft, but Dallas should look for offensive line help.


We suggest all readers check out a brand new draft site:


Check out the newly released rosters for N.F.L. Europa. Comment: Check out the various draft/allocations lists, or look at the middle of page linked above, below "Team News" and click Admirals by position, Thunder by position, ect.


Adrian College linebacker Taz Wallace is training for a shot at pro football.


Linebackers Patrick Willis and Paul Posluszny overcome obstacles to reach top of draft charts.


Former Penn State defensive end/linebacker Tim Shaw ran a blistering 4.43 (unofficially) at the Combine today. Considered one of best tailbacks in the history of Michigan high school football, Shaw was hoping to spend his career as the Nittany Lions' feature back, but was inexplicably moved to linebacker for "unknown reasons" early in his college career.

While we will never know how Shaw would've fared at tailback in college, we do know Shaw's impressive showing at the Combine -- coupled with a tremendous display of versatility during his career (played RB, MLB, OLB and DE at P.S.U.) -- should have him rising on teams' draft boards. The word is out, this speedster from Livonia is more than just an "overachiever". He's an incredibly well rounded athlete, that can help an N.F.L. team in so many different ways.


NFL Combine: Draft will determine if it's 3-4 or 4-3 for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

**** Combine Results: Day 5.


CBS This week's Risers and Fallers.


Five Boise State Broncos, including speedy quarterback Jared Zabransky, impress at the N.F.L. Combine. Comment: Broncos wide out Legedu Naanee's workout numbers were particularly impressive, as some scouts had suggested the former quarterback was more of a "possession receiver" or H-Back type. His 4.41 40 in Indy leaves no doubt about it -- he's a big fellow that can run.

As far as Jared Zabransky is concerned, we've been reporting for a long time that he's athletic enough to get a look at saftey, wide receiver or running back in the N.F.L. That won't likely happen, as Jared is resolute about playing quarterback in the pros. He believes he's one of the top 5 quarterback prospects in the draft and likes to compare himself to N.F.L. veteran Jeff Garcia. We remember watching Garcia at the East-West game in the mid 1990's and we can, honestly, see the similarities. Matter of fact, Zabransky actually looks a lot like a younger Jeff Garcia.


Clark Judge: Nobody doubts Joe Thomas, but how is he 'different' than Robert Gallery?


Some "unofficial times" for Linebackers can be found at FFLiveWire.

Some "unofficial times" for Defensive Lineman can be found at FFLiveWire. Comment: Keep checking the links above, as the good folks at FFLiveWire are doing great job updating the 40 times.


Northern Illinois University running back Garrett Wolfe knows what he's up against, so there's no use kidding anyone, including himself.


General consensus among experts at the N.F.L. Scouting Combine is that Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith might not go very high but he could go far.


Former Clemson linebacker Anthony Waters seeks to rekindle N.F.L. dream after knee injury.


Oregon and Oregon State players try to catch an updraft with combine performances.


Respected analyst Gil Brandt files his fifth report from the N.F.L. Combine: Some D-Line Notes.

last updated: 02/26/07

Oklahoma linebacker Rufus Alexander admits that he would love playing for a team like the Indianapolis Colts.


Three great pages of Combine info from respected N.F.L. writer Don Banks.


Draft stock tips on college players muscling for position in upcoming draft: Market movers and losers.


Former Minnesota Gophers running back Gary Russell could have cost himself an opportunity to be selected in the draft when he posted unofficial 40-yard dash times of 4.84 and 4.80 seconds on Sunday.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers really like Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson. Comment: A very prominent player on the Tampa Bay Bucs personally told one of our sources last week that he was "really hoping" the team would draft Calvin Johnson. Obviously, he felt wide receiver was the Bucs' greatest need.


USA Today: Overzealous analysis can make quarterback's value fluctuate before the draft.


Jorge Milian: Did linebacker Jon Beason make a mistake by skipping his senior season to enter the N.F.L. Draft?


Purdue's Anthony Spencer and Notre Dame's Derek Landri hope to impress at the Combine.


Several outstanding and recently updated Combine links over at


Athletic Michigan State quarterback Drew Stanton shines at the Combine.


Quick look at some N.F.L. Combine Risers and Sliders.


Louisiana State quarterback JaMarcus Russell wants to be the N.F..L's No. 1 priority.


Jarrett Bell, USA Today: Who has stirred up a buzz at the combine?


Louisiana State safety LaRon Landry is set for the N.F.L.'s challenge.


From time to time, we check our logs to see who's on. Today we found we were being linked by a "great" blog devoted to the Green Bay Packers. Comment: We thank the folks (Brian?) over at Railbird for the nice words and the plug. Regardless of that, we think it's great site for Packers news and hope you pick some new readers from us this week.

**** Combine Results: Day 4 .


More "unofficial times" for wide receivers can be found at FFLiveWire.

Some "unofficial times" for quarterbacks can be found at FFLiveWire.


Unofficial Combine 40's: Running Backs:

Adrian Peterson ~ Oklahoma - 4.38

Antonio Pittman ~ Ohio State - 4.44

Brian Leonard ~ Rutgers - 4.49

Kenny Irons ~ Auburn - 4.45

Chris Henry ~ Arizona - 4.33

Ken Darby ~ Alabama - 4.62

Marshawn Lynch ~ Cal-Berkeley - 4.5 2

Some "unofficial times" for Running Backs can be found at FFLiveWire.


Running Back/Fullback 225 pound Bench Press reps:

1. Brian Leonard ~ Rutgers - 28

2. Alonzo Coleman ~ Hampton - 27

3. Lorenzo Booker ~ Florida State - 26

4. Chris Henry ~ Arizona - 26

5. Nate Ilaoa ~ Hawaii - 26

6. Tony Hunt ~ Penn State - 24

7. Deon Anderson ~ Connecticut - 23

8. Thomas Clayton - Kansas State - 23

9. Garrett Wolfe - Northern Illinois - 22

10. Ronnie McGill - North Carolina - 22


Unofficial Combine Times/Wide Receivers:

Robert Meacham ~ Tennessee - 4.38

Calvin Johnson ~ Georgia Tech - 4.35

David Clowney ~ Virginia Tech- 4.36

Anthony Gonzalez ~ Ohio State - 4.41

Sidney Rice ~ South Carolina - 4.54

Yamon Figurs ~ Kansas State - 4.32

Johnnie Lee Higgins ~ U.T.E.P. - 4.48

Dwayne Bowe ~ L.S.U. - 4.52 & 4.56

Steve Breaston ~ Michigan - 4.41

Chansi Stuckey ~ Clemson - 4.61

Jason Hill ~ Washington State - 4.32

Ryan Robinson ~ Miami-Ohio - 4.51

Ryan Moore ~ Miami-Florida - 4.59

***** impressions from OL Workout:

Draftniks are abuzz about the workout of Levi Brown, specifically, with his name absent from the top tier of numbers, will that drive his stock down to the late first round or beyond? There will be a negative effect but our guess is no. Even though Brown's 40 yard time was sub par, he looked good in drills and lifted 31 reps. This is a well established tackle prospect and the same market forces that drove up the stock of less well established prospects will keep Brown's stock high. According to our sources, Brown was one of the most impressive interviewees of any player in the OL group, that also matters.

Hawaii offensive lineman Samson Satele may not have run the fastest 40 yard dash in Indy but he did record the highest vertical leap number, at 33.5 and looked very crisp running drills. Satele is on another level than most in terms of body control, burst, and agility and continues to remind this observer of current Titan center Kevin Mawae. Like Mawae he is at his best pulling around the corner - also like Mawae, may not be the first center taken in his year but he could be the best, when it's all said and done.

Arkansas tackle Tony Ugoh pulled his quad during drills, however this was after he broke 5 seconds in the 40 yard dash and recorded the best broad jump of the linemen. With this workout, Ugoh really has solidified his stock as a mid first rounder.

On the other hand, the abscence of Central Michigan tackle Joe Staley (hamstring) was very dissapointing. Even if Staley does manage to recreate his blazing times on his pro day, questions will linger about the legitimacy of the time on that surface. If he could have made that display on the electronically timed fieldTurf it would have removed all doubts.


When asked about their toughest pass blocking assignment, many top tackles named Purdue's Anthony Spencer.


Are the draft stocks of former Buckeyes Quinn Pitcock and David Patterson declining?

last updated: 02/24/07

Two pages of random Combine stories from the Associated Press.


The New York Times: Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn was once considered the likely top pick in the N.F.L. draft. That is no longer the case, and he does not know why.


Carson Palmer's younger brother -- Jordan Palmer -- knocking on the N.F.L.'s door.


University of Wisconsin left tackle Joe Thomas is satisfied with his N.F.L. Combine performance.


The Buffalo Bills have put running back Willis McGahee on the trading block and the New York Giants are interested.


Several outstanding and recently updated Combine links over at


Three great pages of Combine info from respected N.F.L. writer Don Banks.


Respected analyst Gil Brandt files his third report from the N.F.L. Combine: Some official 40 times & bench press. Comment: We just noticed that University of Buffalo tight end Chad Upshaw was added to the Combine list. Upshaw, a native of Fairfield, Connecticut, is the son of former Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Willie Upshaw. He is also the nephew of former Oakland Raiders All-Pro Gene Upshaw.


Unofficial 40 times for the TE's

Michael Allen ~ Whitworth - 4.66

Kevin Boss ~ Western Oregon - 4.74

Scott Chandler ~ Iowa - 4.80

Zach Miller, Arizona State - 4.83

Jonny Harline ~ Brigham Young - 4.84

Clark Harris ~ Rutgers - 4.85

Martrez Milner ~ Georgia - 4.82

Greg Olsen ~ Miami, Florida - 4.45 & 4.47

Ben Patrick ~ Delaware - 4.77

Anthony Pudewell ~ Nevada - 5.07

Gijon Robinson ~ Missouri Western State - 4.84

Derek Schouman ~ Boise State - 4.77 Comment: We told you how some pay sites were "nitpicking" at the accomplished stars too much, in order to stir up controversy. We thought some were picking on Greg Olsen way too much because he dropped some balls here and there during a 2006 season no sane person could keep focused at Miami with all the off-field garbage going on. This is a kid with great hands, just needed to stay more focused. He is a tall wide receiver, we believe, more in the Matt Jones mold, than the Heath Miller mold (classic N.F.L. TE). We felt he should be a first round pick before today and now we really believe it!


Boston College's James Marten is a sure fire first day pick - could even be a second rounder the way these offensive tackle markets end up. He had fire at the Senior Bowl starting fights almost every day. Running just under 5 seconds at the Combine cinched it.


U.S.C. center Ryan Kalil going in the first round would not be a shocker. In fact, that's where he probably will go, if things break right for him. He was projected as a borderline first rounder before the combine but he definitely could go in the 20s. He's athletic, uses his hands well and is a solid overall technician. Playing at 285 during the year he had a little difficulty with some bigger DTs, but he's up near 300 now and still has 4.9 speed.

OL 40 yard dash

Money makers: These are the times under 5 seconds:
Allen Barbre, Missouri Southern: 4.86
Gabe Hall, Texas Tech: 4.89
Andy Alleman, Akron: 4.96
Ryan Kalil, U.S.C.: 4.96
Joe Thomas, Wisconsin: 4.96
James Marten, Boston College: 4.99
Tony Ugoh, Arkansas: 4.99

Source: NFL Network Comment: The fieldTurf in Indy is new but still not as fast as the surfaces at the upcoming pro days. Those that don't run get another 6 or even 8 weeks to prepare for their pro day performances; looking good at this stage could convey higher work ethic and professionalism. Even though they say they take the lowest times, franchises also put alot of stock in a player who wants to put himself on display at Indy.

A few more random Combine Notes from a "inside source" we have in Indy:

The wide receiver spot is called "deep", but many folks I have spoken to think there are a ton of busts waiting to happen -- i.e. Dwayne Jarrett and Ted Ginn Jr.?.....Louisville running back Michael Bush wont work out, but his weight is solid. New Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino is "talking him up" to many teams. Classy move by him....This draft might have a better crop of linebackers than was expected. The New York Giants will be very happy about that!

Wisconsin left tackle Joe Thomas disappointed some due to his "short arms"....My bet is that Arkansas cornerback Chris Houston will be a top 10 pick by Wednesday and L.S.U.'s Dwayne Bowe will be the second wide receiver taken.....The Detroit Lions have spent a lot of time with Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams here in Indy.

The Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be smitten with Penn State tailback Tony Hunt, who scouts said they liked on tape....Lamarr Woodley has good film, but people want to see him play up and in space. If he flops, he'll drop badly and only be looked at as a very small 4-3 defensive end.

I can say impact free agent guard Eric Steinbach is not going back to Cincinnati.....Adalius Thomas is getting love from the New York Jets, who are also talking big time to the Chargers about running back Michael Turner....I think Tennessee is close to done with Pacman Jones due to his off-field antics....Defensive end Patrick Kerney is leaving Atlanta and Denver is a strong possibility to land him....Cincy linebacker David Pollack likely will miss a lot of time (all of next season?), but his latest X-rays showed some improvement. Still, I think he is done....Colts President Bill Polian totally threw Dominic Rhodes under a bus today at media day for his recent DUI.

last updated: 02/23/07

Random Combine stories from the Associated Press.


N.F.L. may draft its first black place-kicker in the form of Justin Medlock? Comment: We hate coming off as know-at-all punks, but the former Baltimore Colts selected a Nigerian kicker from Clemson named Obed Ariri in the 7th round of the 1981 Draft and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected a Nigerian kicker (also from Clemson) named Donald Amechi Igwebuike in the 10th round of the 1985 N.F.L. Draft, so Medlock would not, in fact, be the first black place-kicker drafted.

Also, the former St. Louis Cardinals used the 32nd overall pick of the 1986 N.F.L. Draft (then a 2nd rounder) on U.C.L.A. place-kicker John Lee, who was Korean American.


Many mock drafts have Cal-Berkeley tailback Marshawn Lynch pegged for Green Bay. Comment: We have had Lynch going to the Packers in round one since last month. They are perfect fit, from our vantage point. Of course, that's assuming the Packers will be happy with his workouts and satisfied with his character enough to draft him in round one.


The impressive resume Sam Keller put together at Arizona State won't mean much once he begins spring practice at the University of Nebraska.


Will Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer be traded to the Houston Texans.


Check out FF's N.F.L. Combine results page -- heights and weights listed.


Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress said today at the NFL scouting combine that the team would consider taking Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn with the seventh pick.


Respected analyst Gil Brandt files his second report from the N.F.L. Combine: Some heights, weights, ect.


A few more Random Combine Notes from a "inside source" we have in Indy

The players that got the most attention from teams' medical staffs seemed to be Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, Tennessee wide receiver Robert Meacham and Wisconsin's Joe Thomas....I felt Michigan defensive tackle Alan Branch looked soft....about 340 pounds and soft. Also, rumor floating around Indy is that he may not work out, which could be a bad mistake!

I thought L.S.U. quarterback Jamarcus Russell seemed very nervous. His medical exams went well, which is good news considering his past shoulder problem. I also felt he looked slightly heavier than expected. His weight could be an issue going forward....I was "very" impressed with Oklahoma linebacker Rufus Alexander...boy, this kid really showed up rearing to go....Rising L.S.U. wide receiver Dwayne Bowe also told me he will complete all his workouts. This is a player I like a lot!

Random Combine Notes from a "inside source" we have in Indy

Players who have impressed before working out: Paul Pozluszny is an animal, his body is Adonnis like....I also thought Lawrence Timmons was the black David. He looks unreal here....Defensive ends Jay Moore and Anthony Spencer were in excellent shape, too. Spencer told us he will run a sub 4.5 forty. If he does, he will go very, very high. He's in excellent shape and his personality is great.

U.S.C.'s Dwayne Jarrett confirmed to me he will not run. Gil Brandt tried for two hrs to convince Jarrett and his agent he should run here in Indy, but he will only run at U.S.C.'s Pro Day....Big mistake according to my sources.....Calvin Johnson is "on the fence" about running in Indy. Gil Brandt is working him, but his agent is talking him out of running. Adrian Peterson is ready for this job interview and is expected to do all the drills.

Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn will not workout in Indy, which has left some scratching their heads....The prospect I came away thinking is the biggest riser is Arkansas cornerback Chris Houston. Good character and his personality is solid. This is a cat who told me he will run a sub 4.4 forty and bet me on it!

Adam Carikker and Amobi Okoye were relative rock stars, but they attracted little attention in talks with teams. Nonetheless, everyone was talking about them at lunch and at dinner....Lots of trade talk with the Chargers, Jets, Broncos and Redskins. I believe this was staged to a degree....The New York Jets also spent a lot of time with Lamarr Woodley and Kenny Irons....The Cincinnati Bengals spent time with David Irons and Jamal Anderson...Redskins with Lawrence Timmons and Chris Houston....Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams was heavily engaged by the Dallas Cowboys....Atlanta talked to Reggie Nelson and LaRon Landry at length....Ryan Kalil of U.S.C. spent a lot time talking with Cleveland, as they fear LaCharles Bentley's career might be over.


There are so many prospect features today, we figured we'd just list them quickly:

Central Michigan left tackle Joe Staley

Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr

Arizona State tight end Zach Miller

Iowa safety Marcus Paschal

Brown University linebacker Zak DeOssie

Missouri Western tight end/fullback Gijon Robinson

Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb

Miami-Florida tight end Greg Olsen

Miami-Florida tight end Greg Olsen

Rutgers Threesome -- Stephenson, Harris and Leonard

Florida defenders Reggie Nelson & Joe Cohen

Illinois State wide receiver Laurent Robinson

Purdue offensive lineman Mike Otto

Akron offensive guard Andy Alleman

University of Minnesota tight end Matt Spaeth

Lane College wide receiver Jacoby Jones

Missouri defensive end Xzavie Jackson


Arizona State tight end Zach Miller is confident he can help the Green Bay Packers.


West Virginia center Dan Mozes would love to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Breaking News: Cleveland won a coin flip with Tampa Bay on Friday at the N.F.L. Combine in Indianapolis and will pick third overall. E-Mail [Paul]:

Long time Draft Daddy supporter Paul in Southampton, England, who is an avid draft follower and aspiring [American] football writer in the U.K., recently sent us his insightful thoughts on some top offensive line prospects he's watched on tape. Our own Matt Bitonti, who played some offensive line at the small college level, responds to each of Paul's mini-scouting reports. It's a good back-and-forth between two intelligent draft fans.

Arron Sears ~ Tennessee - I found he really struggled at times in pass protection. He wasn't balanced in his stance - he had his weight inside, so at the snap of the ball he had to transfer his weight outside. As such I found he struggled against the outside speed rush, but also struggled against quick inside moves as he couldn't get his weight back inside again. A move inside to guard would seem to be a necessity - and playing more in a box he should be able to use his strong pass protection technique, but he will still need to work on being balanced when he sets up in pass protection wherever he lines up.

Matt B: Agree. He's a guard on the next level, gurus who have him as a late first rounder aren't accurate. Up close in Mobile he didn't really impress that much, even as a guard. Probably a first day selection based on accolades, but could make it into day 2 as this position is undervalued on draft day.

Tony Ugoh ~ Arkansas - I must admit, I have quite a few other prospects rated above him. I don't believe he has great feet and as such I saw him beaten quite a few times - both inside and outside. Like Sears, perhaps a move inside would be the way forward?

Matt B: Agree with your scouting, Disagree from a draft value sense. Ugoh may not be a great player at the next level and I personally wouldn't use a first rounder on him, but he's a left tackle prospect and those are overvalued. Yes he does get beat, no he's not an elite prospect by any means, but he's fast enough to protect the edge. Teams are desperate for such players. He might start as a guard, but the team that drafts him will probably be convinced he will be at tackle by his third season in the N.F.L.

Mario Henderson ~ Florida State - A first year starter who I really like. He has the frame to get bigger - and as such certainly needs to get stronger - but I loved his pass protection skills, nice quick feet, bending at the knees and getting his arms extended and neutralizing defenders. He does have occasional lapses in technique, but that's to be expected. I think he may well prove to be a bit of a combine star in the agility drills.

Matt B: Agreed, somewhat. A lot of varied sources are high on this guy. I believe they are onto something - my initial scouting report is as a second day right tackle or guard, but he could prove during workouts that he can play left tackle. We shall see.

Scott Stephenson ~ Iowa State - This guy is a second year starter after transferring from Minnesota where he was a defensive lineman. I must say I like this guy more than your number one center Samson Satele. Considering he's still fairly new to the offensive side of the ball, I really like his technique - he's also nice and aggressive, strong enough to drive defenders off the ball - yet athletic enough to get to the second level well and set up quickly in pass protection. He's on the map enough to get an invite to the combine and I think this guy can be a very good player.

Matt B: To Be Determined. Very interesting, Paul! This is a player who impressed every day in El Paso so his stock is certainly on the rise. Since you wrote this letter, Scott did in fact get a combine invite so he just might fulfill your prediction of number one center in all of 2007 NFL Draft land. One to watch in Indy for sure. Thanks for the note. Comment: We thank Paul for his input and we are very happy he has selected our site as his source for N.F.L. Draft information.


last updated: 02/22/07
***** Full 7 Round Draft Order Comment: By the way, the order does not include compensatory selections -- expect the N.F.L. to hand out about 30 free-agent compensation picks.


Don Banks' Day 1 Combine coverage: Assessing Ted Ginn's speed, David Carr's trade value, Brady Quinn's future?


Notre Dame offensive lineman Ryan Harris keeping politics second on his priority list.


We once again updated our list of Top Free Agents. It's updated, in the sense that we have noted several transactions (re-signings, franchise designations).

It's clear that if N.F.L. teams want quality defensive line help, the draft is the way to go, because most of the top defensive ends and defensive tackles are either being re-signed to fatter contracts or franchised. Of course, a team could take a chance on a quality young veteran like Chris Kelsay of the Buffalo Bills, but given the law of supply and demand, they better be ready to pay more than they might have expected.

**** With Daniel Graham possibly headed to free agency, the Pats have already started talking with many of the top tight end prospects .


Draft Daddy audio interview with Nebraska defensive end Jay Moore during Senior Bowl week.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Auburn guard Ben Grubbs during Senior Bowl week.


Former University of Wisconsin star Joe Thomas hopes to break the offensive lineman jinx.


Respected analyst Gil Brandt files his first report from the N.F.L. Combine: Some heights, weights, ect.


The Oakland Raiders cut ties with Aaron Brooks on Thursday, declining to pick up the option on the quarterback's contract after one difficult season. Comment: Considering the free agent talent at quarterback is very thin -- beyond 37 year old Bay Area native Jeff Garcia, this means the Raiders may be forced to use their 1st overall pick in the draft on a quarterback (Russell or Quinn) to compete with young, strong-armed Andrew Walter, who fared poorly in 2006 behind a weak offensive line. Walter was also forced to throw to receivers that seemed "indifferent" all season. These are problems the Raiders must address soon, or no quarterback will be able to thrive on that team.


Former Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson, the top-rated prospect in the NFL draft, is quietly aware of his abilities.


Over the next few days, U.S.C. wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett will begin the process of proving he can separate from pro-caliber cornerbacks....And from Mike Williams.


Former Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., once again, tells the media he would love to play cornerback in the N.F.L.


Vikings vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman insists the team is open to using its first-round pick in this year's NFL draft on almost any position, including quarterback.


Quick glance at former Notre Dame safety Chinedum Ndukwe.


The upcoming N.F.L. Combine may help the draft stock of former Stanford quarterback Trent Edwards.


Former Louisville defensive tackle Amobi Okoye's draft stock is on the rise.


Quick look at former Notre Dame offensive lineman Dan Santucci, as he gets ready for the Combine.


Closer look at former Brigham Young quarterback John Beck.


Former University of Tennessee defensive tackle Turk McBride stays focused for N.F.L. scouting week.


Look at former University of Florida defensive tackle Marcus Thomas, who must convince scouts his drug problems are behind him.


Few players in college football raised their NFL stock more last fall than San Jose State wide receiver James Jones. In the next four days, Jones will find out how much higher he can go.


Finding defensive help is the Washington Redskins' top priority.


The Patriots are on scouting mission: Find some linebackers.

***** Fact: Out of the past nine NFL drafts, only 15 players that didn't attend the Combine were taken in the first three rounds.


In depth look at former N.F.L. executive Ken Herock, who now tutors prospects before the Combine.


Five Arkansas Razorbacks get into position for the N.F.L. Combine.


Is defensive end the Green Bay Packers #1 target for draft day?

last updated: 02/21/07
***** News: We've finally gotten around to updating "team needs" in our Teams Section.


Would Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn be a good fit in Cleveland?


Ex-Notre Dame wide receiver/pitcher Jeff Samardzija eyes possible Cactus League appearance as way to offset N.F.L.-bound pals.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Nebraska defensive end Adam Carriker during Senior Bowl week.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Maryland cornerback Josh Wilson during Senior Bowl week.

***** E-Mail [Earl]:

Actually defensive tackle LaRon Harris from Northwestern Oklahoma State University played in 5 games and finished the 2006 season with 7.5 sacks and 22 tackles (11 for loss). He also caused 2 fumbles and recovered one. Because of confusion with his jersey number stats weren't properly recorded. I know this kid personally and he has great character and is a great athelete. I think he might be able to actually make a practice sqaud and possibly develop into a good player. Reply: Thank you Earl. Harris, who was once a top recruit at the University of Tennessee, was featured in our blog notes Monday (2/19). We mentioned the stats we found at the schools' official website that day, but according to Earl they were incorrect. Actually, we sort of believe this story, as the stats Earl sent seem to be more in line with what we'd expect from a former SEC defensive tackle playing at the N.A.I.A. level.


USA Today: The Indianapolis scouting combine should only be considered one piece of the predraft evaluation puzzle, as many current and former N.F.L. stars performed poorly in Indy.


The Detroit Lions might take a quarterback high in the draft.


In-depth feature on former Florida State/Kansas State tailback Thomas Clayton, who hopes to impress at the Combine.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Kansas State running back Thomas Clayton during Senior Bowl week.


Do N.F.L. teams really learn anything by giving their players aptitude tests?


In-depth look at pair of former University of New Hampshire stars: Corey Graham and David Ball.


Five Hampton Pirates head to the N.F.L. Combine.


Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn would be a good pick for the Houston Texans?


Former Nebraska quarterback Zac Taylor hopes improved speed can boost his N.F.L. prospects.


Five Penn State players will be at the Combine and running back Tony Hunt figures to have the most to gain or lose.


Closer look at former University of Minnesota wide receiver Logan Payne.


USA Today looks at some players that could impress at the Combine, including Clemson cornerback C.J. Gaddis.


University of Florida quarterback Chris Leak hopes to prove his critics wrong at the Combine.


Due to a foot injury, Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. will be mostly a spectator at the NFL scouting combine.


Closer look at Notre Dame defensive tackle Derek Landri, who is currently battling an injury. Comment: If you look to the right on the link above, you'll see four Notre Dame juniors are currently listed No. 1 at their respective positions by ESPN's Mel Kiper.


Speedy Wyoming safety John Wendling looks forward to impressing at the Combine.

**** Combine Preview: Arkansas cornerback Chris Houston will shine in Indy, according to NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock.

**** Players with the most to gain and lose at the Scouting Combine, including Nebraska linebacker Stewart Bradley.

**** Players with the most to gain and lose at the Scouting Combine, including Rutgers running back Brian Leonard, who is on the cusp of round 1?


Look at the N.F.L.'s top-paid players by position.

last updated: 02/20/07

Pat Kirwan, analyst: Football prospects shouldn't drop other sports.


Once again, the Minnesota Vikings have the seventh overall draft pick and a huge hole at receiver, but analysts warn against them trying too hard to fill that need.


Cleveland has done some research on the top two quarterbacks chosen in each draft since 1970 and found 60 percent "missed".


Draft Daddy audio interview with Utah cornerback Eric Weddle during Senior Bowl week.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Texas guard/tackle Justin Blalock during Senior Bowl week.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Rutgers running back Brian Leonard during Senior Bowl week. Comment: Check out Sunday's blog for more Senior Bowl audio. Also, some of the Q&A's are shorter than we would've liked, but they were done right after practice in Mobile, so the players had limited time to speak to us.


Cleveland's top free agent pick up last spring -- center LeCharles Bentley -- may have played his last N.F.L. game (in 2005).


Look at talented small-school tight end Michael Allan, who is heading to Indy.


Central Michigan star Joe Staley is shooting up the draft charts because of his speed for an offensive lineman.


Can Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn silence his doubters at the N.F.L. Combine?


Dan Pompei: The Oakland Raiders should draft L.S.U. quarterback Jamarcus Russell number one.

Insightful Pompei Quote: "To a degree, [Notre Dame quarterback Brady] Quinn is being stricken with Leinartitis. That is, when a player has been highly regarded for too long, everyone starts finding imaginary holes in him". We agree with that and have been stressing this for a while, as the Quinn bashing has picked up steam recently -- last week we linked an article from The Sporting News claiming Quinn is a 4th round talent.

There is a lot of money to be made by pay sites covering the draft and from time to time it seems they have to "rattle the cage" a bit to catch people's attention and add new subscribers to their premium sections. Easiest way to do that is to pick on the most established stars and tell fans why they will be "busts".


Unconfirmed rumors abound: Sources in Denver have the Broncos attempting to trade Tatum Bell, Jake Plummer and their first round pick to Houston for their eighth pick which the Broncos would use on Adrian Peterson.

Word out of DC has the Redskins trading Ladell Betts and their 6th overall pick to the Jets for Jon Vilma and the Jets 25th overall selection. Comment: Don't be fooled draft fans, rumors about trades prior to the combine are pretty much garbage made up by rabid fans. Besides the fact that no one has worked out, if these teams really were thinking about these moves, the rumors would surface the week prior to the draft or not at all.

When Denver traded up for Jay Cutler last year, they were so secretive that no Broncos personnel were in contact with Cutler's representation or Cutler himself throughout the entire pre-draft process.


Intersting look at former Western Oregon tight end Kevin Boss

. *****

Rob Rang looks at possible risers and fallers for Combine week.


At the top end of this year's WR crop is Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech, Dwayne Bowe of LSU and many risk-reward types graded out as late first/early second rounders - players that scouts are realizing come with significant risk.

For those with interest in such topics, next year's top end is likely to include Texas senior Limas Sweed, Michigan's Mario Manningham and a highly underrated player in Oklahoma Sooner Malcolm Kelly.

Despite playing with a converted wide receiver as his quarterback, Kelly had 62 catches for 993 yds and 10 tds as a sophomore. One to watch going forward.


The draft makes strange roommates - Georgia Tech defensive tackle Joe Anoai gets to revisit the vicious jeering North Carolina State linemanLeroy Harris' wife dispatched to him on a daily basis.

last updated: 02/19/07

USA Today: Journey to the N.F.L. Combine requires lots of time in the training room.


Former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith is eager to prove his critics wrong in the N.F.L.


Three Men Out: Expect big changes on the Detroit Lions defense.


Tennessee's top receiver Drew Bennett is expected to hit the free agent market.


The Carolina Panthers have released veteran defensive end Al Wallace. With little cap room, it looks like the franchise will have to look towards the draft for defensive end help.


The World Champion Indianapolis Colts have slapped the franchise tag on Dwight Freeney.

**** E-Mail [Damon B.]:

I got another [big-to-small school transfer] for you: LaRon Harris, who played at Northwest Oklahoma State University last year. He's a transfer from Tennessee and 6'3" and 330 pounds. Very athletic, too, as I saw this kid do a standing backflip at that size. He was rated as high as Turk McBride coming into Tennessee and played in the Vols rotation for two seasons. Reply: Thanks for the input, Damon. LaRon had 6 solo tackles and 0.5 sacks in 6 games last season for NW Oklahoma State. We are not sure if he's draft eligible or not, as the school's official site has him listed as a junior. Either way, we will make a note of him going forward.


This is a critical week for the N.F.L.'s Bay Area rivals: The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution looks at some potential small school gems, including Lane College wide receiver Jacoby Jones.


Pre-combine, the NFL Experts estimate where five Washington State Cougars will be taken in the N.F.L. Draft. Comment: Defensive end Mkristo Bruce is projected as an undrafted free agent by We would venture to bet that stems from his "reported" lack of top foot speed for a "smallish" defensive end. They have his verified height and weight at 6053 and 260 pounds, but estimate he runs a 5.15 40. Obviously, Bruce was a terrific college player, so if he runs better than expected (at least a 4.9), he should be a viable Day 2 draft prospect.


Yahoo! Sports projects the Top 5 Fullbacks in the N.F.L. Draft. Comment: In case you are wondering, Yahoo! rates Rutgers running back Brian Leonard as a Top 5 tailback. You can find that link in our 2/17 blog notes.


A quick glance at some tight end options available to the Minnesota Vikings.

last updated: 02/18/07

NFL Draft expert Frank Coyle of puts forward a 2 Round Mock Draft.


The New York Times looks at former Notre Dame wide receiver Jeff Samardzija, a potential first round pick in football, who opted to sign a pro baseball contract.


Predicting the results of the upcoming N.F.L. Combine: Ohio State wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez will run a 4.32?


Miami Hurricane's tight end Greg Olsen aims to be a first round pick.


With Ginn Jr. and Gonzo heading to the N.F.L. early, the Ohio State Buckeyes are searching for options at wide receiver.


A Seven Round Mock from


N.F.L. Draft snapshot of Virginia running back Jason Snelling.


Working out well at the combine is crucial for Michigan defensive end Lamarr Woodley.

**** has updated it's Pro Day Data page, listing specific dates for most major college programs.


Georgia defensive end Charles Johnson feels confident and ready prior to the National Scouting combine. Comment: NFL scouts came away impressed after breaking down Johnson's film, a quality workout at Indy would cement first round status.


Interesting look at the combine's new FieldTurf surface and how it has effected times.


Canadian running back Jon Cornish of the Kansas Jayhawks checks out his draft stock on the internet from time to time, and doesn't like what he reads.

Check out DD's analysis on Cornish and other prospects from north of the border.


Pittsburgh cornerback Darrelle Revis sets out to prove the number widely attributed to his 40 yard dash time (4.53) is inaccurate. Comment: Some cornerback is going run well and to make themselves millions at Indy, it very well might be Revis. Other possible speedsters include Aaron Ross from Texas, Chris Houston from Arkansas, and Josh Wilson from Maryland.


Tough road for small schoolers into the NFL: "When [small-school players] get to the combine, they better do well," NFL Network's Mike Mayock said. "Big-school kids are safer picks. It's not fair, but that's what it comes down to."


Draft Daddy audio interview with Mississippi linebacker Rory Johnson during Senior Bowl week.


Draft Daddy audio interview with Hawaii lineman Samson Satele during Senior Bowl week.


Central Michigan defensive end Dan Bazuin believes he will surprise scouts with his timed speed.


Unsurprising news out of Arizona, the Cardinals have formally announced they will not franchise or transition tag offensive lineman Leonard Davis.

last updated: 02/17/07

The struggling Oakland Raiders are on the clock, but will they take a quarterback with the first overall pick?


Cal-Berkeley cornerback Tim Mixon has decided to "turn pro".


Yahoo Sports! rates the Top 5 running back prospects.

***** Photo Galleries: Top 10 Draft Classes of 2006.


In depth look at how the Cincinnati Bengals will be forced to consider a players "character" in the draft, something they are not use to doing.


Closer look at Kansas running back Jon Cornish, who is confident about the upcoming N.F.L. Combine.


Quick look at All-ACC defensive tackle DeMarcus Tyler.


The Toronto Argos (C.F.L.) have signed a pair of quarterbacks: Former N.F.L. starter Mike McMahon and Tom Arth, who learned game preperation skills from Peyton Manning.


A significant number of the better "small school prospects" are Division I-A transfers. Here is a sampling:

QB Matt Gutierrez ~ Idaho State (Ex-Michigan)

QB Josh Swogger ~ Montana (Ex-Washington State)

QB Aries Nelson ~ Mississippi Valley State (Ex. Mississippi State)

QB Justin Rascati ~ James Madison (Ex-Louisville)

RB Pierre Rembert ~ Illinois State (Ex-Michigan)

RB Justise Hairston ~ Central Connecticut (Ex-Rutgers)

RB Ramonce Taylor ~ Texas College (Ex-Univ. Texas)

RB Marcus Mason ~ Youngstown State (Ex-Illinois)

FB/RB Jimmy Scales ~ Langston University (Ex-Oklahoma State)

FB Jamal Pittman ~ Jackson State (Ex-Ole Miss)

FB Ruben Mayes ~ Grambling State (Ex-Tennessee)

TE Ben Patrick ~ Delaware (Ex-Duke)

WR Mike Mason ~ Tennessee State (Ex-North Carolina)

WR Mike Jefferson ~ Montana State (Ex-Arizona)

OT Elliot Vallejo ~ Cal-Davis (Ex-U.C.LA.)

OT Chris Best Waterloo ~ Waterloo (C.I.S.) (Ex-Duke)

DE Kevin Harbour Jr. ~ Grambling State (Ex-U.C.LA.)

DT C.J. Niusulu ~ Portland State (Ex-U.C.LA.)

DT Larry Harrison ~ Texas College (Ex-Michigan)

LB Taurean Charles ~ Bethune-Cookman (Ex-Florida)

LB LaMarcus Rowell ~ Jacksonville State (Ex-Auburn)

LB Adam Hayward ~ Portland State (Ex-Colorado State)

LB/DE Ricky Miller ~ Arkansas-Monticello (Ex-Fresno State)

LB Trey Randall ~ Humboldt State (Ex-Louisiana-Lafayette

CB Michael Coe ~ Alabama State (Ex-Arkansas)

CB Travarous Bain ~ Hampton (Ex-Miami-Florida/football & track)

CB Bo Smith ~ Weber State (Ex-Kentucky)

SS Freddie Parish ~ Stephen F. Austin (Ex-Notre Dame) Comment: For more names of top small school prospects (including D-2, D-3 and NAIA players), check our very "loosely" ranked small schooler section.

last updated: 02/16/07

The Patriots have placed the franchise tag on cornerback Asante Samuel. Comment: Here are is our updated list of Top Free Agents. It's updated, in the sense that we have noted several transactions (re-signings, franchise designations).


Potential Studs and Duds at the upcoming N.F.L. Combine.


Don Banks, football writer, checks in with a well done One Round Mock draft.


As one of four Virginia Tech players invited to the NFL Combine, which starts next week in Indianapolis, defensive end Noland Burchette has spent the past month in Orlando, Fla.


List of drills to be performed at the N.F.L. Combine.


Coin toss means more than a flip to Bucs' draft -- Tampa Bay has interest in Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson.

last updated: 02/15/07

Where will the top Ohio State Buckeyes land in the N.F.L. Draft?


Nebraska Cornhusker's sophomore running back Marlon Lucky doing well after a serious medical scare.


Pete Prisco, CBS senior writer, just posted a One Round Mock Draft.


Respected senior analyst Gil Brandt's pre-Combine defensive rankings.


Respected senior analyst Gil Brandt's pre-Combine offensive rankings. Comment: Before the rocket scientist's over at flood Mr. Brandt with fan mail, realize his top quarterback and tight end prospects are "listed alphabetically".

***** analyst Pat Kirwan looks at the upcoming N.F.L. Combine.


Yahoo Sports! rates the Top 5 Quarterback prospects and #3, a long time favorite (except for the injuries), might surprise people.


Don Pierson, The N.F.L. Combine more crucial than ever.


Opinionated K.C. Star writer Jason Witlock writes the Chiefs should trade Pro Bowl running back Larry Johnson.


Will Tennessee be able to re-sign free agent wide receiver Drew Bennett?


Two-time Pro Bowl performer Dre Bly, one of the NFL's top big-play cornerbacks, has been granted permission by Detroit Lions officials to seek potential trade possibilities.


In-depth look at the draft needs of the Houston Texans.


Quick glance at Georgia Tech offensive lineman Mansfield Wrotto.

last updated: 02/14/07

Small school stars like cornerback Michael Coe and tight end Ben Patrick hope to become big-time names.


Former N.F.L. scout Tom Marino lists his Top 250 Prospects for Comment: Marino, who is a new analyst/writer at, had a 30 year career as a scout in the N.F.L., U.S.F.L. and the W.F.L. When you look at his Top 250, or his in-depth positional rankings, check for the heights, weights and 40 times that were verified (denoted by a "v") by scouts.


Closer look at Oregon State's talented redshirt junior guard Roy Schuening.


Sampling of small-school stars (active and retired) who went on to make it big in N.F.L.


Rumors persist that the Vikings could trade with the Houston Texans for quarterback David Carr, who might cost just a fourth-round draft pick.


Quarterback Tim Tebow's growth as a passer key for Gators.


Several top N.F.L. prospects are training for the Indy Combine at the Parisi Speed School.


Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson seen as a can't-miss wide receiver.


Closer look at D-3 standout safety Drew Abbamonte of McDaniel College, who is hoping to get a chance to play pro football.


In-depth look at Baltimore's team needs.


Look back at one of the worst offensive drafts in N.F.L. history.


The salary cap cuts have begun for some NFL teams. The Minnesota Vikings should be no exception with as many as a half-dozen high profile players being subject to the potential of being released outright.

last updated: 02/13/07

Not much solid draft news tonight, so we are going to link an in-depth feature on young Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter.


The New York Times reports the Chargers firing of Marty Schottenheimer could set off a Southern California coaching shuffle.

**** reader C.P. Dymeck, a writer for a fantasy football site, just sent a link to his 3 Round Mock Draft, which is definitely worth checking out.

**** E-Mail [Mark T.]:

I'm surprised Matt Moore of Oregon State is not getting a Combine invite or more respect from scouts. He led his team to multiple 30-plus point performances on offense, and pulled out close victories over U.S.C. (J.D. Booty), Missouri in the Sun Bowl (31-54-1, 356 yds and 4TD's; game MVP), Oregon and Hawaii (Colt Brennan). He also threw over 180 straight passes without an interception during the 2006 season. He has been coached by a former N.F.L. head coach, Mike Riley. He is 6'4" and admittedly a little light at 193 lbs. But putting on weight is one of the easiest things in a player to change. He seems like a good 2nd day pick to me. Reply: Mark, thanks for the input. What can we say, we agree with everything you wrote, which is why we recently placed Moore in our Top 10 quarterback rankings (#10), despite the Combine snub.

We've asked quite a few "insiders" (scouts, agents, ect.) about Moore and there seems to be no consensus. Some think he didn't do enough during the duration of his college football career (he didn't pan out at U.C.L.A. and struggled mightily in 2005 for O.S.U.) and believe he doesn't deserve to be drafted. Others look at his terrific 2006 season, his size, athletic ability (was drafted in baseball) and fairly strong arm and feel he's worthy of a Day 2 selection. Mark, only time will tell, but not getting a Combine invite means he must really impress scouts with his arm strength at his Pro Day.

By the way, Syracuse quarterback Perry Patterson is another quarterback we like as a latter round "developmental prospect", who no one seems to agree on. Some think we are wrong about him and believe he's a non prospect; others agree with us and look at his relatively strong senior season on a bad Syracuse team, coupled with N.F.L. size and a live arm, and think he's draftable between rounds five and seven. Perry, like Moore, did not receive an invite to the Combine.

***** E-Mail [Lew B.]:

First let me say you guys are completely awesome. How come my I-A Sleeper Prospect at wide receiver -- Najah Pruden from Kent State -- can't get recognized for his potential? Excellent size, hands, speed plus he gets doubled because he doesn't have anyone on the other side of him.....Also, why don't you guys publish a Draft Magazine like some of the other "bigger" publications. You guys have way more insight into the Ivy League's, Black Colleges, and Division I, II, III hidden gems....Sweet Lew Reply: Lew, Najah Pruden is a player we like a lot. Matter of fact, when we did our Top 100 Combine Snubs, he was on that list until we realized we needed to add more CB's and deleted a few offensive players. Had Pruden played for a school that threw the ball more, he would've gotten more All-Star/Combine attention, as he was a big time playmaker for the Golden Flashes when he did touch the ball. That said, if he can show excellent speed at K.S.U.'s Pro Day, he can put himself on the N.F.L.'s Day 2 draft radar, much like former Akron star Domenik Hixon did last spring at the Zips' Pro Day.

Thanks for all the compliments, but we definitely don't have the resources (money, staff) to go into print. Also, we aren't sure printed publications have much of a future in the modern electronic era. By the time the "ink dries" and publications hit news stands, the info is already outdated in a rapidly changing draft world. Also, there is a whole generation of folks who rely on the Net and TV for all their info and never read anything that can stain their hands with ink. The New York Times, for example, recently announced they foresee a day (very soon) where their content can only be found online or on TV.

Lew Thanks for the E-Mail. Much appreciated.


Five Texas Tech football players have been invited to showcase their talents in next week's N.F.L. Combine.


For the Miami Dolphins, former Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. is a perplexing proposition.


If the Patriots cut veteran Corey Dillon, expected them to find a complement for rookie Laurence Maroney in the N.F.L. Draft.


The Chicago Bears will look for O-Line help in free agency and the draft. Also, the Monsters of the Midway may look to sign Adam Archuleta, who is expected to be cut by the Washington Redskins soon. Comment: Chicago wanted to sign Adam last spring, as Lovie Smith really liked him when he coached the Rams. Arch took the big money in Washington, but D.C. media outlets claim he was never really wanted at all by Washington's "hands-on" owner Daniel Snyder (Skins coaches pushed for him), so that was a total disaster waiting to happen.

In retrospect, Archuleta should've taken less money to sign with an organization that really wanted him and could've utilized his skills better. With Mike Martz in Detroit, the Lions may also have a interest in a safety Rams players used to jokingly refer to as "Adam Martz".

last updated: 02/12/07

Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer was fired Monday night in a shocking move by team president Dean Spanos.

**** Photo Gallery: Top 20 Potential Free Agents.


The New York Giants have released three starters, including linebacker LaVar Arrington and offensive tackle Luke Petitgout.


Our friend Theo Lambros "aka College Scout" is back with a Three Round Mock Draft. Comment: We refer to Theo as "College Scout", because he is currently a college student/writer in the state of Florida. Looking at our logs, we get a lot hits from .edu's (colleges and universities), so we asked Theo -- who possesses a great mind for the draft -- if he could give us his perspective as a college student. He does a nice a job.


Cleveland owner Randy Lerner reportedly told Channel 3's Ramona Robinson that he would like to use the team's No. 1 draft pick on JaMarcus Russell, the quarterback from L.S.U.


For Hawaii running back Nate Ilaoa, there's little time for anything else but training for the draft.

**** finishes their series on the top guard prospects available by looking at the guards who fill in the six through ten slots on their draft board.


Former West Liberty receiver Renard Stevens has hopes of being picked in the N.F.L. Draft.


We just checked our logs and found a spike in traffic around 4:30 PM EST!

Good news is traffic is up; bad news is the "zoobs" are back from the and hostile -- which is the norm. They are still upset because we don't rank their soon-to-be 26 year old quarterback high enough and one rocket-scientist seems to think we lack "credibility" because we've ranked Eric Weddle as a cornerback? Comment: Gee, all Eric Weedle did as a junior is hold, perhaps, the most talented receiver in college football during the last decade -- Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech -- to 2 receptions for 19 yards in a Bowl game. He went one on one with Johnson all game, with little safety help. How many "true safeties" could do that in college football? Also, wasn't Eric Weddle a first-team All-American as a cornerback in 2006?

We watched Weddle at the Senior Bowl and were impressed with athletic ability. We also talked to Eric and his agent (who we've known for a long time) at the Senior Bowl and were impressed with his attitude and work ethic. Eric hopes to run a 4.45 at the Combine. If he does, considering he's got decent size at 5' 11" and possesses excellent athletic ability, we see no "rational" reason he should not be considered a cornerback prospect -- or at least given the chance to fail at cornerback in the N.F.L.

You see, we try to be more tolerant than you folks -- we attempt to judge players by their ability and not what they look like. If N.F.L. teams move Weddle to safety (which is very possible), they move him to safety. For now we'll rank him as a corner, the position he excelled at in college.

P.S: We hadn't updated the quarterback rankings since mid-January, because we have a million things to do on this site and have limited time -- can't update every page, every week! We took Colt Brennan off, who had declared for a few days until he changed his mind, and placed your idol in the Top 10....Hope this helps.


Thanks to a wildly premature mock draft provided by "draft guru" Mel Kiper last week, Miami seems to entertain only one topic of conversation: Brady Quinn.


Scouting report on former Iowa offensive guard Marshal Yanda.


Our good friend Shaun DePasquale recently sent us a Q & A with former Pitt star cornerback Darrelle Revis:

Shaun: What is your height, weight and 40 time?

Darrelle: 6', 195 pounds...I dont know my 40, but I'm fast enough.

Shaun: How did it feel to be named 1st team All-American at CB heading into your junior year?

Darrelle: It shows that people respect my game and its good because I worked hard for it.

Shaun: What area of your game do you feel sets you apart from other CB's?

Darrelle: I would say my aggressiveness and tackling ability.

Shaun: Do you have a best friend on the team?

Darrelle: Everyone is my best friend on my team because we have to count on each other.

Shaun: What kind of difference has Coach Wannstedt made on this team thus far?

Darrelle: He's made a difference by bringing a lot of knowledge from experiences he has been through.

Shaun: Which Conference RB were you least excited to face, Michael Bush or Steve Slaton? 

Darrelle: I dont shy away from competition so neither of them.

Shaun: What current NFL player do you most admire in terms of style of play?

Darrelle: Definently Champ Bailey.

Shaun: Last question Darrelle, do you have any particular plans after you reach the NFL? Anything you plan on doing or buying?

Darrelle: Just to be the best cornerback I can be at that level.
Shaun: Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer some questions Darrelle.
Darrelle: Not a problem, thank you Shaun.
last updated: 02/11/07

Steve Greenberg and The Sporting News continue to write Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is wildly overrated.....two scouts say he's only worth a 4th round pick? Comment: I wonder if they were the same scouts that went on the record in 2006 to say former Texas A & M quarterback Reggie McNeal was a much better prospect than Vince Young or Jay Cutler?


Check out a quality 2 Round Mock from our friend Scott Wright at NFL Countdown.


Quarterback Matt Flynn has waited patiently for his time to come at L.S.U. and now it is finally here.


It looks like the Chargers won't give troubled safety Terrence Kiel another chance and may replace him with a high draft pick.


Breaking down the Indianapolis Colts ’ championship roster as the team heads into the off-season.


Closer look at young Rutgers running back Ray Rice.


What are some first round draft options for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?


Mel Kiper explains his Brady Quinn theory -- why he will drop to nine. Comment: We can definitely see Quinn dropping to nine overall. We don't, however, see him dropping much more than that.


What's next for former Boise State linebacker Korey Hall?

last updated: 02/10/07

Check out Mel Kiper's most recently updated (02/07) Top 25 Big Board.


Did Louisiana State defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey make a mistake staying in school? Comment: 2006 was Dorsey's first season as a starter. One would assume, if he avoids a major injury, he should be more N.F.L. ready after his senior season. Also, there is no reason to believe he won't be, at least, as highly regarded by N.F.L. scouts at that point.


New Orleans All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees suffers a rare Pro Bowl injury. Comment: Brees' injury isn't believed to be that serious. At least we hope it won't be. Nonetheless, with 37 year old Jamie Martin as Brees' only backup, expect Sean Payton's crew to use a draft pick on a young, developmental type quarterback in the draft. Perhaps between rounds 4 and 6?

***** N.F.L.'s Top Free Agents at every position.

**** N.F.L.'s Top Free Agents at every position.


Georgia Bulldogs coach Mark Richt said linebacker Brandon Miller will not move to defensive end, as had been speculated, but will switch from the strong side to the middle, where Jarvis Jackson started in 2006.

**** E-Mail [Sean]:

Hi, I'm trying to get some info on Missouri-Rolla wide receiver Brandon Landry. Word is he's preparing for the N.F.L. Draft and is now running a low 4.3 in the 40. Would that improve his draft chances? Reply: Sean thanks for the E-Mail. But, again, please leave a return E-Mail address next time you contact us. We don't want to come off as rude not answering E-Mails, but we simply can't reply to all reader E-Mail's in the blog, due to limited space.

Regarding Brandon Landry, we are well aware of him. We've mentioned him in this blog, from time to time, on several occasions since 2005. He's a former quarterback that has spent the last two seasons as an impact receiver for U.M.R. We are unaware of his exact speed, but we know scouts from most N.F.L. teams have checked him out in person. Obviously, if he does run a 4.3 40, that would be a huge boost to his draft stock. But only time will tell how fast he does, in fact, run.

Also, while N.F.L. scouts have dropped by U.M.R. practices to check out Landry, I'm sure they have also noticed junior Ashton Gronewold, who is a legit D-2 First Team All-American. Gronewold has hauled in 153 receptions for 2,300 yards and 32 touchdowns the last 2 season. He is also an impact special teams player, as a kick and punt returner.


Former Division III superstar Byron Westbrook -- a cornerback who says he can run a 4.45 -- hopes to follow his older brother into the N.F.L.


In depth look at former Grand Valley State quarterback Cullen Finnerty, as he trains for the upcoming N.F.L. Draft.


Closer look at the Green Bay Packers off-season needs.


Dave Myers: With safeties playing big roles in recent Super Bowls, the Vikings and Packers should consider drafting an impact safety.


In between house hunting and the myriad of details involved with taking over as the Steelers' coach, Mike Tomlin has become a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Comment: Checkout out's pre-season look at the Top Young Guns in the N.H.L. -- a lot of Pengiuns on this page!

***** E-Mail [Mitch H.]:

Why has Lamarr Woodley's draft stock plummeted? His height was known by most people, so that shouldn't be a surprise. I know he sat out the Senior Bowl, but did it hurt him that much? Many people considered him a first rounder before the season and he played great, even winning the Lombardi Trophy. He even posted 5 sacks in his games against Central Michigan (Joe Staley), Wisconsin (Joe Thomas), and Penn State (Levi Brown). So, what gives?

Also, why do so many "experts" have Lawerence Timmons rated ahead of Paul Posluszny and Patrick Willis. I know he is incredibly athletic and a good player, but in my opinion, his athleticism does not come close to making up for their superior play. I feel they are both way better players. Thanks for the response and keep up the great work on the site. Reply [Matt B.]:

Thanks for reading the site and thanks for the great questions. As for Woodley's stock, I believe most N.F.L. scouts looking to add 4-3 players view him as a tweener without a real position - too heavy for linebacker; too short for defensive end. However in the right scheme, probably the 3-4, he could be an excellent player. The injury at the Senior Bowl did hurt him, for while he was sitting out, other players like Purdue's Anthony Spencer and Nebraska's Jay Moore were tearing up the competition. So it's not necessarily what he did, but what he didn't do that is hurting this player. Personally we agree with the premise that Woodley is an excellent football player with great college production (over all four years, not just one year) who will find a job on the next level. Where that job is, and what pick is used on him is very much up in the air. But for fans of this player all is not lost - his intangibles are still great and pending workouts he could claw his way back to late first round status. However it appears more and more likely to be a second or third rounder at this point.

As for your second question, it is not unrelated - simply put Timmons is an athlete who comes from a school that GM's love to take players from. Like a brand name one would shop for in the stores, these men find comfort in drafting Seminoles. With their jobs on the line, these GM's usually go with what works, and for whatever reason players with Timmons' pedigree usually "work" in the N.F.L. Timmons is a great fit as 4-3 outside linebacker and there's always a need for that. In general many teams feel like they can take a player with superior athleticism and coach him up, as opposed to the less athletic player who isn't really going to get any faster.

That being said, Willis and Poslusnzy are fantastic prospects in their own rights. Also, I should be careful labelling them as "less athletic" prospects, as both could impress greatly in workouts. I don't think it's crazy to envision a scenario where those players make a late move up the boards into the mid-to-late first round, possibly passing Timmons. These guys are both "workout warriors", whose athletic ability is underrated. A source saw Poslusnzy working out at Athlete's Performance and the trainers there call him "a mutant" in the weight room. Speaking in terms of what we believe their draft stock to be right now, the difference between Timmons at top 15 and Poslusnzy at top 20 and Willis at top 25 is slimmer than it seems - a lot can and will change as these players work out.

Mitch, thanks again for your note.

last updated: 02/09/07

Nebraska defensive end Jay Moore gets some respect in this One Round Mock Draft from Yahoo! Sports.


Closer look at former Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson, as he prepares for the N.F.L. Draft.


The wait is over! Our good friend/resident draft historian Glenn "The Hammer" Bernardi is back with a 2 Round Mock Draft, plus comments. Comment: Glenn has been a serious draftnik since the early part of the 1970's and his love for the draft never wanes. Back in the early 1980's, Glenn was one of Mel Kiper's first customers. When he would order Kiper's early draft guides, Mel would actually pick up the phone, take the order personally and then answer random questions about the draft for a good amount of time over the phone! Boy, have things changed for Mel, right?

**** **

Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times looks at Five "gambles" and five "can't-miss picks" in the upcoming draft.


Online Q & A with Central Michigan defensive end/linebacker Dan Bazuin.


Top Small School Offensive Prospects -- List of 81 Division I-AA, D-2, D-3 and NAIA offensive stars that were invited to a Division I All-Star game and/or received a Combine Invite:

QB Toby Korrodi ~ Central Missouri State **

QB Josh Swogger ~ Montana **

QB Matt Gutierrez ~ Idaho State **

QB Justin Rascati ~ James Madison

QB Jon Grant ~ U.C. Davis

QB Aries Nelson ~ Mississippi Valley State

QB Jeff Smith ~ Georgetown College

QB Tyler Thigpen ~ Coastal Carolina

QB Dalton Bell ~ West Texas A&M

RB Eldra Buckley ~ Tennessee-Chattanooga **

RB Ramonce Taylor ~ Texas College **

RB Alonzo Coleman ~ Hampton University **

RB Clifton Dawson ~ Harvard

RB Pierre Rembert ~ Illinois State

RB Brian Washington ~ Southern Illinois

RB Greg Pruitt Jr. ~ North Carolina Central

RB Germaine Race ~ Pittsburg State

RB Alvin Banks ~ James Madison

RB Steve Baylark ~ Massachussetts

RB Abdulaun Kuuan ~ Grambling

RB Justise Hairston ~ Central Connecticut

RB Arkee Whitlock ~ Southern Illinois

RB D.D. Terry ~ Sam Houston State

RB Marcus Mason Youngstown State

FB Jimmy Scales ~ Langston (Oklahoma)

FB Gijon Robinson ~ Missouri Western (TE) **

FB Jamaal Pittman ~ Jackson State

FB Ruben Mayes ~ Grambling State

FB John Polk ~ San Diego

FB Kenneth Williams ~ Alcorn State

FB Adam Wolff ~ North Dakota

TE Michael Allan ~ Whitworth **

TE Kevin Boss ~ Western Oregon **

TE Ben Patrick ~ Delaware **

TE Braden Jones ~ Southern Illinois

TE Zac Herold ~ Nebraska-Omaha

TE Justin Carter ~ Texas College

TE Desmond Allison ~ South Dakota

WR Aaron Fairooz ~ Central Arkansas **

WR Onrea Jones ~ Hampton University **

WR Marquay McDaniel ~ Hampton University **

WR David Ball ~ New Hampshire **

WR Laurent Robinson ~ Illinois State **

WR Jacoby Jones ~ Lane College **

WR Tony Kays ~ U.C. Davis

WR Micah Johnson ~ South Dakota State

WR Tyrone Timmons ~ Mississippi Valley State

WR Anthony Merritt ~ North Alabama

WR Lorenzo Hoffman ~ Alabama State

WR Chris Jackson ~ Millsaps College

WR Derek Stanley ~ Wisconsin-Whitewater

WR Phoenix Thompson ~ Belhaven

WR Carl Berman ~ Indiana State

WR Patrick Bugg ~ Eastern Kentucky

WR Charlie Spiller ~ Alcorn State

WR Roosevelt Kiser ~ Florida A&M

WR Mike Jefferson ~ Montana State

WR Dereck Faulkner ~ Hampton University

WR Jesse Wendt ~ Wisconsin-Stout

WR Maurice Price ~ Charleston Southern

OT Elliott Vallejo ~ Cal-Davis **

OT Allen Barbre ~ Missouri Southern ** (OG)

OT Chris Best ~ Waterloo (C.I.S.)

OT Joe Hirst ~ Montana State

OT Jordan Hempel ~ Saskatchewan (C.I.S.)

OT Jason Capizzi ~ Indiana (PA.)

OT Jacob Bender ~ Nicholls State

OT Tavares Dishmon ~ Kentucky State

OT Derrek Governor ~ Grambling State

OT Derek Farney ~ Trinity (TX)

OT Daniel Parrish ~ Florida A&M

OG Brent Pousson ~ McNeese State

OC Ryan Jewell ~ Youngstown State

OC Ryan Wright ~ Dixie State

OC Donald Usry ~ Southeastern Louisiana

OG Wyatt Tatum ~ Southern

OG Jonathan Rueter ~ Eastern Illinois

OG Justin Matherson ~ Tenn-Chattanooga

OG Patrick Murray ~ Truman State (MO)

OL Jermon Bushrod ~ Towson State

OL Corey Davis ~ James Madison

** Denotes Combine invite Comment: We searched the rosters of the following All-Star Games -- Senior Bowl, E-W Shrine, Hula, Inta-Juice, Las Vegas, Gridiron, Inta-Juice & Texas V. Nation. There were about 650 names (or more) on those lists, so there is a chance we left a couple players off (particularly last minute invites), but we think we got most.

We'd guess, perhaps, 15 to 20 of the players listed above (mostly receivers and tight ends) have a good shot at being drafted. But we must also note that we believe most of the players listed will get a get a chance as undrafted free agents. Smart N.F.L. teams can find some true hidden gems in the group above, either in the latter rounds of the draft or as undrafted free agents.


Quick look at three Rutgers Scarlet Knights have been invited to the N.F.L. Combine.

**** Free agent "franchising" is far from welcomed by N.F.L. players.

last updated: 02/08/07
**** ****

Former Notre Dame Defensive tackle Derek Landri will not be able to workout at the Combine due to a knee injury.

***** E-Mail (Matt):

I've been following the website and I haven't even [seen] my buddy Derick Roberson's name mentioned. He is a senior cornerback for Rutgers and he played at Northeast High as a quaterback and corner. I do know he will be entering the N.F.L. Draft and that he has said he was recently clocked at a 4.3 40. Have you guys [seen] anything about him? Reply [Doug C./Rutgers Alum]:

Wow, if he clocked in at a 4.3, I definitely did "not" know about that. I know he ran a 4.42 a few years back at the Miami Dolphins All-Star Combine, haven't heard anything about a new 40 time since.

He had a very good season in 2005 and had a stellar game in the Insight Bowl against Arizona State. He took a step backwards in 2006, however, as he battled groin injuries during the season. Overall, he's a very sound tackler for a corner, with a nose for the football, but the problem is he's undersized (listed at 5' 10", 175) so that might not translate well to the N.F.L. Comment: Matt asked a good question and we were happy to reply. However, like many others, he did not leave a return E-Mail address. We try to respond to all constructive reader E-Mail, but find we can't respond to all, because many readers that use our "contact page" do not leave a return address for us to respond to. Please, if you want a reply, leave a return address.

**** E-Mail (Paul E.):

I was reviewing my game notes of some tight end's last night and after checking out the top 500 at I noticed I quite like two players who don't make it and thus just wondered what your opinions on Thomas Hunter (Clemson) and Wes Murphy (Arkansas) are?

For me Hunter doesn't have top speed, but has soft hands and some quickness; while as a blocker he gets to the second level, engages and shows some strength to drive. I found he squared up well to defenders and held his blocks nicely. Maybe as a 1st year starter he's flying under the radar a little.

Murphy is completely one dimensional - he's a blocker all the way. But I see him as the best blocker in this years' tight end class - he gets his arms extended, drives and holds his blocks very well - also gets to the second level well. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!

Best regards, Paul E. Southampton, England Comment: Thank you Paul. Both are fine players, as you sagely noted. Hunter had a nice season for the Tigers, hauling in 16 receptions for 305 yards in 2006. You are correct, he is a player with limited collegiate experience, who could surprise people as draft process plays out. We will keep a close eye on him at his Pro Day. Wes was a terrific blocker at Arkansas, as you noted, who rarely touched the ball. He's listed at 6' 3" and 265 pounds, but if he measures an inch or two shorter than that Pro Day he could be tried as a blocking fullback in the N.F.L. Either way, he'll get a close look from N.F.L. scouts due to his blocking skills.

Paul, thank you very much for your E-Mails and much thanks for supporting our site, via Southampton, England.


The New York Times, a sponsor from day one, takes a look at some elite athletes training for the Combine at the Parisi Speed School.

Great New York Times Photo Album.


Closer look at a pair of Brigham Young stars -- John Beck and Jonny Harline -- as they prepare for the N.F.L. Combine. Fascinating Quote of The Day: Today Beck is being told by NFL contacts, he could move up as a first-round draft pick behind leaders JaMarcus Russell (LSU), Brady Quinn (Notre Dame) and Drew Stanton (Michigan State). His agent has told Beck he is in a battle against Stanford's Trent Edwards, Oregon's Matt Moore and Stanton to be the No. 3 quarterback taken.


Free agency is still more than three weeks away, but the first step to revamping an the Philadelphia Eagles begins today.


Our friend Ed Thompson over at takes a quick glance at speedy Penn State linebacker Tim Shaw. Comment: Tim Shaw was one of the best running backs in Michigan high school history. Really no reason to believe he could not have been, at least, as good as Rutgers' Brian Leonard had he been given a legit chance to play tailback at P.S.U. Nontheless, he's a very versatile athlete, who can play inside linebacker, outside linebacker and even posted 7 sacks in 2006 for Penn State playing defensive end at 235 pounds. Also, it's doubtful he'll be given a chance to play running back in the N.F.L., but we would not be surprised if some teams would look at him at fullback.


Former U.S.C. backup middle linebacker Oscor Lua gets ready for the N.F.L. Draft.


Top Small School Defensive Prospects -- List of 61 Division I-AA, D-2, D-3 and NAIA defensive stars that were invited to a Division I All-Star game and/or received a Combine Invite:

DE Jacob Ford ~ Central Arkansas **

DE Michael McFadden ~ Grand Valley State

DE Alton Pettway ~ Albany State

DE Edgar Jones ~ Southeast Missouri

DE Marques Murrell ~ Appalachian State

DE Ed Queen ~ Northwestern State

DE Martin Jackson ~ Alcorn State

DE Matt King ~ Maine (OLB)

DE Gregory Peterson ~ North Carolina Central

DE Derrick Jones ~ Grand Valley State

DE Jason Trusnik ~ Ohio Northern

DE Kevin Harbour ~ Grambling State

DT Walter Thomas ~ NW Mississippi (Juco)

DT Keith Grennan ~ Eastern Washington

DT Kevin Lockhart ~ Alabama A&M

DT Renard McDaniel ~ Missouri State

DT Elbert Shumake ~ Pikeville College

DT Larry Harrison ~ Texas College

DT Trey Lewis ~ Washburn (Kansas)

LB Chad Nkang ~ Elon (DB) **

LB Justin Durant ~ Hampton University **

LB Zak DeOssie ~ Brown University **

LB Kyle Shotwell Cal-Poly

LB Taurean Charles ~ Bethune-Cookman

LB LeMarcus Rowell ~ Jacksonville State

LB Cameron Siskowic ~ Illinois State

LB Ricky Miller ~ Arkansas-Monticello (DE)

LB Trey Randall ~ Humboldt State

LB Tavarski "Taz" Wallace ~ Adrian College

LB Kenneth Woodard ~ Jackson State

LB Johnny Baldwin ~ Alabama A&M

LB Darius Leake ~ Morgan State

LB Markeseo Jackson ~ Tennesee-Martin

LB Demoris Hardiman ~ Southeastern Louisiana

LB Adam Paulson ~ Sioux Falls

LB John Mohring ~ Georgia Southern

S Craig Dahl ~ North Dakota State **

S Daren Stone ~ Maine **

S Kenny Onatolu ~ Nebraska-Omaha

S Vincent Dancy ~ Jackson State

S John Barsi ~ U.C. Davis

S Quinton Teal ~ Coastal Carolina

S Toney Edison ~ Nicholls State

S Keldrick Holman ~ Stephen F. Austin

S Freddie Parish ~ Stephen F. Austin

DB Brandon Walden ~ Carson-Newman (TN)

DB Epsilon Williams ~ Texas State

DB Anthony Hayes ~ Shenandoah (VA)

CB Travarous Bain ~ Hampton **

CB Bo Smith ~ Weber State **

CB Corey Graham ~ New Hampshire **

CB Calvin Bannister Hampton University

CB Stephen McCoy ~ Texas A&M-Kingsville

CB Dathon Brown ~ Texas College

CB Greg Fassitt ~ Grambling

CB David Jones ~ Wingate

CB Demarea Caldwell ~ Southern Arkansas

CB Carlton Brown ~ Jackson State

CB Roger Brown ~ Delaware

CB Codera Jackson ~ Youngstown State

CB Rayvon Sims ~ Tennesee-Martin

** Denotes Combine invite Comment: We searched the rosters of the following All-Star Games -- Senior Bowl, E-W Shrine, Hula, Inta-Juice, Las Vegas, Gridiron, Inta-Juice & Texas V. Nation. There were about 650 names (or more) on those lists, so there is a chance we left a couple players off (particularly last minute invites), but we think we got most.

We'd guess, perhaps, a dozen of the players listed above have a good shot at being drafted. But we must also note that we believe most of the players listed will get a get a chance as undrafted free agents. Smart N.F.L. teams can find some true hidden gems in the group above, either in the latter rounds of the draft or as undrafted free agents.

last updated: 02/07/07

Yahoo! Sports takes an in-depth look at the upcoming N.F.L. Combine and throws a lot of praise at Sam Houston State running back D.D. Terry, who did not receive an invite.


As the off season begins, what are the Jacksonville Jaguars' free agency and draft priorities?


What is the Detroit Lions' off-season game plan?


Is Baltimore willing to deal young quarterback Kyle Boller for a third round pick?


Our friend at Maximum Draft just posted his "Top 10 Combine Snubs".


What should Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders do with the number one overall draft pick?


Former University of Hawaii defensive end Ikaika Alama-Francis talks about getting ready for the upcoming N.F.L. Combine.


Which players/free agents should the World Champion Indianapolis Colts keep?


Former N.F.L. quarterback Ryan Leaf is considering a coaching job at Grambling State.


The Denver Broncos hope to trade quarterback Jake Plummer , but he might return if the Broncos don't get enough in return.


Are the Houston Texans looking to deal qurterback David Carr?


Dwight Freeney and Jeff Garcia are the biggest free-agent targets, but after a strong rookie class, teams may be less inclined to pay big money.

last updated: 02/06/07

Former Arkansas defensive end Jamaal Anderson could be the first defensive lineman taken in April's NFL Draft. But apparently he wasn't good enough three years ago to earn a football scholarship from a big-time school.


Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn leads the way, as ranks the Top 500 Draft Prospects.


In the last few days we've mentioned some worthy prospects that did not receive Combine invites. One athlete we failed to mention, who is definitely on the N.F.L.'s radar after a strong showing at the Hula Bowl, is South Carolina center Chris White.

TFY Draft Preview: Center Chris White is a hard-working blocker with good size and explosion. Effective with the shotgun snap, White offers solid upside potential for the next level.


Quick glance at Clemson Tigers' junior safety Michael Hamlin, who should be a future N.F.L. prospect.


The Washington Times: An N.F.L. dynasty starts with the quarterback.


Former University of Hawai'i tackle Dane Uperesa hopes to impress scouts at the N.F.L. Combine.


Someday, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid must get back to business, so he can concentrate on free agency and the N.F.L. Draft.


Len Pasquarelli: Disappointed Chicago Bears expect to be back.


Check out recently updated two round mock draft.


While Indianapolis Colts fans and players celebrate a Super Bowl title, their coaches and front office are getting ready for free agency and the N.F.L. Draft.


Our good friend Theo Lambros -- also known as "College Scout" -- kicks off Tuesday's blog looking at his favorite college football propsects that did not receive Combine Invites.


QB Jeff Smith (Georgetown College) - Good size and arm strength; his success will be determined by how well he adjusts to the speed of the NFL.

RB Justin Vincent (Louisiana State) - Vincent went from Sugar Bowl MVP his freshman year to backup running back because of injuries. Vincent lost some explosion and cutting ability due to knee injuries, but if he's 100 percent healthy and regains confidence in his knee, he could be a steal.

FB Jackie Battle (Houston) - Battle will have to make the transition from running back in a predominately one back set at Houston to fullback at the next level, but he has the athleticism to make it work.

TE Brent Celek (Cincinnati) - Weight room warrior; Not a devastating in line blocker or a threat to stretch defenses vertically, but he is a good target in the short-intermediate routes and is an effective chip blocker.

WR Brandon Myles (West Virginia) - Production isn’t what scouts look for since he played in West Virginia’s run-oriented attack, but Myles is a smooth athlete that has the size/speed combo that scouts look for.

WR Deyon Williams (Virginia) - Another wide receiver with the size/speed ratio scouts look for; Williams suffered from a foot injury his senior year, but he's an athlete who can accelerate past cornerbacks with his long strides and go up and attack the football at its highest point with his long arms.

OL Mike Elgin (Iowa) - Have to give a Kirk Ferentz coached lineman a chance; Even though he’s undersized, has below average athleticism, and has short arms, Elgin is a solid technician as he shows a good understanding of blocking angles, hand placement, and leverage.

OL Kurt Quarterman (Louisville) - Team leader whose play on the field speaks for itself. He slimmed down during the season and showed pretty nimble feet for a big man while playing in Bobby Petrino’s offense

OL Kyle Young (Fresno State) - Had a tough year as he was suspended for academic reasons, so needless to say there will be questions over character that will need to be addressed. Young is a borderline “clunker” out there, but he plays with nastiness and has the ability to play center, guard, and maybe even right tackle.

OL Darnell Stapleton (Rutgers) - A heady player; despite having mediocre feet and athleticism, Stapleton is a good drive blocker who plays with some nastiness.

OL Peter Dyakowski (Louisiana State) - One of my favorite sleepers in the draft, Dyakowski has underrated athletic ability as he is skilled at getting downfield on pulls and screens and blocking guys in space; faired well against Victor Abiamiri in the Sugar Bowl.

DE Darius Sanders (Oregon) - Sanders played in a read-and-react scheme at Oregon where he lined up in a four point stance directly over the offensive tackle. If a team drafts Sanders and allows him to use his athleticism to get after the quarterback, he could pay dividends.

DT Steven Harris (Florida) - Might have been the best performer in the BCS Championship game that no one talked about; For a big guy, he plays with a good pad level and showed the ability to stack-and-shed blockers; might be able to play in the 4-3 and the 3-4.

DT Marquay Love (Houston) - Plays with good leverage due to a stocky, bubbly build (6’, 320 lbs); great explosiveness comes from his huge rear-end (he’s able to dunk a basketball); Marquay’s biggest problem is his endurance, but, if he hooks up with a coach that could work that huge rear into shape, he could be a valuable rotational player in the NFL.

DE Rondell Biggs (Michigan) - Classic overachiever who lacks the measurements N.F.L. team may look for, but makes a lot of “hustle plays”

LB Devraun Thompson (Rutgers) - Thompson is neither big nor fast, but he has great instincts, flows to the ball well, and is a sure tackler. At 5’11", 225 with 4.7-plus speed, he’ll be hard pressed to find a position at the next level, but I’d bet he’ll make some special team’s coach very happy.

LB Mark Zalewski (Wisconsin) - Stiff in the hips, but Zalewski is an instinctive, solidly-built athlete who plays with leverage when attacking plays downhill. His versatility, smarts, and leadership ability will make him a coach’s dream

LB Brian Smith (Missouri) - Had an injury-shortened senior season and will have to find a position at the next level since he is 6’4 230 lbs, but his speed off the edge could land him a job as a situational rusher as either a 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 outside linebacker.

CB John Talley (Duke) - Talley’s got the on-field production that has to grab scouts’ attention, but he’s got to prove he can hang with the higher competition.

CB Marquice Cole (Northwestern) - Is said to have a sub 4.3 40 time; Yeah, that’ll grab the attention of scouts.

S Miguel Merrick (Iowa) - Makes up for below average timed speed with good instincts and by taking good angles to the ball; special teams prowess will allow him to stick on an NFL roster.

S Randy Kelly (Arkansas) - Lack of speed was amplified on some occasions while playing in the SEC, but Kelly has experience at both safety spots and is a sure tackler. Similarly to Merrick, his special teams’ ability is what is going to get him looks from NFL team. Comment: We refer to Theo as "College Scout", because he is currently a college student in the state of Florida. Looking at our logs, we get a lot hits from .edu's (colleges and universities), so we asked Theo -- who possesses a great mind for the draft -- if he could give us his perspective as a college student. He does a nice a job.

last updated: 02/05/07

Now that Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre has announced he's coming back for a 17th season, what does that mean for back-up quarterback Aaron Rodgers?


Fixed Link: In depth look at Grayshirting Process, which gives college coaches extra roster room.


Scouting report on former Boston College offensive guard Josh Beekman.


Top 100 Combine Snubs Part Two (50 defensive players)

DE Rondell Biggs ~ Michigan

DE Kyle Caldwell ~ Arizona State

DE Ed Johnson ~ Penn State

DE Mel Purcell ~ Hawaii

DE Marquies Gunn ~ Auburn

DE Calvin Thibodeaux ~ Oklahoma

DE Darius Sanders ~ Oregon

DE Alex Obemese ~ Texas El-Paso

DE Justin Rogers ~ Southern Methodist

DL Deljuan Robinson ~ Mississippi State

DT Ola Dagunduro ~ Nebraska

DT Joe Anoai ~ Georgia Tech

DT Brent Curvey ~ Iowa State

DT Stanley Doughty ~ South Carolina

DT Louis Leonard ~ Fresno State

DT Joel Penton ~ Ohio State

DT Steve Harris ~ Florida

DT Conrad Bolston ~ Maryland

LB Brian Smith ~ Missouri (DE)

LB Will Herring ~ Auburn

LB Ameer Ismail ~ Western Michigan

LB Jarvis Jackson ~ Georgia

LB Clint Session ~ Pittsburgh

LB Mickey Pimentel ~ California

LB Keyonvis Bouie ~ Florida International

LB Kevin McLee ~ West Virginia

LB Korey Hall ~ Boise State

LB Mark Zalewski ~ Wisconsin

LB Kyle Shotwell ~ Cal-Poly

LB Taurean Charles ~ Bethune-Cookman

LB Cameron Siscowic ~ Illinois State

LB Matt Muncy ~ Ohio University

CB Marcus Hamilton ~ Virginia

CB Ramzee Robinson ~ Alabama

CB John Talley ~ Duke

CB William Gay ~ Louisville

CB Antonio Smith ~ Ohio State

CB Marquise Cole ~ Northwestern

CB Sergio Gilliam ~ Clemson

CB John Bowie ~ Cincinnati

CB T.J. Wright ~ Ohio University

CB Calvin Bannister ~ Hampton

CB Courtney Bryan ~ New Mexico State

CB Terrence Wheatley ~ Colorado

S Willis Barringer ~ Michigan

S Jay Staggs ~ Nevada-Las Vegas

S Andrew Shanle ~ Nebraska

S Randy Kelly ~ Arkansas

S Brandon Mitchell ~ Ohio State

S Tra Battle ~ Georgia Comment: The players above are grouped by position, but are not ranked in any particular order. Also, we mostly stuck to listing big school players that are recognizable to avid draft followers. Our bet is, however, when we look back we'll find that the most outrageous "Combine snubs" will be the little known small schoolers that will shine at Pro Days.

last updated: 02/04/07

Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga warns his future draft picks: "If you hold out, you sit out the season"


The Detroit Lions, who own the 2nd overall pick, should learn their draft lessons from Super Bowl history? Comment: Drew Sharpe mentions "only" four quarterbacks drafted #1 overall have won Super Bowls, but keep this in mind: Those players led their teams to 11 Super Bowls wins combined -- Terry Bradshaw (4); Troy Aikman (3); John Elway (2) and Jim Plunkett (2).

Also, up until the latter part of the 1990's, teams tended to shy away from drafting a quarterback first overall. From 1965 up until 1985, for example, only four quarterbacks were drafted #1 overall, but Steve Bartkowski -- who was an outstanding quarterback on some mediocre teams in his prime -- was the only one of the four to never win a Super Bowl.

***** E-Mail (Scout/Joe):

I have been a scout for 30 years and after watching Adam Carriker's performance in the Senior Bowl and during the season, I firmly believe he is one of the better players in the draft. His power while dis-engaging blocks is unmatched, his short area quickness is good, and he can rush the passer from the defensive end slot, plus he is 6'6"/300. He should go in the top 5 based on needs. Also, the offensive guard from Akron [Andy Alleman] should have been at the Senior Bowl. He may be the most athletic guard in the country and after watching the offensive guards there, he certainly belonged. Another player that belonged in the Senior Bowl is quarterback John Beck from Brigham Young. Comment: The E-Mail above is from an anonymous, long time reader/E-Mailer who tells us he's been a scout for 30 years. His opinions are always very insightful and very much welcomed....Alleman, who began his college career at Pitt as a defensive end, has cracked Mel Kiper's list of top 5 guards, according to a Akron Zips fan site.


Current Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning might have become the greatest New York Jets quarterback of all time, better than Joe Willie Namath, if he didn't make the decision 10 years ago that stunned Bill Parcells. He returned to Tennessee for his senior year.


Hall of Fame Features:

CB Roger Wehrli

TE Charlie Sanders

OT Bruce Matthews

OG Gene Hickerson

WR Michael Irvin

RB Thurman Thomas

By the way, former Washington Redskins quarterback Sammy Baugh, a member of the first Pro Football Hall of Fame class back in 1963, should be eagerly awaiting today's Super Bowl. Baugh, who is 92 years old and a cattle rancher in Texas, has admitted openly he is a huge Peyton Manning fan. Quite a compliment for Peyton, as some football historians believe that Baugh was the greatest player in N.F.L. history -- amazingly, he led the N.F.L. in passing, pass interceptions, and punting in 1943.


After a fine showing at the Senior Bowl, former Ole Miss linebacker Patrick Willis is getting ready for the N.F.L. Combine.


Former Illinois State linebacker Cameron Siskowic collected 13 tackles and was named defensive most valuable player at the Texas vs. the Nation Collegiate All-Star game. Comment: Check out's coverage of the Texas vs The Nation All-Star Classic.


Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting the Oakland Raiders will consider trading disgruntled wide receiver Randy Moss, who is coming off his worst season in his nine year pro career. According to Mortensen, Al Davis' Raiders would likely ask for, at least, a 3rd round draft pick and one veteran wide receiver in return for Moss, who will turn 30 soon. It's been widely reportered that the Green Bay Packers are a team that might have an interest in Moss.


Top 100 Combine Snubs Part One (50 offensive players)

QB Perry Patterson - Syracuse

QB Justin Ruscati ~ James Madison

QB Matt Moore ~ Oregon State

QB Lester Ricard ~ Tulane

QB Sam Hollenbach ~ Maryland

QB Drew Tate ~ Iowa

QB Brett Ratliff ~ Utah

RB Paul Mosley ~ Baylor

RB Terry Caulley ~ Connecticut

RB Justin Vincent ~ Louisiana State

RB Curtis Brown ~ Brigham Young

RB Stevie Hicks ~ Iowa State

RB Justice Hairston ~ Central Connecticut

RB Jackie Battle ~ Houston

FB Brad Lau ~ Boise State

FB Tim Castille ~ Alabama

TE Jake Nordin ~ Northern Illinois

TE Tyler Ecker ~ Michigan

TE Matt Herian ~ Nebraska

TE Cody Boyd ~ Washington State

TE Brent Celek ~ Cincinnati

TE Chris Hopkins ~ Toledo

TE Steve Buches ~ Pittsburgh

WR Johnny Quinn ~ North Texas

WR Chad Schroeder ~ Texas A&M

WR Idris Moss ~ Tulsa

WR Brandon Myles ~ West Virginia

WR Scott Mayle ~ Ohio University

WR Terry Moss ~ Ball State

WR Dominique Ziegler ~ Baylor

WR Maurice Price ~ Charleston Southern

WR Demarcus Davis ~ Tulane

WR Patrick Bugg ~ Eastern Kentucky

OC Darnell Stapleton ~ Rutgers

OC Nick Jones ~ Georgia

OC Lyle Sendlein ~ Texas

OC Kyle Young - Fresno State

OG Mike Elgin ~ Iowa

OG Stephen Parker ~ Arkansas

OG T.J. Downing ~ Ohio State

OG Brian Anderson ~ Mississippi State

OG Kurt Quarterman ~ Louisville

OG Brian Daniels ~ Colorado

OT Renardo Foster ~ Louisville

OT Jonathan Palmer ~ Auburn

OT Daniel Inman ~ Georgia

OT Peter Dyakowski ~ Louisiana State

OT Aaron Brant ~ Iowa State

OT Chris Messner ~ Oklahoma

OT Brandon Cox ~ Louisiana-Lafayette Comment: The players above are grouped by position, but are not ranked in any particular order.

last updated: 02/03/07

The 2006 class, loaded with talent, has created a discussion that N.F.L. observers have not had in recent years: Is this the best rookie class ever?


Yahoo! Sports initial draft board of Top 50 prospects after the completion of the Senior Bowl.

**** E-Mail (C.E.):

Who would you consider the biggest snubs of the Combine List? I know No Combine Invite doesn't necessarily mean undrafted, but I was surprised to see some names left off. My top list would consist of:

1. C Kyle Young - Fresno State

2. S Brandon Mitchell - Ohio State

3. G Brian Daniels - Colorado

4. DT Louis Leonard - Fresno State

5. TE Brent Celek - Cincinnati

6. SS Willis Barringer - Michigan

7. QB Matt Moore - Oregon State

8. TE Jake Nordin - Northern Illinois

9. T Renaldo Foster - Louisville

10. OLB Boo McLee - West Virginia

Some other notables: G T.J. Downing, Ohio State; ILB Mark Zalewski, Wisconsin; CB Antonio Smith, Ohio State and QB Drew Tate of Iowa. Reply: Thanks for the input C.E. We already made up a list of 100 "Combine snubs" and intend to post it in the blog very soon. Needless to say, most (or all) of the players you listed will be on that list.


Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, former St. Louis Cardinals cornerback Roger Wehrli and four other former N.F.L. stars were elected to Pro Football's Hall of Fame today.


Scouting report on former Auburn offensive guard Ben Grubbs.


University of Cincinnati Bearcat cornerback John Bowie impressed scouts at the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star game. Comment: Bowie is a player we have kept a real close eye on during the last couple seasons. He sort of reminds us a bit of former University Houston/ current Oakland Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt. Like Routt, Bowie is a college track star who hopes to make the jump to the highest level of pro football. We don't think Bowie is as refined as Routt was coming out in 2005, but he's got room to get better.


In the first entry of his NFL Draft Diary, Clemson wide receiver Chansi Stuckey explains why he came back and how he hopes he turned his injury into a good thing in the eyes of the N.F.L.


Patriots owner Robert Kraft yesterday guaranteed the team will spend to the salary cap in an effort to improve a squad that fell one minute short of the Super Bowl.

last updated: 02/02/07

Former University of Minnesota running back Gary Russell is getting another chance at football, and this time he doesn't intend to blow it.

**** Flashback Link: A great 2005 feature article from Pat Kirwan of explaining that "it's not always about the need for speed".

***** E-Mail (Ben): What is the status of defensive end Brian Smith from Mizzou? Was he invited to the combine, does he intend to show up for medical evaluation? Do you have any insight into his current condition? He was potentially an elite prospect and I understand his hip fracture did not require surgery, a la Roosevelt Colvin, and that Smith was even planning at one point to return in time for the Bowl Game. Any further info would be greatly appreciated. Reply: Ben, we know Smith has signed with a St. Louis-based agent and is preparing for the draft. We have no updates on the condition of his hip, but we do know the injury kept him from playing in the East-West Shrine Game last month. According to the official Combine list we posted the other day, the only Missouri Tiger to receive an invite was defensive end Xzavie Jackson. N.F.L. teams only examine players that have received official invites, although nothing can stop Smith from showing up at the Combine as a "fan" and talking to receptive team reps.

We do not know if Smith's injury had anything to do with him not receiving a Combine invite, but we must point out other players currently recovering from fairly serious injuries have been invited to Indy to be checked physically -- i.e. safety Zach Catanese and tackle Andrew Carnahan of Arizona State and Louisville tailback Michael Bush.

Thanks for the E-Mail and, perhaps, someone close to Smith will send us more info on his status in the near future. Comment: Ben asked a good question and we were happy to reply. However, like many others, he did not leave a return E-Mail address. We try to respond to all constructive reader E-Mail, but find we can't respond to all, because many readers that use our "contact page" do not leave a return address for us to respond to. Please, if you want a reply, leave a return address.


Former University of Florida star Marcus Thomas is happy he's getting a chance in the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star Classic.


Two prominent Ohio State Buckeyes left off the list of combine invitees. Comment: The link above is a good one, as the president of National Football Scouting explains the Combine's selection process.


The Green Bay Packers can delay their search for a new face of the franchise, as quarterback Brett Favre will be back for his 17th season in the N.F.L.


Closer look at former Portland State linebacker/N.F.L. prospect Adam Hayward.


Detroit News: Secrecy is crucial during the N.F.L. Draft process.

last updated: 02/01/07

Check out details of the third day of practice of the Texas vs The Nation All-Star Classic in El Paso, Texas. This will be the final significant installment of coverage before the game Friday Night. Comment: Sounds like the boys in Texas are getting fired up. Having the opposing teams play each other in scrimmage situation during practices is an outstanding idea. One that other, more high profile all star games, would be wise to emulate. It creates "good on good" combinations not seen earlier in the week and ratchets up the stakes just a little higher than intra-squad practices. Also, once again, we'd like to thank Sigmund Bloom from the for his invaluable input during the week.


Closer look at a pair of Miami based wide receivers -- Ryan Moore and Chandler Williams, who will be playing in the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star Classic.

**** looks at the "offseason needs" of the Dallas Cowboys.


Declared underclassmen that did "not" receive an Invite to the N.F.L. Combine in Indianapolis.

WR Maurice Price ~ Charleston Southern

TE Luke Smith-Anderson ~ Idaho

DT Stanley Doughty ~ South Carolina

DT Keenan Carter ~ Virginia

DE Jason Jack ~ Texas A&M

LB Brock Stratton ~ Texas Tech


Another look at former University of Texas running back Ramonce Taylor, who hopes to impress scouts at the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star Classic. Comment: To read the Dallas News article on Taylor, you must scroll down about 12 inches, as the page is not properly set.


Closer look at L.S.U.'s strong-armed quarterback Jamarcus Russell, who hopes to be the first overall pick.


Former University of Georgia running back Danny Ware knows he surprised a lot of people by entering the N.F.L. Draft early, but he tells he is confident he made the right choice.


In this Draft File feature you can learn more about Fresno State running back Dwayne Wright and why he is rising up the draft boards. Comment: No one around the N.F.L. questions Wright's toughness, talent and desire, but his history of injuries will concern some teams. If Wright does drop a bit in the draft (like into the 2nd day), he could be a great value pick. The further he gets away from his 2005 injury, the better he should be.


As Nebraska Cornhusker Jay Moore tries to elevate his NFL Draft status, he also hopes to dispel the myth that of white defensive ends lack athletic ability.

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