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last updated: 3/31/06

The New York Jets signed unrestricted free-agent cornerback Andre Dyson on Thursday to help replace Ty Law.


Taye Biddle, a former Ole Miss receiver and likely undrafted free agent, is hoping for a future in pro football.


Opinion: Tennessee should use it's first round pick on quarterback Matt Leinart.

Related item: Leinart visits Tennessee.


2005 3rd round draft pick from Miami TE Kevin Everett will try to make it through his first complete practice in Buffalo's upcoming veteran mini-camp. Will Levy have loyalty to the former regime's draft picks? comment: What if Maryland's Vernon Davis slips to the 8 spot, will Levy hesitate because of Everett? The mini-camp should go further to flushing out that answer but we think he'd take Duke Davis for use in the multiple TE sets he's no doubt got planned.

last updated: 3/30/06

Hall of Famers Dick Butkus and Gayle Sayers make the 1965 draft the best in Chicago Bears history.


Pat Kirwan, Senior Analyst: Tight ends could be popular pick in the draft.

***** has finally posted the work out results from Pro Day at Rutgers last week. comment: We got several E-Mails regarding the Scarlett Knights' Pro Day, but could not comment because the numbers were not leaked out or formally announced.

Defensive end Ryan Neill, who tied for the team lead with 10 sacks, is the consummate team player and competitor. The most often mentioned knock regarding Neill, who showed decent athletic ability at Pro Day, is his size -- 6' 3", 256 pounds. That's a tad small for a defensive end. Speed wise, it may not be realistic to project Neill as a starting NFL linebacker. We think he'll be a latter round pick/free agent that will make a roster. He's fiesty, productive and can longsnap.

Defensive end Val Barnaby, who also had 10 sacks in 2005, has the physical make-up of an NFL defensive end. He was very inconsistent at times during his career, but if he puts it together, like he did last season, he could be in the NFL for a while. Wasn't great at Pro Day, but he is still probably a solid priority free agent type, very worthy of a long look based on his physical attributes and 2005 performance.

Tres Moses, a 23 year old wide receiver who had 45 catches for 758 yards and 5 touchdowns last season, ran a pair of 4.55 40's and finished the short shuttle in an impressive 4.08 seconds, according to That is the type of display we expected from Moses, who relies more on quickness, than straight line speed.......Possesses a reliable set of hands and has a good attitude. Also, his return skills may help him find a roster spot. Like Neill, he's a very good football player, who may not fit what the NFL is looking for in terms of size (5' 9", 196) or speed, but his ability between the lines can't be ignored. We think he projects as a 7th round choice or free agent.


Before he retires as commissioner, Paul Tagliabue would like to see the NFL get closer to returning a team to Los Angeles. comment: We believe the chances of the NFL returning to Los Angeles anytime soon are between and slim and none. All this talk of the NFL returning to LA is nothing more than pure fantasy, unless a group of private investors decides to foot most of the bill out of pocket -- expansion fee/purchase cost; stadium costs; infrastructure improvement costs near the stadium, ect.

Good luck finding someone to do that. Reality is, most of the very wealthy in America get very rich by using "other people’s money". In this case that would be a huge public subsidy from the city or state. And, considering the dire straights the city of Los Angeles and the state of California are in financially, I doubt there will be any public money available to help bring the NFL back to Los Angeles.

To begin with, and this is a national tragedy the mainstream media has mostly ignored for politically correct reasons, Los Angeles’ healthcare system is facing an almost catastrophic meltdown. From 1996 to 2004 alone, 26 hospitals in Los Angels County have shut their doors. We’d bet quite a few more have been shuttered since then, and the vast majority of hospitals that remain in LA County are barely keeping their doors open or are on the verge of closing too.

How about Los Angeles' school system?

A recent study by the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University calculated that only 45% of students were graduating in four years from Los Angeles schools. We aren’t sure throwing more money around will help alleviate that problem in a major way, but expect LA’s current politicians to use a crumbling school system as an excuse to ask the state or federal government for more education money. So it certainly wouldn’t look good at all if the city was spending money on a "playpen" for millionaire NFL players and billionaire owners, at the same time they were begging congress to prop up their school system.

At this point, we won’t even get much into the fact that the BBC has compared the city of Los Angeles to Falluja in terms of the amount of violence on the city's streets. But lets just say that also puts a tremendous strain on LA's finances, as law enforcement costs sky-rocket, while legitimate, hard-working business owners of all races and back rounds flee the city out of fear.


Despite what the hacks in the mainstream tell you, Los Angeles and the NFL are not a good fit. If the state wants to do something right, they should focus on keeping the Chargers, Raiders and 49ers afloat and forget the LA market for a while. Let the Arena Football league and USC take care of the football needs in that city. Simply put: Not having a NFL team is the least of Los Angeles' problems, at this point.


Look at the University of Tennessee's second Pro Day.....Wide receiver Chris Hannon, who had a very average college career, continues to run very well.


Colt Power Hot Prospect: Missouri linebacker/fullback Derrick Ming.


Decisions, decisions. Jeff Samardzija is projected to be the top senior wide receiver in college football next season by some (including, but he could be a high draft choice in the Major League Baseball draft. Maybe a first-rounder. junior watch list -- Loosely ranked 2005 juniors.


Former Colorado wideout/kick returner Jeremy Bloom will run again for NFL scouts Saturday at Southern Cal's Pro Day. Bloom ran a 4.49 40 at the Combine, less than a week after returning from the Olympics.


Projected to be drafted as a receiver or running back, Virginia Marques Hagans might get a shot to play quarterback.


Offensive lineman Brandon Eaton, a latter round/free agent prospect, was among the prospects that worked out at Hawaii's Pro Day.


Marshall has turned into ‘Long-snapper University' for NFL scouts -- Jeff Mullins the most recent prospect.

last updated: 3/29/06

The workout numbers are in from the Canadian Football League's version of the Combine.


At least 9 NFL teams show strong interest in Ohio cornerback Dion Byrum.


The Colts, Eagles and Patriots check out Virginia Military Institute linebacker Justin Huggard.


North Carolina State defensive end duo swims to the top of NFL defensive line pool.


The Oakland Raiders are among the seven teams that have been given permission by the Detroit Lions to speak with quarterback Joey Harrington, according to several published reports Tuesday.


Pre-draft training could pay off big for Maryland Terps' tight end Vernon Davis.


The Denver Broncos apparently are looking seriously into trading for wide receiver Javon Walker, though whether they will offer enough to pry the unhappy wide receiver from the Green Bay Packers is another matter.


University of Calgary defensive lineman draws interest from the New York Jets....Dan Federkeil, who impressed us at the East-West game, admits landing in draft is 'unrealistic'.

******* is proud to put forth our "All-Party Crashers Team". These are players that were mostly ignored by the scouts who sent out Combine and All-Star game invites, but hope to "sneak into" the latter rounds of the NFL's Draft party in New York. Predictions based on their superior college careers and impressive workouts.

This is a nice mix of smaller school stars and underrated Big school surprise players.

QB Jeff Mroz ~ Yale -- Big, strong armed quarterback (6' 5",230), who is beginning to create a slight buzz around the league -- several teams are taking a much closer look at the Ivy League’s top quarterback. Mroz, who threw 22 TD's and completed nearly 60 percent of his attempts in 2005, just "looks the part" of an NFL prospect, due to his size and arm strength.

RB A.J. Harris ~ Northern Illinois -- A good player, overshadowed by junior running back star Garrett Wolfe in 2004 and 2005. Harris is a powerful runner, with balance and speed that can help as a kick returner. Also pretty good on special teams kick and punt coverage. At almost 6' 1" and 230 pounds, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.52 and 4.52 seconds and added a 38.5" vertical leap at his schools Pro Day. Won’t have an easy time getting drafted, but he has a chance based on workouts.

RB Nick Hartigan ~ Brown -- Big running back, who ran a 4.53 40 at the schools recent Pro Day. He tallied 1,727 yards rushing and 20 rushing TD's in just 10 games in 2005. Powerful North/South runner, with surprising break away speed for a 6' 2', 220 pound tailback. Also possesses nice vision, balance and power. Set an Ivy League record with 54 career touchdowns, despite only touching the ball once as a freshman. We believe he could run with the ball at the next level, but might be asked to bulk up and play fullback, based on the way he was used at the East-West All-Star game.

WR Ethan Kilmer ~ Penn State -- Former Penn State walk-on, who only played two seasons of college football and never played high school ball. Was the Lions fastest athlete at Pro Day, clocking in around 4.35 on several scouts watches. Also displayed a 42” vertical. Fared well in 2005 as a receiver, averaging 15.7 yards per catch (15 receptions). Kilmer, a special teams coverage star, improved markedly as receiver in 2005 as the season wound down -- had 6 catches for 79 yards in the Orange Bowl. Only played one season as a college wide receiver, and didn’t get many chances until the second half of the 2005 season. Lack of football experience will be the biggest knock on Kilmer.

WR Jermaine Jamison ~ Fresno State -- His performance at Pro Day left some scouts wondering why he wasn’t invited to the Combine. At over 6’ 2” and 200 pounds, Jamison ran a 4.44 40 yard dash, did a very solid 4.09 short shuttle and looked like a solid overall athlete. He’s a player that was very highly regarded coming into Fresno State. After a spectacular freshman season his game leveled off a quite a bit, never even recording 40 receptions or 500 yards in a season, but scouts are known to be intrigued by his size, speed and athletic ability.

WR Domenik Hixon ~ Akron -- 6‘ 2“, 200 pound wide receiver stole the show at Akron’s Pro Day, running a 4.36 40 yard dash, displaying a 38.5” vertical jump and finishing the all important short shuttle in 4.17 seconds. Hixon, who was a defensive back at Akron as a freshman and sophomore, had a breakout season in 2005 -- 75 receptions, 1,210 yards and 8 touchdowns. Can also return kicks and punts.

TE Jon Dekker ~ Princeton -- Talented tight end, with good size at 6' 5", 255 pounds, who came on strong as a senior, collecting 32 receptions for a 11.5 yard average and 5 touchdowns. Impressive blocker at his level, who can find the seem in the zone and make some big plays. Could be player to watch out for, after he impressed scouts in workouts this spring. Tight end seems to be a position were former Ivy Leaguers have done well at in the NFL.

OT Pat McCoy ~ West Texas A&M -- Is a 6’ 6”, 335 pound offensive tackle, who teamed with fellow NFL prospect Dejuan Skinner to give the Buffalo’s, perhaps, the best tackle tandem on the Division 2 level. This former junior college transfer faces a steep learning curve in the NFL, coming up the ranks from the small school level. But McCoy is big, strong and has quick and agile feet. We know for a fact NFL scouts like him a lot. It’s just a matter of whether he’ll be drafted or forced to go the free agent route? Already 25 years old, which is not a positive.

OT Richard Burch ~ Mississippi Valley State - 6’5”, 320 pound tackle, who transferred in from Mississippi State due to some off-field issues (arrested for selling marijuana). A very good player in the SEC in 2004 as a junior, Burch was an absolutely dominate performer in the SWAC. The strong offensive tackle is probably hoping NFL teams will look beyond his minor legal problems, which occurred in early 2005, and checkout his considerable football skills .

OC Chris McNeil ~ Mississippi State -- This gritty 6‘ 3“, 305 pound interior offensive lineman ran his Pro Day 40’s in 5.00 and 5.01 seconds. Also ran the short shuttle in 4.57 seconds. That’s impressive for a player his size. In addition, displayed a 31½-inch vertical jump and did 31 bench press reps. McNeil can play guard or center at the next level. Is perceived as a better run-blocker, but MSU is not a program noted for throwing the ball.

OT Josh Bourke ~ Grand Valley State -- This native of Ontario, Canada missed the 2004 season due to an injury, but came back strong in 2005 to help the Lakers win the Division II national championship. Bourke (6-6¾, 315) ran his 40’s in 5.24 and 5.21 seconds at Pro Day. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.44 seconds, which is very fast for his size. In addition, he had a 26.5” vertical jump and did 26 bench presses. If he doesn’t make the NFL, he’ll have long career in the CFL as a non-import.

OT Ryan Gibbons ~ Northeastern -- The baby-faced Gibbons, who is 6‘5“ and 318 pounds, was an absolutely dominant player in the Atlantic 10 (D1-AA), earning All-League honors for 3 consecutive seasons. Gibbons put on a gaudy display at Boston College’s Pro Day, running his 40’s in 5.09 and 5.08 seconds. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.59 and had a 29½-inch vertical jump, an 8-foot-1 broad jump and did 24 bench presses. May or may not be drafted, but expect NFL teams to give him a long look in some form. The size and athletic ability is there.

DE Dave Tollefson ~ Northwest Missouri State -- 6' 4", 255 pound edge rusher, who had a game high six tackles at the Hula Bowl. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.72 seconds at Missouri's Pro Day. He also did 27 bench press reps of 225 pounds and displayed a 34.5" vertical leap. Tollefson, a Division II star, collected 12.5 sacks and 16.5 TFL's in 2005. We were able to watch Tolefson twice last season and he impressed us with his tenacity and closing speed coming off the edge

DT Fred Evans ~ Texas State -- 6‘ 4“, 305 pound athlete ran his Pro Day 40’s in 5.12 and 5.14 seconds. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.65 and added a 34.5” vertical jump. Evans, the cousin of Major League outfielder Gary Matthews Jr., competed mostly in water polo until the age of 16. He got too big for that sport, so he tried football right after. A quick learner on the gridiron, he signed with Illinois of the Big 10 out of the prep ranks, but really became a player on the 1-AA level, once he got more experience.

DT Manase Hopoi ~ Washington--At 6'4" and 286 pounds, Hopoi finished his Pac-10 career with 25 sacks. Hopoi, who has also played some defensive end, was considered a rising prospect after his junior season, when he led the Pac-10 with 22 tackles for losses and added 9 sacks in 2004. But his numbers plummeted in 2005, when he recorded only 5 sacks and 9.5 TFL‘s last season.....Hopoi regained some draft momentum running his 40's in 5.09 and 4.97 seconds at Pro Day. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.31 seconds and displayed a 31.5” vertical jump and did 20 bench presses. Borderline draftable player, we think. But his speed and agility workout times could help his cause.

DE John Chick ~ Utah State -- Had a spectacular 2005 season for the Aggies in 2005 -- 12.5 sacks and 19 tackles for losses. Displayed tremendous athletic ability at the schools Pro Day, running the 40 yard dash in 4.59 seconds and 4.64 and flashing a 36" vertical leap at 6’ 3" and 265 pounds. Could project as a 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL, or bulk up and stay at defensive end.

LB Brandon Guillory ~ Louisiana Monroe -- Finished 6th in the nation with 10.5 sacks in 2005. He also added 18.5 tackles for losses last season. Guillory, a great workout prospect, regularly timed in the 4.4’s to 4.5’s at ULM, so speed isn’t a problem. At 6’ 4" and 254 pounds, his weight isn’t ideal for an NFL defensive end for some schemes, but his speed, quickness and athletic ability make him a viable possibility as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Guillory also has outstanding special teams ability, which should further enhance his chances to make a roster in the NFL.

LB Jason Hunter ~ Appalachian State -- Division 1-AA superstar, who led the Mountaineers to a I-AA national championship in 2005. Will likely have to make the conversion from defensive end to linebacker in the NFL. Hunter (6’ 4“, 232) ran his 40's in 4.55 and 4.53 seconds at the schools Pro Day. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.23 seconds and displayed a 34.5” vertical jump and added 22 bench presses.

LB Jimmy Cottrell ~ New Mexico State -- Dominate middle linebacker for the Aggies during his career -- led the team in tackles for four straight seasons. Sparkled like never before in 2005, recording 179 tackles (85 solo), which easily led the WAC conference. At 6’ 1” and 244 pounds, this hard nosed linebacker with sideline to sideline speed has been compared a bit to former NFL star Chris Spielman. We felt Cottrell merited a Combine invite, but may be drafted anyway if teams like his workout numbers.

DB Nick Turnbull ~ Florida International -- Is a player that was absolutely dominant in the secondary for the Golden Panthers during his career. Mostly considered a safety, but has also played cornerback to best utilize his speed and athletic ability. The 6' 2", 215 pound Turnbull had 265 career tackles, 16 interceptions (75 tackles; 5 Int's in 2004)....A respected national draft writer once told us some scouts were surprised he didn't sign with Miami (Florida) or some other major conference school out of the prep ranks. Turnbull turned in a very strong Pro Day display, despite nagging injuries affecting his ability to run the 40. Several NFL teams are trying schedule workouts with this talented Panther.

SS Trevis Coley ~ Southern Mississippi -- 6’1", 225 pound strong safety had a great career for the Golden Eagles playing with his twin brother Kevis, a linebacker. Trevis. who has also played outside linebacker in college, is a ferocious run stopper and hitter in the secondary. Ran his 40 yard dash in 4.46 seconds (top run) and did a 4.23 short shuttle at the schools’ Pro Day, showing he’s got decent speed in coverage. Trevis finished the 2005 season with 109 tackles and 2 interceptions. Tremendous football player, who can help a team on special teams as a rookie.

CB Jarrett Bush ~ Utah State -- Another Aggie. At a bit over 6‘ and 194 pounds, Bush ran his 40’s in 4.46 and 4.47 seconds at the school‘s Pro Day. He also finished the short shuttle in 4.11 seconds, displayed a near 40” vertical jump and a 10-foot-5 broad jump at Pro Day. Bush, a JC transfer and member of Utah State’s track team, finished the 2005 season with 50 tackles, 2 interceptions and 13 PD’s. Has a good/size speed ratio, and improved quite a bit as his college career went forward. Not a finished product, but he has a chance to be drafted based on potential.

CB Tarrence Rhodes ~ Missouri Valley College (NAIA) -- This 6’ 2” college track star caught the keen attention of NFL scouts, when he ran a 4.36 40 at Missouri's Pro Day. Reportedly, scouts from most of the 16 NFL teams present in early March requested Missouri Valley game video so they could take a closer look at Rhodes. As expected, he was also a big time special teams threat in college returning kicks and punts.

last updated: 3/28/06

NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock has put together his positional rankings for the upcoming draft.


Cleveland GM Phil Savage talking draft. Team could lean towards defensive line or linebacker.


Would trading up in round one give the Denver Broncos the best value?


Does former Oregon defensive tackle Haloti Ngata fit the Buffalo Bills' defensive needs?


Writer Carl Steward does a terriffic job looking at the Oakland Raiders draft possibilities in round one.


TFY Draft Preview has posted it's 7 round "Value Board"....We figure that is 264 prospects ranked.


Virginia head coach Al Groh dismissed linebacker Ahmad Brooks, defensive end Vince Redd and cornerback Tony Franklin from the team today.......All three players were potential starters on defense.


Notre Dame's Rashon Powers-Neal works toward making the NFL -- Suspended Irish back 'moved on very fast'; now he's trying to move up.


Virginia quarterback Marques Hagans could be one 'El' of a draft pick at wide receiver.


Quick glance at the CFL's version of the Combine, which did not include some of the better, fringe NFL prospects like Washington State defensive end Adam Braidwood.

last updated: 3/27/06

The Houston Texans have emerged as the team most interested in trading for disgruntled Bills receiver Eric Moulds, who has vowed he won't return to Buffalo....Buffalo would likely settle for a fourth-round pick or higher in a deal for Moulds.


Breaking News: A total of 32 compensatory draft choices have been awarded to 19 teams for the upcoming draft, the NFL announced.


Russ Lande: 10 players whose draft stock is slipping?.....Start with Vince Young, GMJr writes. comment: Great effort by Lande, it's a nice and informative read. We agree with most of Russ' points. However, we are left a bit confused when he writes Auburn tackle Marcus McNeill "struggled his senior season" and Ohio State outside linebacker Bobby Carpenter had a "disappointing senior season".

We have spoken to insiders who claim Marcus McNeil could slip a bit (maybe into early round two) due to health concerns (back). At his height (6' 8") and weight (335 pounds), any sniff of possible back problems will send scouts scrambling for more medical info.....However, McNeill only missed one game at Auburn due to injuries and has "not" allowed a sack in his last 43 games for the Tigers. Matter of fact, he only allowed one sack during his entire career at Auburn (as a freshman). Also, he seems like a solid run blocker, so we aren't sure how he struggled?

Say we are crazy, but we thought Bobby Carpenter had a fine 2005 season. Carpenter's tackle totals were down last season from his 2004 output, but he was used more as an edge rushing linebacker/defensive end for the Buckeyes last season. He repsonded with 8 sacks and 11 tackles for losses. Not too shabby, when you consider he only played in 10 full games.......Also, due to Carpenter's excellent athletic skills, he was asked to drop into coverage often, which meant he had less tackles near the line of scrimmage on runs, which would've padded his tackles stats.

We still consider Carpenter a first round pick. That's our opinion, watching him as much as we did in 2004 and 2005. If Carpenter slips into round 2, it may be because his leg injury kept him from working out at the Senior Bowl and Combine. It's hard to impress scouts when you can't suit up, right?.......If he slips into round 3, as Lande suggests, there would simply be no logic for that, we think.


In the last few weeks, the defensive tackle rankings throughout the land have shown a switch where Broderick Bunkley out of Florida State leapfrogged over Michigan's Gabe Watson and in some cases over Oregon's Haloti Ngata to take higher ranking on the DT positional boards.

Let us be very clear Draft Daddy is not bashing Broderick Bunkley. He is a great prospect from a fantastic program, one that has had great success producing NFL players. He comes from a great line of pro-ready Florida State defensive tackles, in recent history have included Darnell Dockett and Travis Johnson. Bunk should be very successful at the next level, if he continues to work hard and stay healthy. We like this player a-lot. However something has to be said about this player's current standing relative to players with bigger upsides.

For as great as Broderick Bunkley worked out (and he worked out amazingly well, with 44 bench press reps and a sub 5 second forty-yard dash at Indy), and for as great as he played as a senior, recording 25 tackles for loss and 9 sacks - for all that, there are several limitations to Bunkley's game that no-one seems to want to talk about.

First and foremost he is barely three hundred pounds and has maxed out his frame. He cannot get that much bigger and become a true two-gap player in the NFL. Believe it or not, just because his shoulders are too wide to fit into the egg-shaped body fat measurement pod he still has a lack of bulk and can get overwhelmed at point of attack.

As a penetrating 4-3 DT or a 3-4 DE yes he is proportioned very nicely. However he is not, nor will ever have the run-stopping potential of Ngata or Watson. Speaking about his technique he plays with tremendous will-power and drive, relying upon his great strength and first step but simply doesn't have the refined technique that defensive line coaches love to see - and why would he need such technique when usually he overpowers or out-quicks the linemen in NCAA 1-A? However he has a lot of work in front of him to become a dominating player in the NFL.

And, at the end of the day, what is his best-case outcome? To become a 10 sack player like Warren Sapp or Darrell Russell? These players are flash-in-the-pan types and the 10 sack 4-3 DT is basically a pipedream; it just doesn't happen that way for most of the prospects projected that way. Not to mention the fact that Bunkley tore up his knees pretty badly in high school and actually sat out a Senior Bowl practice with soreness in his repaired knee.

For these reasons, he will remain #3 on our rankings, and barring scandal cannot leapfrog the players above him. Again this is not necessarily a slam on this player; his stock simply has become overvalued.

The other half of the equation is that most everyone in the draft watching world are under-rating Ngata and Watson, the real 350 pounders.

Both Ngata and Watson are the type of players NFL scouts have heard about for years, since they were prep athletes deciding what college to attend. These men have completely unique size/speed combinations and are true manifestations of the planet theory. How many players in the world can run well at 350 pounds? Well right now in this draft there are only two guys who fit the bill, and Bunkley is not on that list.

Haloti Ngata is clearly the best tackle in the class, and those that say he takes plays off or has a questionable motor, well flat out aren't watching closely enough. A player doesn't become the first All-American from Oregon in 35 years as a junior because he is lazy or takes plays off. Watch the film he is the focal point of every offensive line blocking scheme - he simply must be accounted for with multiple blockers. Now every mock in the country seemingly has this player dropping to the 8-12 range and then commenting "the Bills are thrilled to have this player" or "the Browns can't believe their luck when Ngata falls this far." Call us cynical but if a team is lucky to get a player at a rare position at 8 or 12 then someone smarter should take him higher than that. How can draft guru's so consistently predict fortuitous luck across the board?

Likewise, every mock in America has Gabe Watson falling to the late twenties or out of the first round altogether, but wherever he is projected, why some team is very happy to draft him so late! Simply put it doesn't work that way. Hard work and consistency doesn't trump upside in the NFL draft. Lloyd Carr (who to be quite frank has run a talent-rich program into the ground over the last 10 years) made an ill advised benching of Gabe Watson for over-stuffed linebackers and all of a sudden Watson's fat and lazy. Well for those that don't remember there was another player several years ago people thought was too fat and lazy when he was coming out, Ted Washington. Anyone can eat their way out of the league, that doesn't mean teams should draft low upside smaller DTs. There is a poker saying if you want to pick em up you have to put em down. No prospect is without risk and it is entirely possible that such overwhelming players can turn the switch on at the next level when they didn't need to in college.

Bottom line in Gabe Watson we are talking about a natural 340 pounder that can occupy and beat double teams, who is an absolute force in the run game, and more than that a player who put on a show in Mobile that was as good as if not better than Kevin Williams' show in 2003. In one session Watson had 6 tackles for loss in an hour. Let me just say that again: 6 tackles for loss in an hour! As my Italian gradfather would say, "oooof-ah!"

Where was Bunkley during this display? Not to slam the player but he was on the side-line nursing an injury while Watson was throwing the offensive linemen around like rag-dolls. Players like this shouldn't be passed over for penetrating one-gap 4-3 DT's who are 305 pounds.

The draft is by and large an unpredicitable event, which is why flowing it is so fun; but history has proven at least that Planet Theory manifests itself every year, sometimes at the last minute. Watson and Ngata are Planet Theory players, Bunkley is also such a player but to a lesser extent - players like him simply are not as rare.


ColtPower Hot Prospect: Q & A with Indiana defensive end Victor Adeyanju.


Q&A with Pittsburgh Panthers junior quarterback Tyler Palko, who is not draft eligible, yet.


Tennessee State safety Jamar Landrom is one of three defensive players from the Tigers 2005 football team eligible for the NFL draft next month.


The Green Bay Packers agreed to terms Sunday with Kansas City free-agent wide receiver Marc Boerigter, giving them another big target for the pure West Coast style of offense new coach Mike McCarthy intends to play.


According to the Southern Illinoisian, Southern Illinois University senior wide receiver Brent Little will have private workouts with several NFL teams in the coming weeks.....The 185-pound wideout ran a wind-affected 4.45-second 40-yard dash and showed off a 38" vertical leap before scouts Wednesday.


Former University of Cincinnati defensive end Adam Roberts is finding his way towards his ultimate goal of making it in the NFL, perhaps as a outside linebacker?.......A strong Pro Day showing has piqued the interest of several teams, including the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

last updated: 3/26/06

Miami (Ohio) linebacker John Busing "steals the show" at the RedHawks Pro Day, with a fantastic display of speed and strength. comment: Some NFL teams in attendance said John Bushing's physical tools and explosive power were better than nearly every other linebacker they had seen in the draft and, coupling that with his All- MAC selections and two consecutive season’s with over 100 tackles, "The Beast" may be one of the fast rising players on draft day.....Too bad Busing worked out after we did our "All-Ring-Tailed Lemur Team" -- Fast climbers.


Division III wide receiver Andy Wellendorf, who is getting strong attention from the Cincinnati Bengals, shows well at Miami (Ohio) Pro Day.


"You Can't Be Super Without A Pro Bowl QB" -- Can the Buffalo Bills compete for a title with their current quarterbacks?


A fresh start in Oakland may be perfect a cure for qurterback Aaron Brooks' struggles.


Texas quarterback Vince Young will visit the Miami Dolphins before the NFL Draft.


Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas was given a first round projection by NFL scouts in 2005, but the gifted junior was forced to stay in school after a freak ACL injury in the Capital One Bowl. He was playing defensive end at the time.......Nonetheless, his frame of mind is positive and he expects a full recovery.


With the NFL Draft fast approaching, Penn State's Michael Robinson continues to dream the dream.......Trouble is, Robinson's delusions of grandeur as a would-be NFL quarterback are threatening to affect his draft status. comment: Robinson measured in at 6' 1" and 219 pounds at Pro Day and ran his 40's in 4.56 and 4.58 seconds. He had a very average 32.5" vertical jump and a mediocore 4.41 short shuttle....Those numbers are very good for a quarterback, but for a position like wide receiver, where NFL teams seem obsessed with stopwatch speed and quickness, they are nothing special.

Yet, we are constantly being told and reading from "insiders" that Robinson deserves to be a 3rd or 4th round pick at wide receiver based on his "potential" as the "next Hines Ward", which is a mild surprise to us. Robinson was a decent receiver in 2004 for the Lions, hauling in 33 receptions for 485 yards and 3 touchdowns, but we just don't know why he's being projected so high as a wide receiver?

I think if we had to had to invest a 3rd or 4th round pick on a Big 10 wide receiver, we'd select someone that actually has better speed, wants to play the position and has excelled at the position over the long run -- like Ed Hinkel of Iowa or Brandon Williams of Wisconsin.

But, hey, that's just us!


Elite sophomore cornerback Darrelle Revis, who is not draft eligible yet, observed Pitt's recent Pro Day to get a sense of what the process is like and what skills NFL scouts are looking for in a player.

last updated: 3/25/06

Colorado Paper looks at Colorado State's recent Pro Day, which included Division 1-AA star Reed Doughty. comment: We’ve been keenly aware of Reed Doughty’s exploits since his early college days -- He’s been the John Lynch of Division 1-AA football since he got to Northern Colorado. We have to admit we haven’t seen him play much, but we’ve gotten input from insiders that have. Basically, the feeling was, after the 2005 season, he’d be drafted on the latter part of Day 2, if he showed enough speed. Reed ran a 4.65 40 at the Combine, which is "decent" for a strong safety. Apparently he improved those numbers at Pro Day and that can only help his quest to be drafted. Doughty’s special teams prowess will also help him. Tampa Bay, San Francisco and Denver are teams that should be interested in Doughty. *******

Closer look at Louisiana-Monroe's most recent Pro Day, which featured talented Sun Belt Conference defensive end Brandon Guillory showing off for scouts. comment: Guillory, who had a great career for the Indians, has done nothing but impress since the 2005 season began. He finished 6th in the nation with 10.5 sacks in 2005. He also added 18.5 tackles for losses last season. Guillory, as expected, has been a great workout player at Pro Days, which has impressed scouts enough to make him a viable Day 2 draft prospect. Guillory regularly timed in the 4.4’s to 4.5’s at ULM, so speed isn’t a problem.

At 6’ 4" and 254 pounds, his weight isn’t ideal for an NFL defensive end for some schemes, but his speed, quickness and athletic ability make him a viable possibility as a 3-4 outside linebacker. We would not be surprised if some teams checked him out as tight end, as he has the ideal size and speed to excel at that spot. Plus, he arrived at ULM as a wide receiver.


NFL teams can scratch ULM quarterback Steve Jyles off their draft/rookie free agent boards, as he recently accepted an offer from the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.......Jyles, who lacks ideal size at 6’ 1", should be a nice fit North of the Border, as he can use his accurate arm and athletic ability to excel on the wider Canadian fields.

Also, according to our info, the Edmonton Eskimos are hoping to sign another current draft prospect: Linfield College (D-3) wide receiver Casey Allen, who recently ran a 4.58 40 at the school’s Pro Day. Allen is scheduled to visit Edmonton. He is projected as a likely post NFL Draft free agent.


DD.Com Looks Ahead To The Top Seniors-To-Be in College Football.....These were juniors in 2005.

First Team -- Offense

QB ~ Brady Quinn -- Notre Dame

RB ~ Michael Bush -- Louisville

RB ~ Brian Leonard -- Rutgers

TE ~ Joe Newton -- Oregon State

WR ~ Jeff Samardzija -- Notre Dame

WR ~ Steve Smith -- Southern California

OT ~ Joe Thomas -- Wisconsin

OG ~ Corey Hilliard -- Oklahoma State

OC ~ Ryan Kalil -- Southern California

OG ~ Kasey Studdard -- Texas

OT ~ Justin Blalock (OG) -- Texas

First Team -- Defense

DE ~ Adam Carriker -- Nebraska

DT ~ Jay Alford -- Penn State

DT ~ Justin Harrell -- Tennessee

DE ~ Gaines Adams -- Clemson

OLB ~ Paul Posluszny -- Penn State

MLB ~ Patrick Willis -- Mississippi

OLB ~ Rufus Alexander -- Oklahoma

CB ~ Leon Hall -- Michigan

S ~ LaRon Landry -- Louisiana State

S ~ Eric Weedle (CB) -- Utah

CB ~ Fred Bennett -- South Carolina

Second Team -- Offense

QB ~ Drew Stanton -- Michigan State

RB ~ Lorenzo Booker -- Florida State

RB ~ Alley Broussard -- Louisiana State

TE ~ Clark Harris -- Rutgers

WR ~ Jason Hill -- Washington State

WR ~ Courtney Taylor -- Auburn

OT ~ Doug Free -- Northern Illinois

OG ~ Brian Daniels -- Colorado

OC ~ Kyle Young -- Fresno State

OG ~ Samson Satele -- Hawaii

OT ~ Levi Brown -- Penn State

Second Team -- Defense

DE ~ Mkristo Bruce -- Washington State

DT ~ Kareem Brown -- Miami(Florida)

DE ~ Dan Bazuin -- Central Michigan

OLB ~ Brian Robison (DE) -- Texas

MLB ~ Desmond Bishop -- California

MLB ~ Anthony Waters -- Clemson

OLB ~ Quentin Moses (DE) -- Georgia

CB ~ Michael Griffin (S) -- Texas

S ~ Sabby Piscitelli -- Oregon State

S ~ Brandon Merriweather -- Miami(Fla.)

CB ~ Daymeion Hughes -- California

More Top 2005 Juniors

Some Top 2005 Sophomores


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The Seattle Seahawks signed Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Nate Burleson to a very sizeable offer sheet Friday. comment: The Minnesota Vikings have seven days to match the offer. If they do not, the Vikings would receive Seattle's third-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

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**** -- Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams (5-9, 207) had an exceptional workout at his school's Pro Day....he ran his 40s in 4.40 seconds (with the wind) and 4.48 (against). He was wearing nubs, and he ran outdoors on a rubber track. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.10, the three-cone drill in 6.57 and the long shuttle in 10.61. In addition, he had a 34.5" vertical jump and a 10-foot-9 broad jump. He caught the ball well during positional drills.

More Memphis Pro Day info.

******* Site Note: We thank all our readers for the E-Mail's and contact notes they send us. We read every single word sent and take in all the facts, numbers and opinions our readers send.......We try to answer all non-hostile E-Mails and contacts, but can't respond if the reader doesn't leave a return E-Mail address.....We do our best to post as many comments and questions as we can from readers, but we simply can't post everything -- we are overwhelmed at times.....But, as we stated, we read everything and appreciate all info sent.


Minnesota running back Laurence Maroney drew quite a crowd for his recent NFL workout.....some scouts said he would be a "cinch first-round pick".


Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preveiw looks at players moving up in the draft process, and those moving in the wrong direction this week. comment: We've known Tony Pauline for a long while, although not that well. He does a good job of assessing talent and doesn't seem to let "agent friends" affect his rankings, as some others might....Good list above by Pauline. We are actually working on coming up with a list of much lesser known players looking to surprise (we'll try to post it soon) and several prospects on Pauline's risers list are on it -- Fred Evans and Trevis Coley.


Jeff Fisher and his Tennessee coaching staff spent Thursday working out and getting to know former Texas quarterback Vince Young.


Forty-four years after failing to sign Hadl, the Detroit Lions are still searching for the right quarterback.


Former Auburn backup defensive back Kevin Hobbs was the talk of Auburn's annual Pro Day on Thursday, impressing dozens of NFL representatives with some gaudy numbers. He ran a 40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds, recorded an 11-foot, 1-inch broad jump and looked nothing like the part-time player he was in college.


Western Ontario wide receiver Andy Fantuz, who has already worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers, is mostly focusing on being a first round pick in the CFL Draft.


The Macon Telegraph reports former Georgia defensive tackle Gerald Anderson, once a fairly highly regarded prospect (after the 2004 season) as a run-stopper, failed to show up at Pro Day and wasn't invited to the Combine.......Obviously, this may all but destroy his chances of being drafted.


The Macon Telegraph reports the tight end coaches from the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars showed up at the University of Georgia's recent Pro Day to privately workout tight end Leonard Pope.

******* reports Minnesota running back Laurence Maroney worked out at UM yesterday. Maroney (6-0 1/8, 215) ran indoors on Field Turf. He ran one 40 -- times were anywhere from 4.47 to 4.49 -- then skipped on the second because of a strained hamstring. He did not run the shuttles or the three-cone drill. He had a 35.5" vertical jump, a 10-foot-3 broad jump and 21 bench presses. comment: Maroney projects as a first round pick, we think. Reggie Bush should be the first running back off the board. After that, we expect DeAngelo Williams of Memphis, LenDale White of USC and Maroney to vie for that 2nd spot....We don't think, at this point, any other running back is likely to go in round one, but that can change as we get closer to draft day.

***** teams up with Tony Pauline of TFY Draft to look at the top wide receivers in the draft.

last updated: 3/23/06

ESPN has video of Texas quarterback Vince Young's most recent Pro Day work out in this link. comment: Looks like respected ESPN writer Chris Mortensen agrees with our sources' assessment of Young's Pro Day, which we posted earlier today (please check below for our feature).

Folks, we are not picking on Young. Matter of fact, we've been predicting he'll be the 10th pick overall. That's not bad, considering where he began the 2005 season. But look at that shoulder level release on his throws in the video.....That's not going to be a good thing in a league with a lot of 6' 4' and 6' 5" D-lineman with long wingspans.


USC quarterback John David Booty, the heir apparent to former Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart, injured his back in the Trojans' opening practice Tuesday and may miss the rest of spring practice.


Earlier today we mentioned Clemson junior defensive end Gaines Adams who is hoping to dominate in ACC play next season after a fantastic season in 2005.


Miami of Ohio star Josh Betts mulls future as an NFL quarterback.


Wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, released by the Dallas Cowboys last week, has reached agreement with the Carolina Panthers.


The Minnesota Vikings added three more players during their free-agent shopping spree on Thursday, including safety Tank Williams -- team intent on drafting linebackers in the early rounds?


Former Auburn tight end Cooper Wallace pleased With Pro Day results.

******* has just posted work out numbers/results from Iowa's recent Pro Day. comment:

Linebacker Chad Greenway showed well at Pro Day, running a 4.58 and 4.62 40. Those were considerably better than his 40 times in Indy. Honestly, we don't need a stop watch to see Greenway has great game speed.....Chad Jackson of Florida ran a 4.31 40 at the Combine and has been our top ranked receiver since we met him at the Senior Bowl. Anyway, watch tape of the Outback Bowl and check out Greenway covering Jackson in the red zone. Both are elite athletes, but the fact that a linebacker like Greenway would hold his own against a speed receiver like Jackson says a lot about his game speed....Greenway should be a first round pick, it's just a matter of which team takes him.

Linebacker Abdul Hodge ran a 4.66 40 at Pro Day, which was also a huge improvement from the times he ran at the Combine.....Hodge is a player that can struggle a little bit in coverage, but is an excellent run-stopping middle linebacker -- one of the best in America at clogging the middle. He's very tough, with a nose for the ball....We expect Hodge to be drafted around the 3rd round. He'll make an immediate impact on special teams.

Wide receiver Ed Hinkle is vastly underrated, we think. Despite having the possession receiver tag, he ran consecutive 4.50 40's at the Combine. That's decent speed for a tough receiver that excels at carving up opposing defenses going over the middle.....He's pound per pound very tough and can also do well as a punt returner. We'd consider drafting Hinkel in the 4th or 5th round.

Wide receiver Clinton Solomon ran fairly well at Pro Day (40s in 4.55 and 4.56). He's a big target -- 6' 3", 210 -- with decent upside potential....Solomon is a tough receiver, who has the ability to make big plays from time to time. Overall, we project him as a 5th to 7th round pick. Could be a solid Day 2 value selection.


We received a friendly E-Mail from a reader named Kyle, who has his own new sports web site. He did not ask us for a link, but we are more to happy to link his site, which features a 2 round mock draft.


Our good friend Glenn Bernardi, an avid NFL Draft follower since the 1970's, has been nice enough to update and send us his 3 round mock draft.


As most draft fans know, yesterday was Texas quarterback Vince Young's Pro day, and if one reads the major media, it appears to have been a rousing success.

But Draft Daddy has been speaking with insiders and other influential football minds, and it is becoming clear that Vince's workout day wasn't as amazing as some have said. His throwing was good, but the types of throws he was attempting were, to be frank, easy and intermediate level throws at best. Some scouts were unhappy that more difficult throws such as long outs and deep go's were not attempted. Further, the lack of inclement weather conditions such as wind and rain inside the practice dome where the workout was held eliminated a major variable that could have answered questions about his pass technique.

Regarding the physical workout, the fact that Vince Young had to be practically begged to run a 40 yard dash speaks volumes about his true speed. Simply put, Vince Young isn't all that fast. He wouldn't run in Indy and didn't want to run in Texas - for a guy who is supposed to be blindingly fast what is Vince hiding? "Unathletic" (not our words) quarterback Bruce Gradkowski from Toledo ran in the same neighborhood of 4.6 at the Combine and no one is claiming him as the next Michael Jordan-type player to come down the pike.

What does this all add up to? Same as prior to the workout, Vince Young is a hype machine. Major media outlets and high profile draft guru's love to tout this player because he is exciting and an easy sell to casual fans. In the league he will be a jersey seller, a highlight reel, an occasional beater of bad defenses. However speed-wise he is not a Mike Vick caliber athlete, nor is he even a Matt Jones caliber athlete. Sooner or later someone just as fast (or faster) than Vince Young, but bigger and meaner (e.g. John Abraham, Shawne Merriman, Julius Peppers) will catch this running quarterback and violently convey that the NFL is not the Big 12. When (not if but when) that happens, Vince Young will be forced to become a drop-back quarterback (similar career track as Donovan McNabb, but with worse throwing mechanics).

History has shown that playoff teams don't win in bad weather with run-first quarterback's. In fact, there has never been a quarterback in the history of the league to win the Super Bowl after rushing for more than 300 yards in the regular season. Since the days of Staubach we have heard about runners that will revolutionize the quarterback position. Long story short, it never happens. Wouldn't it make sense for quarterback-needy teams just to take a pocket passer from the get-go?


Jim Wexell of has a running draft blog, with some solid info on propsects like Parys Haralson....He mentions in his blog, so it has to be good, right? comment: Thanks Jim. Ethan Kilmer is a great special teams coverage player, we think....When PSU faced Purdue in 2005, he had an insane game on special teams. If memory serves us correctly, he had 6 solo special teams tackles, 1 or 2 forced fumbles on special teams and made incredible leaps on 2 occasions to down punts inside the opponents 5 yard line.

Amazing display. But the weird part is, the ABC announcers never mentioned his name, because they were too busy doing their Seinfeld-Costanza act -- talking about a million semi-irrelevant things (Big 10 standings, ect), not focusing 100% on the game action.


Our top ranked senior-to-be defensive end is Nebraska's Adam Carriker , who had 9.5 sacks and 17 TFL's for the Huskers in 2005, despite being constantly double and tripled teamed by opponents. Word out of Lincon is he'll be bigger and stronger next season -- watch out Big 12. comment: We think Carriker would've had a shot at being picked in round one had he declared for the upcoming draft. Barring something unforeseen, he was a lock top 50 pick. Keep an eye on him and Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams next season -- both are super prospects.

******* -- Getting to Know: Pittsburgh WR Greg Lee.


Miami of Florida backup quarterback Kirby Freeman, who isn't ruling out transferring, said he's '100 percent Hurricane' -- for now.

last updated: 3/22/06 has posted work out numbers from Penn State's Pro Day last week.

Defensive end Tamba Hali (6-2 5/8, 263) had a decent workout, not spectacular, after refusing to work out in Indianapolis. The 4.31 short shuttle, which measures quickness, was very good for a player his size. He ran the 40’s in 4.86 and 4.88. Decent, not great numbers. His 18 bench press were not real good.....Overall, he’s a better football player, than workout warrior. Most insiders peg him between the 1st and 2nd round. Well venture to guess early round two, at this point, but that can change.

Safety Calvin Lowry (5-11, 197) ran his 40’s in 4.49 and 4.51 and did a 4.19 short shuttle at Pro Day.....Good workout, on a fast track (according to Lowry is a pretty versatile player, that can return punts and play on special teams coverage. Lacks ideal size, but has good speed and quickness. Seems to enjoy contact and plays hard. We saw a lot of Penn State last season and were impressed by Lowry. We’d guess, at this point, he’s a 4th or 5th round pick.

Quarterback Michael Robinson needed a "lights-out" Pro Day, after skipping the workouts in Indy.....After watching Robinson at the Senior Bowl, we doubt he has much potential as a quarterback at the next level. Maybe, in the right system, he can find a number three quarterbacking spot somewhere.....Overall his Pro Day numbers look solid, but how much better are they than other prospects that have played safety or wide receiver during their entire careers?......We are getting varying info on Robinson: Some feel he’s the 2nd coming of Hines Ward and deserves to be a Day 1 pick at wide receiver; others see him as a solid athlete with no position. We agree with the latter -- he has no position, so he’s a project -- albeit a worthy project, if you can get him around the 5th round or after.

Cornerback Alan Zemaitis (6-1¼, 196) ran his 40’s in 4.58 and 4.56 on the "fast track". Had a 30" vertical jump and 4.19 short shuttle.....Didn’t workout at the Combine and the Pro Day results seem to indicate he’s probably a 3rd round pick. Good ball-hawk and tackler, who can probably play safety in the NFL, if the need arises due to speed issues at cornerback.

Cornerback Anwar Phillips (5-11 3/8, 190) ran his 40s in 4.59 and 4.62. Had a 35.5" vertical jump and 4.09 short shuttle....Decent workouts. We like the short shuttle time. Phillips has the look of an early Day 2 pick to us. Very sound cornerback, who will help a team immediately as a nickel-back.

Defensive tackle Scott Paxton (6-4 3/8, 292) ran his 40’s in 4.89 and 4.90. Had a 30½-inch vertical jump and very solid 4.49 short shuttle for a "big fellow".....Very good player. We identified him as a player that could really surprise a while back. Based on his 2005 season and workout numbers, we feel good about that prediction.....However, fairly serious legal problems will likely leave his future in doubt. We would be surprised if he’s drafted, based on sexual assault allegations aimed at him. has wide receiver Ethan Kilmer running a 4.45 40. That’s faster than any other PSU player listed, but some sources have told us several NFL scouts timed him in the 4.3’s.....Absolutely great special teams coverage player -- by far the best in college football in 2005, we think......Showed excellent wide receiver skills during the 2005 season and at Pro Day. Former walk-on, who never played high school football and played only 2 seasons at PSU. Is he the second coming of Don Beebe, who came out of nowhere to have a long NFL career?.....We’d reserve a Day 2 draft pick on Kilmer based on special teams prowess alone. He’s that good on kick coverage. His potential at wide receiver is a bonus.


Baltimore is keeping an eye onVince Young....Team cautiously interested in the University of Texas quarterback, whose draft stock has slipped. comment: Back in January and February, we were basically dubbed the biggest "idiots" and "fools" of all the NFL Draft sites by many posting at fan message boards (Texans and Cardinals sites in particular), because we dared to suggest Young wasn't a "top 3 pick lock", like all other sites and highly paid TV draft gurus were predicting.

It's still to be seen where Young will be selected, but we had him going 10th overall to Denny Green's Arizona Cardinals in January and we simply won't budge from that prediction....Baltimore will need to look elsewhere for a quarterback to challenge Kyle Boller, we think.

***** has just posted some limited work out results from today's University of Texas Pro Day.....Quarterback Vince Young (6-4 5/8, 228) ran the 40 once in 4.57 seconds. He didn't do the vertical or long jumps.

******* looks at Marcedes Lewis of UCLA, and several more top tight end prospects available.


Sporting News: As NFL scouts prepare final draft reports, some players like Louisville's Elvis Dumervil are striving to lift their stock by shedding labels.


Former Virginia quarterback/wide receiver Marques Hagans, among Cavs that worked out well at Pro Day yesterday.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson Pro Day info.


A little more info on Syracuse's Pro Day.......More exact numbers for RB Damien Rhodes.


Oklahoma lineman Davin Joseph, who is expected to be a top pick in April's NFL Draft, now just wants to take care of his family.


In depth look at yesterday's Pro Timing Day held at the University of Virginia.


Breaking News: John Abraham finally got what he wanted when the rebuilding New York Jets traded the Pro Bowl defensive end to Atlanta in a three-way deal with Denver....Jets get Denver's 2nd first round pick (#29 overall); Broncos move up to #15 overall -- Atlanta's pick.

last updated: 3/21/06

Veteran possession receiver Keyshawn Johsnson wants to Come Back to New York.


Donnie Webb of reports Syracuse running back Damien Rhodes, defensive end/outside linebacker Ryan LaCasse, and cornerback/wide receiver Steve Gregory all ran the 40-yard dash in the 4.4 neighborhood today at the University's annual Pro Day.....All were under 4.5 on the FieldTurf of the Carrier Dome. LaCasse, who weighed in at 254 pounds, busted a run on one watch of 4.46 seconds. As one bystander said, "he just made a ton of money." comments:

Damien Rhodes is a player that has talent, and we've had him ranked among the top dozen running backs in his class during parts of 2005 season. However, he struggled at times playing with a less than spectacular Syracuse offense. Orange couldn't throw the ball at all last season, which devasted the running backs. Despite this, Rhodes picked up 900 yards rushing and 23 receptions last season (7 TD's)....Probably projects as a 7th round pick/free agent type.

Ryan LaCasse, who was a star at the Combine and turned in a great 2005 season for the Orange, continues to shine. Yet fans still seem to militantly ignore him, looking around at mock drafts. Could easily be a Day 1 selection at linebacker. Has always had great speed, running an amazing 10.50 100 meters in high school as a defensive lineman/running back.

Steve Gregory is a former New York City school boy legend. He's played cornerback, safety and wide receiver in college. Also excels as a gunner on special teams -- one of the better special teams players in college football. Not sure if he'll be drafted, considering he wasn't invited to an all-star game or the Combine after a super career as a 4 season starter, but he definitely deserves serious draft consideration.


Football's Future has just updated it's two round mock draft.

***** has posted work out numbers from the University of Pittsburgh's Pro Day last week. comments:

Guard Charles Spencer (6-4¾, 342) stood on his 40 time (5.25) and bench-press (30) numbers from the Combine. He did a 27.5" vertical jump and 4.64 short shuttle at Pro Day.....After an outstanding showing at the Senior Bowl, we expect Spencer to be a first day selection --latter part of round 2, or round 3.

Cornerback Josh Lay, (6'1", 195) ran an outstanding sub 4.00 second short shuttle at Pro Day. He fared well at the Combine, running a 4.48 40 and displaying a 40.5" vertical leap.......We are projecting Josh Lay as a possible 3rd round pick, based on his size, athletic ability and NFL teams seemingly voracious appetite for cornerbacks.

Wide receiver Greg Lee (6-1½, 197) ran his 40's in 4.65 and 4.66 seconds at Pro Day, which was worse than he ran at the Combine (4.59). He also ran a 4.11 short shuttle and displayed a 35" vertical jump at the Combine.....We are currently projecting Lee as a 4th to 5th round pick.


Will E-Mailed the site to inform us Virginia Tech All-American cornerback/free safety Jimmy Williams (6' 2", 215) ran about a 4.45 40 on most scouts stop watches at the schools' Pro Day last week. Williams ran a very solid 4.07 short shuttle and displayed a 33" vertical leap (not great).

Overall, the results were mixed for Williams, who didn't work out at the Combine. We are currently projecting Williams as a first round pick, but acknowlege he might drop into the early part of round 2 if teams see him more as a free safety type.

We thank Will for the info.


Former Southern Miss quarterback Dustin Almond, who looked sharp at the schools' recent Pro Day, is scheduled for an individual workout with the Jacksonville Jaguars next week.


The Southern California Trojans spring into a new football era, with some of their major stars going to the NFL....Can new starting quarterback J.D Booty lead the Trojans while holding off a challenge from young Mark Sanchez at quarterback?


Five things/players/trends to watch out for with Florida Gators football this spring. comments: Junior-to-be Reggie Nelson will begin the season at cornerback for the Gators, but he can also play safety. Watchout for him, he has big time playmaking ability.


A 9-3 record isn't enough for Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis; here are 10 things/people/trends to watch this spring in South Bend.


Could the Kansas Chiefs Chiefs be a destination for former Detroit quaterback Joey Harrington?


The Ring Tailed Lemur is a fascinating creature, which is widely know as a “fast climber”. Also, the Ring Tailed Lemur loves to bask in the glow of the bright lights and camera's.......At this point and time, leading up to the NFL Draft, we’d like to introduce our "All-Ring Tailed Lemur Team" . These are players that seem to be climbing the draft charts quickly, after performing well in the glow of the post season spotlight.

Note: These are "fast rising" players that were mostly considered Day 2 picks (or undraftable) at the end of the 2005 season.

QB Ingle Martin ~ Furman -- This very versatile, strong-armed former Florida Gator put forth a nice display of quarterbacking skills and athletic ability at the Combine. Can also punt and has played some wide receiver in college. Combine took him from a likely undrafted free agent to a probable middle round pick (4th to 6th round).

RB Jerious Norwood ~ Mississippi State -- Hard working SEC tailback impressed at the Senior Bowl, then further upped his stock at the Combine, running a 4.40 40, displaying a 36.5” vertical leap and turning in a solid 4.26 in the short shuttle. Has always been a prime talent, but lacked top athletes around him at MSU. Should be a very solid Day 1 selection, based on career production and workout numbers.

FB Owen Daniels ~ Wisconsin -- Daniels, a tight end for the Badgers, will be more of an H-Back at the next level due to his height (6’ 3”). But his fancy showing at the Combine -- running the 40 in 4.65 seconds at 253 pounds and doing 23 bench press reps -- may mean this former college wide receiver can sneak into the third round of the draft.

TE Tony Scheffler ~ Western Michigan -- This former college baseball player showed off 4.54 speed and excellent overall athletic ability at the Combine. Not bad for a 6’ 5”, 256 pound athlete with great hands. Scheffler should stay near the phone during the first day of the draft. He’ll likely need to answer it.

WR Greg Jennings ~ Western Michigan -- Another Broncos football star. Jennings, who was originally recruited by the University of Michigan, looked outstanding at the Combine, running a sparkling 4.42 40 and displaying solid, all-around athletic skills and hands. Not a lot of people know it, but he seems to be rising quickly. Has a serious chance to be drafted in the top 3 rounds.

WR Willie Reid ~ Florida State -- Smallish wide receiver (5’ 10”, 185) displayed outstanding speed and quickness at the Combine, running the 40 yard dash in 4.35 seconds. Reid’s post season may’ve put him in a position to be drafted between the 3rd and early 5th round. Teams seeking help on special teams will like his punt returning skills -- returned 3 punts for touchdowns in 2005.

OT Paul McQuistan ~ Weber State -- At 6’6” and 312 pounds, this small school gem had GM’s buzzing with his fine workout at the Combine (5.07 40; 28 reps). Started next to twin brother Pat (a guard and fellow NFL prospect) during his college career. Could surprise folks and be drafted by the early part of round three. Nonetheless, definitely a player to watch.

OT Joe Toledo -- Washington -- This 6’ 5”, 335 pound former tight end showed nice speed (5.11), athletic ability, agility and strength (32 reps) at the Combine. He was a bright spot for a struggling Washington Huskies team in 2005. Moved to tackle in 2005 in order to best impress NFL scouts. It worked, as Toledo could sneak into the first day of the draft.

OG Chris Chester ~ Oklahoma -- Another former tight end that is rising fast as an offensive lineman after a fine 2005 season and great workouts at the Combine -- 4.84 40; 27 reps at 303 pounds. Displayed excellent skill at both guard and center last season. Has a chance to be drafted by the end of the third round.

OG Aldo De La Garza ~ Texas A & M -- Probably wasn’t considered a likely draft pick, but a nice display of strength (42 reps) and athletic ability at A & M’ s Pro Day thrust him onto the draft radar. Excellent size at 6' 4", 324 pounds and very strong, as you can tell by the aforementioned 42 reps. Is particularly strong as a run blocker. Would provide excellent depth for a team that likes to run the football. Has a chance to be selected the middle rounds -- 5th to 6th.

OC Will Montgomery ~ Virginia Tech -- This 6’ 3”, 312 pound center displayed excellent athletic ability (5.12 40; 4.43 short shuttle) and strength (35 BP reps) at the Combine. A top ACC performer throughout his career, who can also play guard well, so he's versatile. Began is his college career on the defensive line. At the very least, he should drafted in the middle rounds -- 4th to 6th.


DE Ryan LaCasse ~ Syracuse -- Speedy Big East star made up for an obvious Senior Bowl snub, by putting on a “light outs” show at the Combine -- ran a 4.58 40 yard dash at a little over 6’ 3” and 257 pounds. Also added 34 BP reps, displayed a 35” vertical and turned in a nice 4.33 short shuttle. Drops into coverage fairly well for a "big fellow", so he could play linebacker in the NFL -- 4-3 or 3-4 defense. Believe it or not, he's hoping to improve his already sparkling Combine numbers at Syracuse's Pro Day. Possible 3rd round pick.

DE Paul Carrington ~ Central Florida -- Has Mario Williams like height at 6’ 6 7/8". Is a bit light at 265 pounds, but has the frame to add more weight. Ran the 40-yard dash in a very impressive 4.65 and 4.70 seconds at UCF’s Pro Day. Also added a 35" vertical. Emerged as a team leader and had a terrific senior season for the Golden Knights in 2005. In our opinion, he should be drafted around the 4th or 5th round, based on potential and production.

DT Montavious Stanley ~ Louisville -- High motor player has a nasty attitude and good feet. Ran a decent 5.21 40 yard-dash at Indy and did the short-shuttle in 4.60 seconds -- not bad for a 313 pound athlete. Run stopper who can penetrate and makes plays in the backfield. As a captain, was a defensive leader on the field for Louisville. Some sources have him listed as a defensive end, although he is large enough to play both 3-4 defensive end and 4-3 defensive tackle.

DT LeKevin Smith ~ Nebraska -- A very underrated athlete, who really turned heads during his senior season for the Huskers, then ran a 4.97 40 at Indy. He also did 30 reps and displayed an impressive 30.5” vertical leap at 316 pounds. Workouts took him from a likely latter round pick to a possible 4th rounder. Despite the talent, there are some big questions, which is why he probably won't crack 1st day: Smith pulled a "Leon Lett" against Texas Tech -- a silly fumble after a game saving interception, which cost Nebraska a huge game. That's just one example, but he needs to be more focused at times. Also there have been knee concerns. Nonetheless, his workouts are helping teams forgot all that.

LB Mike Kudla ~ Ohio State -- Listed as a defensive end, he will very likely play linebacker in the NFL, because he might be a little short for a lineman at 6’ 2". At the Combine, Kulda’s record tying 45 bench press reps, 4.70 40 time and 37" vertical showed he’s a great athlete at 275 pounds. Probably projects as a 3-4 linebacker in the NFL. His showing at the Combine will have teams considering him between the 3rd and 5th round.

LB James Anderson ~ Virginia Tech -- This 6’ 2”, 230 linebacker ran a solid 4.59 40 at the Combine, which caught scouts eyes. He also added a fantastic 4.08 short-shuttle and displayed a 41” vertical leap. Anderson was the respected veteran leading a talented young Virginia Tech linebacking unit in 2005. He’s a fine player, who’s workouts put him solidly into the middle rounds (3rd to 5th).

LB Jon Alston ~ Stanford -- Listed at 6’ 1" and 220 pounds at the Combine, Alston ran a sparkling 4.45 40 last month in Indianapolis. Also added a 40” vertical and finished the all-important short-shuttle in 4.14 seconds. Sort of a linebacker/safety “tweener”, who played close to the line of scrimmage in college. Overall, we think he will be drafted in the third to forth round due to his competitive nature and physical skills. What position he’ll play, won’t be determined until a team gets him into game situations.

SS Eric Smith ~ Michigan State -- The joke at one Spartan’s fan site was Smith would try to impress scouts with his “7.7 40 speed”. Obviously, those fans were kidding (we hope). Smith ran a respectable 4.62 at 6’ 1” and 210 pounds at the Combine, but his overall workouts were outstanding -- 21 reps (225lbs); 4.11 short shuttle; 41” vertical jump and 10’ 7” broad jump. Classic strong safety, who may not fit in some schemes (cover 2), but displayed enough athletic ability in Indy to jump from a likely undrafted player to a possible middle round pick.

FS Pat Watkins -- Florida State -- At over 6’ 4” and 210 pounds, Watkins ran a surprising 4.42 40 at the Combine. Also added a 41” vertical and 11’ 1” broad jump. Tall safeties aren’t exactly in vogue in the NFL these days, as most scouts feel players “cut too high” ( too tall) lack proper “hip swerve“. But Watkins’ stellar Combine display could have him moving into the 2nd round of the draft. At the very least, he’ll be off the boards early in round 4.

CB Jonathan Joseph ~ South Carolina -- This JC transfer raised a lot of eyebrows leaving SC after just one season at the Division I level, but the 5’ 11” 193 pounder impressed scouts running a 4.31 40 at the combine. Lack of experience may be a problem in some scouts eyes, but his size, speed and overall athletic ability has piqued scouts interests to the point he might be drafted in the top 2 rounds.

CB Eric Bassey ~ Oklahoma -- reported Bassey (5' 11-7/8", 195) ran 4.33 and 4.35 at the Sooners Pro Day. Bassey's sub 4.00 second short shuttle time, which mostly displays quickness, was very impressive also. This very athletic defensive back hasn’t had a very prolific career for the Sooners, but his gaudy showing at Pro Day probably put him solidly back on the NFL’s draft radar (Day 2) based on his size and speed alone.

last updated: 3/19/06

The Dallas Cowboys are moving fast now: Outside linebacker Rocky Boiman becomes fourth free agent signing in 3 days.


The Miami Dolphins sign 4 players, including free agent cornerback Will Allen from the New York Giants.

***** has just posted Georgia Tech's Pro Day numbers from last week. comments: Middle linebacker Gerris Wilkerson, who's also played defensive end and outside linebacker at GT, had a solid Combine in February, then followed it up a with a fine Pro Day display. He's a player we like a lot. Plays hard and displays excellent instincts. Should project as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. We noticed the Cincinnati Bengals spent a lot of time talking to him at the Senior Bowl in January.

Safety Dawan Landry, brother of LSU junior safety LaRon Landry, is a pretty solid prospect. Dawan projects as a middle to latter round pick, who can help an NFL team on special teams and provide depth at safety.

Safety/cornerback Rueben Houston is a terrific athlete with ideal size and strength, but legal problems stemming from 2005 Federal drug charges could be a big problem for him on draft day.

Wide receiver Damarius Bilbo, a former quarterback, actually ran a bit over 4.7 at the Combine, so his sub 4.7 times at Pro Day were an improvement. Bilbo has decent size (almost 6' 2" and 215 pounds), but lacks top end speed and experience at wide receiver. Projects as a 7th round/free agent prospect.


Breaking NFL News: After more than 16 years on the job, Paul Tagliabue to retire as NFL Commissioner.

******* has just posted Boston College's Pro Day numbers from last week. comments: Athletic Will Blackmon's numbers were very solid, but where does he play at the next level -- wide receiver or defensive back?....Blackmon was a true shutdown corner for the Eagles in 2004, before moving to wide out in 2005, where he moderate success. Blackmon ran well at the Combine as a wide receiver, but also displayed inconsistent hands at times in Indy.

Linebacker Ricky Brown's work out numbers, if accurate, are a huge surprise to us -- 4.46 & 4.49 40 and sub 4.00 second short shuttle at 6' 2, 230. We've watched a lot of BC football and know he's a very good player. But we always saw him as the teams 3rd best linebacker behind super sophomore Brian Toal and heady Ray Henderson. Ricky is definitely a player to keep an eye during the draft process.

Center Patrick Ross continues to impress in workouts. He should be drafted in the middle rounds.....Quarterback Quinton Porter, a native of the State of Maine, continues to show he's a great athlete for his size, running a 4.60 40. He deserves a look at quarterback at the next level, but giving him a shot at H-Back might not be a bad idea.


Tennessee, which possesses the 3rd pick overall, intends to take a closer look at local hero Jay Cutler.


Miami of Ohio star wide receiver Martin Nance is ready to impress NFL scouts.

**** -- Spotlight on the Draft: Texas cornerback/safety Michael Huff.

******* trivia: States with the most Division 1-A football programs.

1 Texas - 10

2 Ohio - 8

3 Florida - 7

4 California - 7

last updated: 3/19/06

Wide receiver Antonio Chatman, who had 49 receptions for the Packers last season, including eight against the Bengals, reached an agreement with the Bengals today. comment: A day after losing promising wide receiver Kevin Walter to the Texans, Cincinnati inks Chatman to a deal. While Walter is a tall, athletic receiver that excels on special teams coverage, Chatman is a smaller, quick player, who had several NFL teams chasing him due to his ability as a backup slot receiver and punt return specialist. It took him a while to make it to the NFL, but Chatman has become a good player. Should help the Bengals, who lack depth at wide receiver.


Player losses in free agency won’t derail the Patriots train of thought heading into draft. comment: Prior to free agency, we identified running back and linebacker as the Patriots top needs going into the draft. We also felt the Patriots might consider a top offensive tackle or cornerback early in the draft.

But, all of a sudden, wide receiver becomes a major need too. Don't be surprised if a wideout like Chad Jackson of Florida or Santonio Holmes of Ohio State get strong first round consideration by the Patriots.....Also, lets not forget, there are still a lot of quality free agents left that can be had for a discounted price. In reality, finding "value players" is where the Patriots have beat most teams in the off-season during this decade.


Can the Lions get a fourth-round pick for unhappy quarterback Joey Harrington, or do they just release him?


Don't be misled, the Houston Texans will pick USC running back Reggie Bush; Jacksonville likes speedy UTEP linebacker/strong safety in round one?


The Pittsburgh Steelers are the among teams interested in GMU forward Jai Lewis.


Top Division 1-A punt returners eligible for the upcoming Draft (ranked by 2005 punt return average):

RB Maurice Drew ~ UCLA -- 15 returns, 28.5 average, 3 touchdowns.

WR Willie Reid ~ Florida State -- 31, 17.5, 3 TD's

WR Cory Rodgers ~ Texas Christian -- 19; 15.6

WR Brandon Williams ~ Wisconsin -- 26; 14.6, 2 TD's

WR Skyler Green ~ 13; 13.3, 1 TD

Complete list of the top Division 1-A punt returners in 2005.

Complete list of the top Division 1-AA punt returners in 2005.


Big name free agents look to fortify AFC North teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers.

last updated: 3/18/06

Atlanta has traded it's 4th round draft pick in the upcoming draft for Cleveland safety Chris Crocker.


Wide receiver Terrell Owens has gone from stomping on the Dallas Cowboys' star logo to wearing it on his helmet.


The Houston Texans give up a 7th round draft pick to Cincinnati, but pickup wide receiver Kevin Walter. comment: No one is suggesting Walter is the second coming of Steve Largent, but he's a rising prospect, with size and athletic ability, who may be able to start in Houston at some point. He is also a top notch special teams player....Houston fans should be very pleased to pick up a young player like Walter for just a 7th round pick.


The Oakland Raiders are seriously considering signing former New Orleans quarterback Aaron Brooks.

******* has just posted Kansas' Pro Day numbers.

Charles Gordon, wide receiver/cornerback, (5'10", 182) ran his 40s in 4.59 and 4.62 and did his shortshuttle in 4.19 seconds at Pro Day. He posted similar numbers at the Combie.....Gordon is an outstanding football player and overall athlete. Clearly an elite player for Kansas. But where does he fit?.....2005 was his only season at wide receiver and he hardly looked terrific. He looked much better at cornerback in 2004, but his 40 times at the Combine and Pro Day indicate he may not have the type of speed NFL teams look for at corner. We think Gordon drops into the 2nd Day of the draft.

Linebacker Nick Reid (6' 3", 235) was timed at 4.73 and 4.72 in the 40's at Pro Day. He also displayed a 40" vertical leap.....Like Gordon, another elite althlete on the field. Reid, the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, flys around the field with great tenacity and speed. His 40 times aren't great for a linebacker, but they are acceptable for Day 2 type prospect. Biggest knock on Reid is he's sort of skinny, but he did 23 bench reps of 225 pounds, which is solid. Projects as possible Day 2 selection, who will need to make his mark on special teams early in his career. He can do that well, we think.

Charleton Keith, a former Kansas defensive end slated to play linebacker, ran the yard dash in 4.78 seconds at the Combine. He ran an outstanding 4.15 in the short shuttle at Pro Day.....Keith is 6' 4" and about 235 pounds. He was solid defensive end in college, but is way too light to play that spot in the NFL. Doesn't possess great speed, so converting him to a linebacker at the next level won't be real easy. Still, he's an excellent athlete and displayed fine edge rushing skills in 2005. Could be a good pick on the latter part of Day 2. Like the other 2 Jayhawks mentioned abouve, on field talent seems to exceed their workout prowess.


Tight end Joe Klophenstein (4.55 40) and fullback Lawrence Vickers caught eyes of NFL scouts at Colorado's recent Pro Day.


Former UCLA linebacker Spencer Havner talks about his outstanding performance at UCLA's recent Pro Day.

***** has just posted Tennessee 's Pro Day numbers. comments:

Defensive back Jason Allen did not work out at Pro Day, but he was outstanding at the Combine, showing he's fully recovered from a 2005 hip injury. Allen might be a first round pick based on his combination of size, speed, athletic ability and football skills. One of the fast risers on draft boards.

Parys Haralson (6' 1", 248) ran his 40s in 4.89 and 4.70 and had a 34.5" vertical jump at Pro Day....We are having a tough time with this player. He seems like a classic "tweener' -- not fast enough for linebacker; too small for a defensive end. But insiders have told us NFL teams like him as a possible 3rd round pick, or so, based on knack for producing on the field.

Linebacker Kevin Simon (5' 10", 233) was timed at 4.79 and 4.88 in the 40 and ran a 4.16 short shuttle at Pro Day....Simon lacks ideal size and speed, but he's a solid football player, that plays hard and loves hitting. Has had a history of knee problems, which may affect his draft status. We think he's a Day 2 type player -- maybe a free agent.

Defensive end Jason Hall (6' 2", 253) ran a 4.8 in the 40 then pulled his hamstring. Also displayed a 36" vertical jump.....Hall is a smallish DE, but showed surprising athletic ability. Known as a great technician and hard worker, we project Hall as a possible 5th to 7th round pick. If he goes undrafted, it will be due to lack of ideal size.

Wide receiver Chris Hannon, who was outstanding at the Combine, ran a pair of sub 4.4's at Pro Day. He also displayed a 36.5" vertical leap....Hannon is a player that had 45 receptions for 498 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2004 and 2005 combined (24 games). That isn't very good production for a player with his size, speed and athletic ability, but his workout times will impress teams looking for size and speed.

Running back Gerald Riggs Jr. (5' 11" 229) was timed at 4.59 and 4.63 in the 40. He had a 36.5" vertical jump and a 4.25 short shuttle.....Riggs came into the 2005 season hoping to solidify his status as a first round pick, but was injured (ankle) at mid-season and missed the balance of the Vols schedule, the Senior Bowl and Combine. His recent workout numbers show what we all know -- he's an athletic back with size. Hard to say where he projects, but a strong junior class at running back could push him into the round 4, or so.


Baltimore made tender offers to two restricted free agents, running back Musa Smith and defensive lineman Jarret Johnson.......Indicating an extreme amount of confidence in Johnson's potential, the team offered the 24 year old a $1.552 million contract -- a 110% salary raise from 2005. He can negotiate with other teams, but any team that signed him would owe Baltimore a first-round draft pick as compensation.

***** reports UAB wide receiver Reggie Lindsey (5‘9", 180) was clocked at 4.52 and 4.62 in the 40 yard dash and displayed a 42.5" vertical jump at the Blazers Pro Day.

Lindsey is a player we’ve seen quite a bit of and like. He had spectacular 2005 season, hauling in 53 receptions for a 18.5 yard average and 11 touchdowns.....His workout numbers show he lacks ideal speed and he is not real big, but he’s been an productive receiver who deserves a look as a free agent, at least.....Returned kicks and punts for UAB. Fared well on special teams in 2004 -- averaged 25.5 yards per kickoff return and averaged 10.1 yards per punt return. Wasn’t that productive at either last season -- 19.9 kickoff return average; 5.1 punt return average.

last updated: 3/17/06
** reports Samford (D1-AA) cornerback Cortland Finnegan (5' 10", 188) ran the 40 in 4.35 and 4.33 and displayed a 44" vertical jump at the Schools' Pro Day. comment: Honestly, we shouldn't even comment on this player, because we don't anything about him. Those are some fancy workout numbers, however.....Had 86 tackles and 3 interceptions in 2004 and 98 tackles and 1 interception in 2005.


Quarterback Jay Cutler, who almost led Vanderbilt to their first Bowl game in decades during the 2005 season, throws well at Pro Day.


The Kansas City Chiefs agreed to terms on a contract with running back Quentin Griffin.

***** -- Getting to know Oklahoma Sooners guard Chris Chester.


As we predicted a few days ago, the Washington Redskins traded quarterback Patrick Ramsey to the New York Jets for a sixth-round pick.


The Philadelphia Eagles hope wide receiver Jabar Gaffney will juice up their offense....Eagles also sign former Terrell Owens rival -- quarterback Jeff Garcia.


Various media outlets are reporting former Buffalo Bills safety Lawyer Milloy has signed with Atlanta.


Oregon wide receiver Demetrius Williams who declined to run the 40 yard dash at the Combine, claiming he wasn't confident enough with his technique and his start, ran a 4.47 and 4.50 at the schools' Pro Day. Note: Times are clocked by hand at Pro Day and results vary from scout to scout. The 4.47 and 4.50 listed above was reported by a Oregon media outlet today. comment: Coming into the season an Oregon newspaper reported Williams had been regularly clocked in the mid 4.6's. That led to speculation he was "ducking" the 40 yard dash at the Combine, because he was afraid he wouldn't time well.....Although we think no player should be scared to show off his skills at the Combine, Williams move probably worked out best for him, as the only time NFL scouts have on him came at his Pro Day.

When we were at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, several insiders told us Williams was on the borderline of the first and second round. General feeling was teams liked his overall skill level and game speed. We guess Williams will be a second round pick, but watch out for Seattle, Pittsburgh, Carolina and Denver, who all could draft a wide receiver in round one.


Oregon quarterback Kellen Clemens ran a 4.96 40 at the schools' Pro Day. He has set up private workouts with the following teams: Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals and Rams.


Q & A with Florida State linebacker Ernie Sims, who hopes be first round pick.


A Miami Dolphins representative admitted he was keeping a very close eye on a handful of top defensive prospects at Florida State's Pro Day, including linebacker Ernie Sims, defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley and defensive end Kamerion Wimbley.


Some more numbers from Florida State's recently held Pro Day in Tallahasse. comment: Wide receiver Chauncey Stovall, who ran a 4.6 40 yesterday, is not draft eligible. He signed as an undrafted free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005....It is very common for former player, some that are even nearing 30 years of age, to workout at their former schools Pro Day's. Most of these players are merely hoping for another free agent contract.


Some NFL scouts give their opinions at Penn State's Pro Day -- i.e, both of the Lions starting cornerbacks are projected as 3rd rounders.


Our long time site friend Bob G., who was at Bowie State's Pro Day in Virginia, tells us former Georgia Tech/Bowie State safety Sterling Green ran his 40's in 4.36 and 4.42 seconds. comment: Those are very unofficial numbers, to the best of our knowledge.....We think Sterling Green has a chance to be drafted around the 7th round. At the very least, he'll get a free agent deal from a team like the Washington Redskins, who like to sign D.C area players. Sterling's brother Alex Green, a former safety at Duke, signed a free agent contract with the Redskins last season....As always, we thank Bob for his input

last updated: 3/16/06
** has just posted Florida State's and UCLA's Pro Day numbers....we will try to comment on them soon.


Who was the best special teams coverage player in America in 2005?

Without a doubt, and we've been saying since October of 2005, it's former Penn State walk-on Ethan Kilmer, who recorded an eye-popping 25 tackles (19 solo) on special teams last season. We reported Kilmer's story a long time ago -- probably the only draft site on the Net to even mention his name -- and reported he was an absolute physical freak.

We have just gotten unofficial reports from Penn State's Pro Day today and it appears Kilmer stole the show, running a 4.35 in the 40 yard dash. We imagine his vertical was well over 40". As we said during the 2005 season, he's worth a draft pick on special teams ability alone, with upside at wide receiver. Kilmer, who has very little football experience, is a fascinating story.

Below, we will re-post a story we did on Kilmer several months ago in the blog:

Penn State senior wide receiver Ethan Kilmer, who had 6 huge receptions for 81 yards and 1 touchdown in the Orange Bowl, isn't your typical former walk-on. No, not by a long shot. Few walk-ons possess reported 4.4 40 speed and a Michael Jordan like vertical leap of over 40 inches, which is what Lions QB Michael Robinson claims the "freak of nature" Kilmer can do.

Watching Kilmer, who's been a backup at safety and wide receiver for the Lions, in limited chances this season, we are absolutely fascinated with his potential. He only had 15 receptions in 2005, but gained 238 yards (16 yard average) and 3 touchdowns on those plays. When Kilmer, who's solidly built at a bit over 5' 11" and 205 pounds, gets by defensive backs, it's "light's out", because few players in college football will catch him from behind. Also, perhaps more importantly, Kilmer is an absolute special teams demon -- 25 special teams tackles (19 solo) in 2005.

So, why was a player with his unique set of athletic skills a walk-on?

Well, much of that has to do with the fact that Kilmer had almost no football experience (played briefly as a freshman) in high school, instead opting to play basketball and run track (high jump). Also, he refused to play any sports at the start of his college career at tiny Shippensburg University, because he wanted to focus on academics. Eventually friends told Kilmer he was wasting his natural ability by not playing sports and he transferred to Penn State and tried out for Joe Paterno's team, which he had little problem making (played in 2004 and 2005 only).

At this point, it would be foolish of us to project Kilmer as a likely draft pick. But if his raw numbers are anywhere close to what the folks at Penn State believe, expect NFL teams to get an eyeful of him at Pro Day and then consider drafting him in the latter rounds or signing him as a priority free agent. Also, as we mentioned, he may be the best special teams coverage player in the nation, which is very significant.

As NFL legend Bill Parcells has stated, you draft for potential and look for players with either size or speed (or both). Kilmer seems to have the elite speed and athletic ability NFL teams look for, which may help make up for his lack of football experience. One NFL scout told a Pennsylvania paper Kilmer reminded him of Don Beebe, who was an obscure, small school star in the latter part of 1980's. Beebe literally came out of nowhere to have long and productive NFL career as special teamer and speed receiver.


North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams answers fan questions at


The Buffalo Bills have agreed to terms with free agent strong safety Matt Bowen.


The Joey Harrington era is seemingly over as the Lions just added Josh McCown.

***** has posted workout numbers from South Carolina's Pro Day, held yesterday.

Top prospects Jonathan Joseph (more info below) and Ko Simpson did not work out after faring well at the Combine....Just a note: As a group, the South Carolina players did not workout real well. The numbers are far from pretty.

******* E-Mail: E-Mail from a reliable source, close to Northern Arizona linebacker Bruce Branch:

Bruce Branch's pro day results were as follows: 6' 1", 232 pounds; 24 bench press reps; 4.31 short shuttle, 33" vertical jump; 4.64 40 time.


Tennessee outside linebacker Peter Sirmon is asking the team to release him.

******* has posted workout numbers from Alabama's Pro Day, held yesterday. comment: Quarterback Brodie Croyle is really liked by NFL scouts, despite his skinny frame and lack of ideal height (6' 2"). Expect him to be drafted in the second or third round, with Miami and Minnesota among the teams looking closely. Speedy linebacker DeMeco Ryans is, according to our info, on the boderline of the first and second round at this point.

Cornerback Anthony Madison was impressive at Pro Day, running a 4.40 & 4.45 40. We felt he was worthy of a Indy Combine invite. He could be a Day two pick.....Safety Roman Harper is one of the toughest players in this class and is a dynamite tackler. Also has solid speed in coverage. Could be selected in the first 3 rounds.....Check yesterday's blog notes for more infomation on defensive end Mark Anderson.


In depth look at Notre Dame's two sport star Jeff Samardzija, who will one day have to chose between a career as an NFL wide receiver or a Major League Baseball pitcher. comment: We also happen to be baseball fans. From our understanding, Samardzija isn't considered a great baseball prospect. He's a draftable pitcher for sure, but he is probably getting extra attention due to his football exploits at a highly visable school like Notre Dame.

During the 2005 season, we had Samardzija ranked as the third best wide receiver in the junior class. With Chad Jackson and Santonio Holmes heading to the NFL, he currently ranks as our top junior wide receiver heading into next season.

Also, don't be surprised if the long striding Samardzija runs faster than the media experts "estimate". He is a player we began to hype a bit in the spring/summer of 2005 (check the archives) -- based on the way he finished the 2004 season.


Speedy cornerback Jonathan Joseph continues to impress NFL scouts. Scouts caught an eyeful of the rising prospect at South Carolina's Pro Day.


Look at former University of Utah starting quarterback Brett Elliott, who became a Division III superstar at tiny Linfieled College.


Despite a severe hip injury in 2005, Tennessee DB Jason Allen thinks he'll be the first DB drafted -- Allen has visits scheduled with San Francisco, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the New York Jets.


Pro Day allows former Michigan Wolverines like wide receiver Jason Avant to catch the eyes of NFL scouts.


In depth look at Oregon State's Pro Day, which featured All-American receiver Mike Hass running a 4.56 40 and displaying a 36" vertical. comment:

Wide receiver Mike Hass ran a 4.59 40 officially at the Combine, which isn't what draft freaks look for, but isn't real bad for a 6' 1", 210 pound receiver. Although his track speed may be "average" for an NFL wide receiver prospect, his game speed and play making abilities are superb.....He also has great all-around athletic ability and possesses amazing hands and a knack for being able to beat corners deep.....We think he should be picked in the latter part of round 2, at worst. Realistically, come draft day, we believe he might last into the 3rd round.

Beavers middle linebacker Trent Bray, according to, ran his 40's in the high 4.8's and did the short shuttle in 4.36 seconds. Overall, we like Bray as a player, but speed will be issue at the next level for the 6' 1", 230 pound linebacker.....We think he could be draft in the 6th round (maybe be undrafted), or so, and serve as a special teams type player. Again, he's a good football player, but modern day NFL scouts are obsessed with speed, so that's a problem for Bray.

Linebacker Keith Ellison is about 6' 2", 235 pounds and faster than Bray. Ellison ran a pair of 4.74's and finished his short shuttle in 4.25 seconds. Like Bray, he's an outstanding linebacker.....We see Ellison being drafted somewhere between the latter part of the 4th round to the 6th round. He's another player that will have to find his way on special teams early in his NFL career, but has solid upside potential.

Oregon State defensive tackle Alvin Smith checked in a bit over 6' 2 and 305 pounds. He ran his two 40s in 5.15 seconds each at Pro Day, displayed a 32" vertical and did 28 bench reps of 225 pounds.....Smith and fellow Oregon State defensive tackle Sir Henry Adams are both underrated run stoppers and have a chance to be selected on the second day of the draft.


Maryland tight end Vernon Davis, who starred at the NFL combine, worked out again for scouts in College Park: "I just wanted to come here because I'm so excited."


We talked to a prominent member of the New York media last night and asked him if there was any chance USC’s Matt Leinart or Texas’ Vince Young would be selected by the New York Jets 4th overall?

He told us he thought the Jets would trade for former Washington Redskins first round pick Patrick Ramsey soon, but still "might" use the 4th overall pick on Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler, who, as we reported at the Senior Bowl, the Jets love. He also believes the Jets aren’t real interested in Matt Leinart, as many believe, and the team is "afraid" of drafting Vince Young that high.

Some other NFL bits from the source:

**The Jets, and several others NFL teams, absolutely love Atlanta quarterback Matt Schaub and would "love" to acquire the rising prospect. However, the source implied Atlanta’s coaching staff and front office are under such intense pressure to win now and are terrified of the possibilty that Michael Vick may get injured or struggle, leaving the Birds with no viable backup quarterback if Schaub is dealt.......According to the source, a team would have to make Atlanta a significant offer to get Schaub -- for example the Jets may have to offer All-Pro defensive end John Abraham if they want the young quarterback.

**Veteran offensive tackle Brad Hopkins has a very strong desire to finish his career with Tennessee, but isn’t sure the team wants him back at any price. We might add, if Tennessee selects Virginia offensive tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Hopkins will have no chance to return.

**Former Tennessee starting linebacker Brad Kassell is garnering significant interest from the New York Jets, who want to change the character of the roster. The source implied the new Jets regime likes Kassell’s work ethic, as much as they like his ability. They see him as a Patriots type linebacker.

**Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh McCown is looking hard at the Minnesota Vikings. McCown is also considering an offer from the Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions.

**Smallish Green Bay Packers wide receiver Antonio Chatman is gaining fairly significant interest around the NFL due to his considerable punt returning skills.

**The source doesn’t buy rumors that Drew Brees was brought to New Orleans as a stop gap to help groom Matt Leinart.

**If Ohio State linebacker A.J Hawk is drafted by a team that runs the 3-4 base defense, the general feeling around the NFL is he can only play inside linebacker in that scheme.

last updated: 3/15/06

Look at former University of Texas former University of Texas defensive back Michael Huff, expected to be a first-round selection in next month's NFL Draft.


Tons of info regarding the University of Maryland's Pro Day....Speedy cornerback Gerrick McPhearson blazed in a 4.32 40. comment: Maryland players, as a group, ran real fast at Pro Day in 2005. And they did it again....Not taking anything away from any of these prospects, but tight end Vernon Davis did a great thing working out at the Indy Combine and running a stunning a 4.35 40. That fancy 40 time will carry much more weight among NFL scout than if he just ran a great time at Maryland's Pro Day.


We were sent a link regarding Michigan defensive lineman Pat Massey today. We couldn’t post it, but we asked our resident Gabe Watson fan, who has watched tons of Michigan tape, what he thought of Massey:

Massey has real upside as a 3-4 defensive end. On film he doesn't look like a real two gap player, but he could be if he keeps bulking up. He's already stuffed himself up to be a defensive tackle, but has the frame to add more weight. Massey possesses a high motor which is good, but he can get overwhelmed at point of attack and has leverage issues -- playing too high, getting stood up, etc. We project him as a developmental 7th round/undrafted free agent type, who will get attention due to the high caliber of athletes Michigan not only recruits, but provides to the NFL every season.


We got recently got an E-Mail regarding a top Atlantic 10 tight end's workout for scouts:

New Hampshire tight end Jonathan Williams ran a 4.86 in the 40 yard dash at the schools' Pro Day Monday. He did the short shuttle in 4.36 seconds, displayed a 38" vertical leap and 9'5 1/2" broad jump and completed 26 reps of 225 lbs... Williams weighed in at 246.6 lbs and his height was 6' 2 7/8".....The 40 and short shuttle were done on wet field turf... a total of 3 teams (Texans, Patriots and Colts) had scouts in attendance. comment: Williams, a top notch athlete on the Division I-AA level, had a fine season in 2005, helping the Wildcats with 50 receptions for 535 yards and 5 touchdowns. He's an outstanding athlete at the Atlantic 10 level, but he may be sort of small to play tight end in the NFL. We are not sure if he’ll be drafted, but he should get a shot somewhere as an H-Back or fullback.

Williams was part of the Wildcats super powerful offense in 2005, with an aerial attack led by smallish, but feisty sophomore quarterback Ricky Santos and super junior wide receiver David Ball, who has dominated 1-AA football in a significant way the last two seasons: 81 receptions for 1,504 yards and 17 touchdown’s in 2004; 87 receptions for 1,551 yards and 24 touchdowns last season. Ball is a solid future NFL prospect.


Defensive tackle Ryan Pickett signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers today, ESPN reported.


Football website lists it's top their Top 100 prospects, plus risers/fallers in NFL draft.


Here is an E-Mail from somebody very close to speedy Brigham Young cornerback/track star Nate Soelberg. So there is no doubt the 40 times have validity:

I've seen you mention Nate before, and I just wanted to get your thoughts on him. He recently had his pro day and ran 4.30 and 4.34 on field turf, vertical of 35 inches, and measured 5'11 3/4 and 176 pounds. comment: Soelberg first caught our attention in 2004, when he returned an interception from Alex Smith of Utah for 60 yards. He looked as fast as any player we've ever seen on that 60 yard return and was pretty tall too boot.

When we found out Soelberg posted 40 times in the 4.2's in front of NFL scouts last spring, we became very interested in him. We watched him as much as we could early last season, but he missed a lot of time due to a broken arm.

Nate is very skinny, but we always liked his bulldog like toughness. We've always said that. Matter of fact, even after we mentioned this, ESPN's Mark May selected Nate to his "All-Mayday Team", which is May's list of the the toughest players in America....That's important, because most his detractors point out he's "too skinny".

We aren't sure were Nate projects. We like him, but it seems the NFL doesn't as much as we do. He ran in the 4.2's in front of scouts in 2005, yet wasn't one of 65 defensive backs invited to the Combine....Good thing for Nate, is it only takes one team to draft him and we think he's a worthy of pick. If NFL teams really draft potential, why wouldn't he be selected?

Honestly, based on what we've seen, we say there is a 50/50 chance he gets drafted. And it won't likely be higher than round 6, if he is drafted. But if a team gives him a chance to show his speed and allows him to bulk up a bit, he could develop.


Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler set the Combine for the most 225 pound bench press reps (24) for a quarterback last month....Recently, bluechip Florida Gators quarterback recruit Tim Tebow, who is still high school age, put up 24 reps for the Gators. No wonder the fans in Gainesville can't wait to see Tebow on the field.


Yahoo! Sports writer Charles Robinson puts forth a revised mock draft due to free agency and has the Dallas Cowboys selecting Chad Jackson 18th overall.


There was a dramatic chain reaction involving quarterbacks in the NFL yesterday - one that might lead to the New York Jets landing the best quarterback in the draft, USC's Matt Leinart.


Nebraska safety Daniel Bullocks updates us on his draft status -- Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Chicago among the teams looking at the speedy safety.


Here is a quick glance at 12 defensive end prospects that went into the off-season as likely Day 2 picks or free agents, but have helped their stock in all-star games or workouts.

Stanley McClover ~ Auburn -- This 6' 3", 260 pound edge rusher really helped himself at the Combine running a 4.65 40 and posting a vertical leap of almost 40". McClover, surprisingly, jumped to the NFL after only two seasons of SEC football, but has a chance to be selected in the top 3 rounds due to potential. Had 15.5 career sacks for the Tigers.

Victor Adeyanju ~ Indiana -- 6’ 4", 265 pounder displayed and an impressive array of moves and strong determination when we watched him at the Senior Bowl in January. Performed well at the Combine, then ran consecutive sub 4.7’s at Pro Day, which will only enhance his stock in the eyes of NFL scouts. Didn’t get a lot of press playing for a struggling Indiana program, but scouts have known about his talent for a while. Don’t be shocked if he sneaks into the second round.

Paul Carrington ~ Central Florida -- The first time we watched this Golden Knight play in 2005, we talked about how much he surprised us. Has Mario Williams like height at 6’ 6 7/8". Is a bit light at 265 pounds, but has the frame to add more weight. Ran the 40-yard dash in a very impressive 4.65 and 4.70 seconds at UCF’s Pro Day. Also added a 35" vertical. In our opinion, he should be drafted around the 4th or 5th round, based on potential and production.

Mark Anderson ~ Alabama -- This speedy edge rusher kept turning heads with his play in Mobile at the Senior Bowl, then went to the Combine and ran in the low 4.6‘s. Not real big, but is very good in run support and has a complete arsenal of pass rush moves, often employing them in combination. At 6’ 4" and 250 pounds it’s possible he'll play outside linebacker in the NFL. Projects as a second or third round pick.

Ryan LaCasse ~ Syracuse -- Had 9 sacks in 2005 for the Orange's talented defense, then made some noise in Indy, running the 40 yard dash in a sparkling 4.54 seconds. LaCasse is about 6' 3", 250 pounds and is a former high school state champion in the 100 meters (10.5) from Massachusetts. That 100 meter time is usually run by defensive backs, so he’s very fast for his size. LaCasse is actually disappointed he didn’t ran faster in Indy and wants to better his 40 time at Syracuse's Pro Day. Projects as a possible 3-4 OLB in the NFL. Should be drafted around the 3rd round.

Mike Kudla ~ Ohio State -- Would you believe Kudla had about the same amount career sacks as fellow Big 10 star Tamba Hali, who many project as a first round pick?....So, reports that Kudla is only a "workout warrior" is pure garbage. It’s true Kudla battled nagging injuries at OSU and he’s a little short for a lineman at 6’ 2", but his record tying 45 bench press reps, 4.70 40 time and 37" vertical show he’s a great athlete. Probably projects as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. The Steelers, Chargers, Patriots and both Ohio based AFC teams are believed to be fascinated by him.

Ray Edwards ~ Purdue -- After collecting 8 sacks as a sophomore, big things were expected from this tall, athletic defensive end from Cincinnati. He struggled early in 2005, eventually losing his starting job to fellow NFL prospect Rob Ninkovich. However, to his credit, Edwards never hung his head and continued to work hard and finished his junior season in a very positive way. This 6’ 4", 275 pounder ran sub 4.8’s at Indy and showed solid athletic ability. Has the type of frame to add more weight, which is a good thing. Could sneak into the early part of round 3 based on potential.

Jeremy Mincey ~ Florida -- Another DE/OLB hybrid, who performed pretty well at the Combine, unofficially running the 40's in 4.74 & 4.75 seconds. He actually improved his times at the Pro Day ( 4.59). This junior college transfer had a solid career for the Gators and was a star at the Hula Bowl. Not really sure where he projects, but a pure guess would be the 4th or 5th round. Could be drafted higher if a time likes his potential at linebacker.

Rob Ninkovich ~ Purdue -- This hard nosed defensive end is a junior college transfer. Another possible DE/OLB hybrid. Ran fairly well at the Combine, then improved his times at Pro Day. As we’ve stated, he reminds us of rising Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel, except he's a little shorter (about 6' 2"). Very productive player -- 16 sacks in only two Big 10 seasons. Has even lined up at tight end for Purdue. Ninko's a player that projects as a Day 2 pick.

John Chick ~ Utah State -- Had a spectacular 2005 season for the Aggies in 2005 -- 12.5 sacks and 19 tackles for losses. Displayed tremendous athletic ability at the schools Pro Day, running the 40 yard dash in 4.59 seconds and 4.64 and flashing a 36" vertical leap at 6’ 3" and 265 pounds. Could project as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. Check March 10th blog notes for info on Chick.

Ben Ishola ~ Indiana -- Another Big 10 defensive end/ linebacker hybrid, at 6’ 2’ and 248 pounds. Ran his 40s in a sparkling 4.50 and 4.51 seconds at IU‘s recent Pro Day. Also displayed a 34" vertical jump, did 30 bench reps (225) and showed impressive quickness finishing the short shuttle in 4.12 seconds at the school’s Pro Day. Ishola is of Nigerian decent, but was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. He's a very inexperienced player, compared to other prospects, who looks like a 7th round to free agent type project.

Daniel Federkeil ~ Calgary -- Stood up strong against top tackle prospect Andrew Whitworth at the East-West game and would not be pushed around. Got the better of the match-up several times -- rushing the quarterback and shutting down the run. This tall, strong Canadian still needs to workout for NFL teams. He may or may not be not be drafted, but his play in the East-West game should get him an NFL free agent contract, at least. Expect NFL teams from Northern border states to chase him -- Buffalo, Seattle, Detroit and Minnesota.

***** E-Mailbag from Kirk: I have a paid membership to three different draft sites, and none of them provide the quantity or quality of information of Draftdaddy. I will (support your sponsors) as a way of paying for the benefits of this site.

Keep up the great work! reply: Thank you Kirk. I guess your E-Mail explains why our man at the Senior Bowl got "dirty looks" from some pay site webmasters. At this point, we can never imagine charging for our site. I think we'd simply walk away from doing this, if it ever got to the point were we had to charge people. Also, by providing this site for free, it's very exciting to see the site grow by leaps and bounds each week in terms of traffic, as more and more people find us. We assume most pay sites (except ESPN Insider) have very static, slow growing traffic.

Also we'd like to thank all the readers that have E-Mailed us prospect info. We are simply overwhelmed a lot of times doing this site, but we try to reply to all non-hostile messages (99% of messages are positive) if we have a return address. As far as prospect info, we try to use as much of the reader input as we can, but can't use everything due to time and space constraints. But even if we don't post this info in the blog, we do read all of it -- even the kicker, punter and longsnapper info -- LOL.

last updated: 3/14/06

Pat Kirwan, Senior Analyst: The draft effect of Brees and Culpepper going to New Orleans and Miami.


Tennessee has agreed to terms with wide receiver David Givens and center Kevin Mawae. comment: The addition of David Givens will really help take the load off top receiver Drew Bennett, who battled with nagging injuries last season, after a breakout 2005 season. Tall, athletic Tyrone Calico came into the NFL with a lot of fanfare, but he's had to battle major injuries and has not been an effective starter. He's still only 25 years old, so don't count him out yet.

Also Tennessee drafted three wideouts in 2005 that all made contributions to the offense last season and should get better.....Finally, a long shot player to watchout for is tall street free agent Grant Mattos, who spent a season on the Chargers roster coming out of USC. Tennessee OC Norm Chow, who coached Mattos at USC, absolutely loves Mattos' size, hands and quickness and has gone out of his way to praise him before, so he could find a spot on the roster with a good pre-season performance.


The Miami Dolphins trade for Daunte Culpepper......Drew Brees signs with New Orleans.


Here's an E-Mailer from Rhode Island with input on Brown University's Pro Day:

Brown University held its Pro-Day today and All-Ivy running back Nick Hartigan reportedly tested very well. Hartigan measured in at 6' 2" and 235lbs. He ran the 40 in 4.53 seconds and benched 225 lbs 25 times. comment: Thank you for the information. Considering we are located in the Northeast and get the Yes Network, we saw quite a bit of Hartigan in 2005 and were very impressed with him as a runner and athlete. If those workout numbers are accurate (and they seem to be), they certainly would not surprise us.

Hartigan got several All-Star invites, but we were disappointed to see him relegated to just blocking in the East-West Game. He's got the type of size, speed and power to run with ball and it just seemed odd all-star coaches didn't see fit to let him run the ball a few times after such a great academic and athletic career.


E-Mailer Kenneth checked out Abiline Christian's Pro Day recently and was nice enough to send us some info regarding running back Rashon Myles:

Kenneth in Texas: There were about 12 teams there, many to just see defensive back Daniael Manning, but Myles wowed the crowd. All attention was on him. His vertical was 17", his 225 bench press was 23 reps, his broad jump was 10' 7" (has to be near the top right now for FB/RB in the nation), L-cone drill was 7.1 and his all important 40 yard dash was 4.5 seconds.

He tested other drills but those numbers were the only ones the scouts were giving out. Now that is a true sleeper. I would like to see more info on him-if possible. I'm telling you that young man is good. comment: Thanks for input Kenneth. We featured Myles extensively in our early February blog notes. Seems like he has a lot of fans in Texas. We know he's a Big 10 transfer (Indiana), so he has talent.....He's definitely a player to watch out for. Except for the George Contanza like vertical leap you reported, the other numbers were very good.


We mentioned Division II track star/top wide receiver Derek Gearman from the Univerisity of South Dakota yesterday. He quickly brought a response from some of our E-Mailer's, who thankfully told us Gearman had very recently left the school.....Here is an E-Mail from Steve:

In the Draft blog, you made mention of Derek Gearman, formerly a player from South Dakota. It is my understanding that he has transferred to the University of Minnesota to run track. I have not found any information on whether he will play football for the Gophers. It would be a shame if he is not given the opportunity to play both sports for Minnesota. comment: Upon closer inspection, Steve is correct. Gearman is at the University of Minnesota and he's on the track roster. The Gophers football team will lose a couple top wide receivers to graduation (Jared Ellerson and Jakari Wallace), but return junior-to-be Ernie Wheelright and senior-to-be Logan Payne -- both quality Big 10 receivers. Still, we find it hard to believe the Gophers' coaching staff won't try to convince the speedy and very athletic Gearman to walk-on to the football team....If anyone any can give us any solid input on this it would be very welcomed.


Quarterback Drew Brees remained in limbo between New Orleans and Miami Monday night, with agent Tom Condon saying he would resume negotiations with the Dolphins Tuesday morning. comment: If New Orleans does sign Brees, that will change the top of the draft board considerably. With a starting quarterback in the fold, it's likely New Orleans will turn their attention to tackle D' Brickashaw Ferguson or Defensive end Mario Williams, assuming they don't trade the pick (which would make sense) and Houston picks Reggie Bush.

If a quarterback isn't selecting first or second overall, that could leave Tennessee with a huge decision at #3 overall if they draft a quarterback: Do they go for local hero Jay Cutler, who possesses a cannon arm and tremendous athletic ability, or do they go for USC's Matt Leinart, who is absolutely loved by offensive coordinator Norm Chow?

Several NFL insiders have told us Chow, a former USC offensive coordinator who has a lot of offensive personnel input in Tennessee, will push hard to bring his former star pupil Leinart to Nashville.....Also, if Leinart or Cutler are available when the New York Jets select at #4 overall, don't be surprised if one of the two winds up wearing the green and white of the Jets. Per our sources, Cutler is the quarterback the Jets would prefer to draft.


The Minnesota Vikings are making a strong push for Packers backup quarterback Craig Nall.


Fresno State held it’s Pro Day Monday and has the details....Below, we make some quick comments:

Looks like venerable talent scout Gil Brandt liked wide receiver Jermaine Jamison’s performance at Pro Day. That says a lot, make no mistake about it....Jamison is a player that was very highly regarded coming into Fresno State. After a spectacular freshman season his game leveled off a quite a bit, never even recording 40 receptions or 500 yards in a season. Had only 3 career touchdown’s in his final 3 seasons. Probably at Day 2 type selection, at best.

Quarterback Paul Pinegar does everything fairly well in workouts, except run fast. He’s your typical pocket quarterback, with a nice arm, decent accuracy and solid awareness. We like him a lot as a long term project....He got a ton of experience, starting for four seasons at Fresno and is very tough in the pocket. Our biggest knock on Pinegar is his propensity to throw interceptions in key spots....Nonetheless, he should be a mid-round pick -- 4th to 6th round.

Wendell Mathis is a solidly built running back (a bit over 5’ 11", 200) that transferred in from UCLA. Had over 1,300 yards and 15 TD’s in 2005, despite sharing time with bigger back Bryson Sumlin. The speedy and shifty Mathis likely projects as a quality Day 2 selection.

Wide receiver Adam Jennings was clocked at 4.40 and 4.56 at Pro Day. One time is outstanding for a smallish player (5‘ 9", 175); the other time is average. Ran fairly well at the Combine, however.....Jennings is mostly just regarded as a kick returner, so it’s not likely he’ll be drafted before the 5th round. Could even fall between the cracks and go undrafted.

Garrett McIntyre played defensive end in college but will probably be a linebacker in the NFL, according to He was timed at 4.87 and 4.76 in the 40 and had a 32.5" vertical jump....McIntyre was a great college player. Best defender in the WAC in 2005, maybe even in 2004 too. That said, the move to linebacker won’t be easy. Nonetheless, could be a nice pick up in the latter part of Day 2.....We’ll never forget him almost running down Reggie Bush at the 1 yard line on a 50 yard touchdown. Plays very hard and is very quick for his size. Patriots might be a fit.

Cornerback Richard Marshall was clocked at 4.47 and 4.45 in the 40 and had a 38.5" vertical jump. Fresno’s best prospect....We felt if Marshall stayed for his senior season, he’d be an almost certain future first round pick. Coming out as a junior, he still projects as a solid Day 1 selection (we‘ll say latter part of round 2), as cornerbacks with his size, speed and athletic ability are always in high demand. Very confident and feisty athlete, which is a good thing at cornerback.


The Two Minute Drill has just posted a quality Q & A with Miami (Ohio) quarterback Josh Betts.

last updated: 3/13/06
** has just posted Pro Day results for Northern Illinois and Brigham Young. comments:

We've written some good things about NIU's Sam Hurd, an excellent blocking wide receiver. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.60 and 4.62 seconds and also had a 36" vertical jump, which were solid (not great) numbers for a tall receiver. His 4.50 short-shuttle was poor for his position. Had 65 receptions for 1,074 yards and 13 TD's in 2005 for the Huskies. We are projecting him as a 7th rounder or free agent.

BYU cornerback Nathan Soelberg, a MWC track superstar, was expecting to run his 40's in the mid-4.2's, but actually ran in the high 4.3's -- which is still extremely fast. Skinny cornerback, with a hard-nosed attitude and great speed. Hasn't played a lot of football, and a broken arm cost him precious time to improve his secondary skills in 2005. Based on what we've seen, Soelberg projects as a Day 2/free agent type also.

Northern Illinois running back A.J Harris is a good player, overshadowed by junior running back star Garrett Wolfe in 2004 and 2005. Harris is a powerful runner, with balance and speed that can help as a kick returner. At almost 6' 1" and 230 pounds, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.52 and 4.52 seconds and added a 38.5" vertical leap. Those are very good workout numbers. Another 7th round to free agent type. Played behind an elite MAC line, led by junior tackle Doug Free, who should be a very good NFL prospect down the line.


Jason Allen, University of Tennessee safety, talks to fans at Consensus Draft.


New Orleans has announced the signing of free agent linebacker Scott Fujita. comment: Fujita is a good player. Still wondering how in the world the Chiefs suddenly threw him on the scrap heap for almost nothing in 2005 after two very solid seasons in Missouri?....Fujita got his personal revenge on KC, causing a Trent Green fumble at Dallas during the season that cost the Chiefs that game and probably a playoff spot.....With that behind him, his veteran presence should help in New Orleans, particularly setting an example for young linebackers Colby Bockwoldt, Courtney Watson and Alfred Fincher.

But is the "big news" yet to break in New Orleans?....Is quarterback Drew Brees coming aboard?


The San Francisco 49ers have signed wide receiver Antonio Bryant.


The Washington Redskins have just signed safety Adam Archuleta.


We recently got some E-Mails from the University of South Dakota. Nice to know we have some readers at that fine school. In one E-Mail we are asked if any Coyotes are NFL prospects?

We can't say we know a lot about South Dakota, a Division II power in football, but we know of 3 Coyotes that will get a long by the NFL:

DE A.J Schable -- Unstoppable force at the Division II level -- had 19 sacks and 22.5 tackles for losses in 2005....At 6' 4" and 285 pounds, with a track and basketball backround, he could be a player that could surprise in the NFL....With soild workouts, could be a Day 2 selection. At the very least, he's going to get a free agent deal.

OT Nick Hagemann -- Tall, athletic 300 pound lineman from Iowa was a star at the Cactus Bowl (D-2 All Star game). Can't say we know him as well as Schable, but he'll be with an NFL team this spring (7th round to free agent).

WR Derek Gearman -- Only a junior, not draft eligible yet. This track star caught our attention in 2004, when he had 20 receptions for 500 yards and 4 touchdowns (20 yard average)....Gearman's numbers took a huge spike upward in 2005 -- 44 receptions for 1,215 yards (27.6 yard avg) and 14 touchdowns in just 11 games....Based on his size (6' 3", 180 pounds), speed and athletic ability he's definitely a player to follow down the line.


Jamal Lewis returns to Baltimore -- Running back agrees to join Mike Anderson in the backfield. comment: With Lewis back and Anderson in the fold, it's not very likely Baltimore will draft a running back in the top 2 rounds of the upcoming draft, as many (including us) had predicted.


After running a sparkling 4.45 40 at last month's Combine, a lot of fans and media have Stanford linebacker Jon Alston penciled in as a likely starting linebacker early in his NFL career. Alston is a bright player, who plays hard and had a productive career for the Cardinal. In time, we think Alston can become a very solid pro. However, this question needs to be asked: Where does Alston play in the NFL?

Alston was listed at 6’ 1" and 220 pounds at the Combine. It’s very likely his "game weight" during a grueling season is even less than 220, making him a bit too small to play linebacker in the NFL effectively. In a recent article by a Shreveport Newspaper, Alston, a Louisiana native, acknowledged "I'm 10 pounds from being a pretty good size linebacker and 10 pounds from being a safety." Probably meaning he needs to add weight to play linebacker in the NFL, while he could lose about 10 pounds and still play safety effectively.

Another issue Alston will have to face, and we are surprised others in the media have not touched on this more: He spent a good chunk of his college career playing close the line scrimmage, essentially acting as a de-facto defensive end or designated blitzer for the Cardinal. He possesses outstanding speed and potential, but is he ready to cover receivers or tight ends in the secondary after a college career mostly chasing down quarterback from the edge?

Again, Alston is a fine prospect, don’t get us wrong. But after recently watching Stanford on film, we just felt we needed to state he will be a "work in progress" due to his size and lack of experience playing in space. Overall, we think he will be drafted in the third round due to his competitive nature and physical skills. What position he’ll play, won’t be determined until a team gets him into pre-season games and sees where he’ll fit best in game situations.


The Philadelphia Eagles sign former New Orleans defensive end Darren Howard to a contract. comment: We have decided to post major free agent signings, because these transactions are very relevant to the draft process. For example, Howard's signing with Philadelphia makes it less likely the Eagles will draft a defensive end in the top three rounds.


Plenty of news regarding the Cincinnati Bengals -- Matt Schobel leaves, is Kevin Walter next?.....safeties Lawyer Milloy and Dexter Jackson vist Ohio?


Very well written position by position look at the team needs of the Carolina Panthers. comment: With Pro Bowl caliber linebacker Will Witherspoon fleeing to the Rams over the weekend and former starter Brandon Short being cut loose recently, the Panthers suddenly have a huge need for quality linebacking help. Don't be surprised at all if the Panthers go for a linebacker again in the first round, if they don't bring in a starter via free agency.

A player to watch out for is 2005 draft pick Adam Seward. Seward shattered the MWC all-time tackles record during his career at UNLV, then worked out like a first or second round pick at the 2005 Combine (4.6 40; 4.11 short shuttle; 33 reps and 36" vertical). Amazingly, he lasted until the 5th round. He did real well for the Panthers in the pre-season and may've been their best draft pick on special teams, until a foot injury sidelined him in October.

Coming off the injury and being a former 5th round pick means the team won't likely hand Seward a starting job, even with a gaping hole at the spot. However, he's definitely a player to watch when healthy.


Is glitter gone from quarterback class?....Some scouts, coaches not sold on Matt Leinart and Vince Young as pros.

***** has just posted the workout numbers from Purdue's Pro Day.

Charles Davis -- 6‘ 5", 260 pound tight end ran the 40-yard dash in 4.84 and 4.88 seconds and had a 33" vertical jump at Pro Day.....Davis is a former power forward on Purdue’s basketball team. Decent NFL prospect, who is a good athlete, despite a lack of great foot speed. Catches the ball fairly well, but needs more experience on the football field....Probably projects as a 6th round type prospect, with decent upside potential.

Ray Edwards -- 6’ 4", 279 pound defensive end ran his short shuttle in a very pedestrian 4.78 seconds at Pro Day. Did everything else at the Combine.....After a super sophomore season in 2004, most figured Edwards was a future first round pick. Had an up and down junior season in 2005 and was even benched due to a "lack of speed", according to Purdue coaches, so his stock seems to have dropped a bit....Edwards is a hard worker, who ran fairly well at the Combine and could even sneak into the 3rd round based on potential (size/athletic ability). More than likely, we see him as a 4th to 5th round pick.

Brandon Jones -- This 5’ 10", 225 pound running back/fullback hybrid turned in a nice Pro Day, running a 4.6 40, a 4.32 short shuttle and displaying a 32" vertical leap....Good player, who was stifled a bit in Purdue quarterback friendly offense. Has a chance to be drafted between the 5th and 7th round, we think.....Probably projects as a fullback at the next level. Has the ideal body type for that spot in the NFL. Definitely a player that could surprise if given a chance to display his skills.

Rob Ninkovich -- This 6‘ 3", 255 pound former junior college defensive end ran his 40-yard dash in 4.79 and 4.81 seconds at Pro Day, which was a slight improvement from his times at the Combine.....Ninko made quite an impact at Purdue in just 2 seasons of Big 10 play. Had 16 career sacks, despite not being a fulltime starter at the beginning of the 2005 season. High motor player, with better athletic skills than he’s usually given credit for. Even lined up a tight end and caught some touchdowns last season....Could project as a linebacker at the next level in the 3-4 scheme, but best bet may be to add weight and muscle and play defensive end. Sort of reminds us of emerging Steelers DE Brett Kiesel.

Bernard Pollard -- Ran the 40-yard dash in 4.64 and 4.60 seconds and did a strong 4.11 short shuttle at a personal workout at a high school near Purdue....As we mentioned in our Saturday blog notes, Pollard’s chilly relationship with Purdue coaches led them to lock him out of the school’s Pro Day....Pollard is a fierce hitting safety, who’s not known as a great player in coverage. Nonetheless, he’s displayed good enough speed and athletic ability in workouts to ensure he can stay at safety in the NFL....Is a fantastic special teams player, particularly blocking kicks....As we mentioned Saturday, based on talent alone, he’s a 2nd or 3rd round pick. However, NFL teams will be leery of this player due to his reported propensity of displaying militant behavior towards coaches. Could fall into the second day of the draft due to attitude.

Purdue's Kyle Smith, the Boilermaker's starting free safety in 2004 and 2005, worked out as a quarterback for NFL scouts at Pro Day. Smith actually began his career as a quarterback.

last updated: 3/12/06

The Houston Texans trying to sign Patriots wide receiver David Givens....Have already signed emerging receiver Kevin Walter to an offer sheet, but Cincinnati is expected to match the deal for Walter.


The Minnesota Vikings signed All-Pro Steve Hutchinson to the richest offer sheet for a guard in NFL history today.


As a backup or a starter, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a first round pick in 2005, looks forward to the upcoming season.


The Washington Redskins have found their complement to Pro Bowl wide receiver Santana Moss -- Antwaan Randle El.


Jeremy Staat, a former Arizona State defensive tackle and 2nd round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers, graduated from the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot and is getting ready for action in Iraq.


Colts free agent running back Edgerrin James has agreed to a contract with the Arizona Cardinals. comment: With the running back position seemingly set in Arizona, our January prediction of the Cardinals drafting University of Texas quarterback Vince Young is looking more and more likely, in our opinion.....Despite his recent negative press for not working out at the Combine and the Wonderlic situation, the Cards need a quarterback of the future and Dennis Green won't let Young slip away.


Draft Daddy is proud to outline the following "low-risk" picks. While we don't guarantee will live up to lofty draft status as they are high profile players, they have a good chance to do so, and worst case will at least make a positive impact on their squads.

Note that QB is in very nature such a hard position to scout it will be rare to see one on this list or "least likely to bust" lists for the future.

For more on the numbers next to the players' names please see the first Draft Theory entry: Quantifying Pick Risk: Vol 1, Num 1.

Disclaimer: these predictions cannot take into account the ultimate caveat of all draft predictions, injuries. Stuff happens and can make all predictions null and void. None of these players have particularly bad histories of being prone to injury but that is sometimes meaningless. The greatest OT of all time Anthony Munoz was injury-riddled coming out of USC. The unpredictable can and does happen in this regard.

RB DeAngelo Williams (+0.91) - Williams is a naturally elusive runner who plays quick and with burst. He was outlandishly productive in school and is a threat to take it to the house every time. Great hands out of the backfield, RB position is reactive: Pro ready.

LB A.J. Hawk (+0.89) - Stock can't get much higher. Has made enough plays on film that he didn't have to prove himself at Senior Bowl, instead worked out like a demon to perform at combine and pro day. Playmaker who can be productive right away.

OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson (+0.88) - Has had a great offseason. Distinguished himself in Mobile, burying Mathias Kiwaunka sending him home with a shoulder injury. Interviewed like a champ at combine. Showing rare athleticism and maturity.

OT Jon Scott (+0.87) - Versatile and smart player not scared to line up at any position on the line, can also long snap. Father played for the NY Jets, level headed and humble individual.

LB Chad Greenway (+0.86) - Some have said he avoids contact, every time we've seen Greenway he displays a deep love for on the field violence. He will do anything to win. Has instincts and anticipation that allows him to play faster than he times.

LB Bobby Carpenter (+0.84) - Another NFL pedigree, Carpenter is a relentless pass rusher who comes from the perspective that he expects to be earning an NFL paycheck. Won't be surprised with life in the league.

DE/OLB Manny Lawson (+0.82) - Well-grounded young man with an old soul who has all the skills to make an impact from DE or OLB. Lawson has sprinter's speed and advanced field awareness. Has the frame to bulk up but can step in right away in blitz situations.

TE Vernon Davis (+0.81) - Athletic receiving TE with great hands and feel for the soft spots in coverage. Once he adjusts to hot reads and new system can create mismatches in the passing game. Seen a lot in tough ACC program that produces a lot of great young players.

DT Broderick Bunkley (+0.80) - Workout monster with nasty demeanor, exactly the type of player most GM's are looking for at the position. Could be the best of recent FSU tackles, a group that includes current pro's Darnell Dockett and Travis Johnson.

CB Tye Hill (+0.77) - Very good body control, hands and speed give Hill the package of skills he will need to be a tough bump and run cover corner in the league. Doesn't have to use his hands like some slower CB's and won't draw "Ty Law-rule" penalties.

DB/LB Greg Blue (+0.75) - Coverage deep middle isn't great, but his tackling, toughness and intangibles are great. SS, maybe OLB tweener (monster back) who might reverse the move Michael Boulware made last year. Wherever they put him the guy can flat out play football.


Can't be more specific, but.....Please support our site by helping those that support our site.


Tulsa wide receiver/return specialist Ashlan Davis (5' 7", 178) ran two his 40s in 4.47 seconds at the school's recent Pro Day. He also ran the short shuttle in a strong 4.03 seconds and added 34.5" vertical leap. comment: Davis tied a Division I-A record in 2005, when he ran back his 6th career kickoff for a touchdown. As a junior college transfer, he did this in only 2 seasons at Tulsa....Davis was spectacular in 2004, returning 5 kickoffs for touchdowns and averaging over 30 yards per KO return. He also added 30 receptions for 462 yards that season....Davis' number slipped a bit in 2005, as he averaged only 23 yards per kick off return and 6.5 yards per punt return, but he did have 35 receptions for 451 yards and 5 touchdowns as a receiver.

Ashlan Davis is a small, quick player in the mold of Dante Hall. He definitely has a chance to be drafted between the 5th and 7th rounds, but his lack of ideal size and mediocre senior season as a kick returner makes it possible he'll go undrafted. If he is not selected, expect teams looking for a boost on special teams to go after him hard as a priority free agent.


Closer look at offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth, who's stock skyrocketed after last month’s NFL Scouting Combine, when he showed impressive burst during drills.


NFL scouting expert says teams look at whole package, including a players character....Some great insider info relating to the top SEC prospects in this article.

Conely Duncan: "The joke used to be that a thug with a long police record could show up, run the 40 in 4.4 seconds and be a high draft choice," Duncan said. "But that's not always the case anymore.


Safety Muhammad Abdullah and little used running back Arliss Beach were among the Kentucky Wildcats who worked out for NFL scouts at the school's recent Pro Day.


Closer look at the draft chances Barry Van Acker, Northern Illinois center, who ran a 5.15 40 at Northwestern's Pro Day, but admits he needs to improve his weight room strength.


After being kicked off South Carolina’s football team for repeatedly failing drug tests, Demetris Summers has spent the past 10 months training hard for a shot at the NFL. The once-promising running back has transformed his physique and mindset; now, can he get the big break that could transform his life?

last updated: 3/11/06

Free agents: Aaron Kampman stays in Green Bay; Corey Chavous signs with the Rams.....Rams safety Adam Archuleta heading to the Washington Redskins?


Breaking News: The San Francisco 49ers traded leading receiver Brandon Lloyd to the Washington Redskins for two draft choices.


Some details from Eastern Washington's recent Pro Day:

Quarterback Erik Meyer, who fared well at the Combine, felt he threw the ball even better at Pro Day. Meyer is confident he'll be drafted and most insiders would agree. Look for Meyer to be drafted around the 5th to 6th round, or so.

Cornerback Isaiah Trufant, who is only 5' 7" and 160 pounds, ran a reported 4.31 40 and diplayed a vertical of 42 inches....5' 9", 165 pound cornerback Jesse Hendrix also did real well.....Wide receiver Eric Kimble would not divulge his 40 time, neither would linebacker Joey Cwik, who worked out as a fullback.

The EWU athletes worked out for scouts from the following teams: Seattle, Indianapolis, San Diego, the New York Jets and Giants, Oakland, Green Bay and Carolina.

***** has just posted the workout numbers from Arizona State's Pro Day. comment: ASU wide receiver Derek Hagan was a player that most projected to be a first round pick during the season. A sudden display of suspect hands in the post-season has him very likely slipping well into the 2nd or 3rd round....The quarterback throwing to Hagan and the other ASU receivers on Pro Day was former Colts backup Tom Arth, a tall, strong-armed 24 year old seeking an NFL contract.

At 6' 1" and 235 pounds, linebacker Jamar Williams continues to display excellent speed. He ran well at the Combine and followed it up with times of 4.58 and 4.59 at Pro Day. He's become a solid mid-round pick, at the very least....Tough linebacker Dale Robinson, the Pac-10's Co-Defensive Player of the Year in 2005, actually ran better at the Combine (4.77) than at Pro Day. He's a top notch run stopping linebacker and solid overall athlete, who should help an NFL team in some capacity....Grayling Love had an outstanding career for the Sun Devils, but projects as a likely 7th round pick or free agent.


The New York Daily News is reporting former Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington might be leaning towards signing with the New York Giants. Rumor has been Arrington wants to stay in the NFC East, so the Giants make sense.


Former Purdue safety Bernard Pollard not allowed at the school's NFL Pro Day. comment: Pollard's squabbles with Purdue coaches are well documented in our blog archives, dating back to the summer of 2005. He had a fine junior season last fall and ran a solid 4.57 in the 40 yard dash at the Combine, squelching rumors he lacked NFL speed....On talent alone, Pollard's probably a 2nd or 3rd round pick. But it will be interesting to see how NFL teams react to all his off-field issues. It's seems Purdue's coaching staff isn't going to endorse his character, which won't help him.


Pittsburgh Steelers like Ohio State defensive end Mike Kudla as a linebacker.


Wet field conditions put a huge damper on Grambling's Pro Day Friday....Jaguars continue to eye quarterback Bruce Eugene.


When we initially launched this site in the spring of 2004, we decided we would cover NFL Europe extensively and I think we did it fairly well. We eventually stopped, when a photographer from Europe complained loudly about us using a few of his terrible, birdcage-liner photos, and then tried to shake us down for money to use the awful shots because we were not a "major media outlet". It's too bad, because the folks in NFL Europe's front office seemed very friendly and extremely classy towards us, but had no say in the matter.

Anyway, the photographer probably did us and our readers a huge favor, as we have instead re-focused on top college and NFL players. However, at this point, with NFL Europe almost ready to kickoff, we are going to flashback to our early days for one night and take a quick look at some top players set to play in the league this spring. The Rhein Fire seems to have the most talent, in our opinion.

QB Brock Berlin -- Hamburg/ Miami -- He’s not the biggest name quarterback in NFL Europe, but we think he will have a fine season in Germany. This former Miami (Florida) starter is hoping to use NFL Europe as a spring board to gaining a job as an NFL backup. Did not make the Dolphins in 2005, but fared fairly well in limited pre-season playing time -- completing 15 of 21 attempts for 191 yards with 1 touchdown.

RB Fred Russell ~ Cologne/St. Louis Rams -- NFL teams rarely find running back prospects in NFL Europe, for whatever reason? The 5’ 7" Russell, who’s bounced around with a couple NFL teams since 2004, may be the best runner in Europe this spring. His NFL potential doesn’t seem high, but he may find a spot on special teams with the Rams.

WR Kendrick Starling ~ Rhein/Texans -- Speedy receiver has spent parts of the 2004 and 2005 seasons covering kicks for the Texans. Former track star is hoping to show some skill at wide receiver and the Texans can use the depth help.

WR Chris Samp ~ Rhein/Carolina -- Are we looking at the next Brian Finneran in Europe? This former tennis star is the type of talented D-II athlete that can use NFL Europe to boost his NFL chances. He’s tall (6’ 3") and fast. Coming from Winona State, he needs the experience.

TE Wesley Duke ~ Hamburg/Denver -- Former college basketball power forward, hoping to make the move to pro football, ala Antonio Gates and Marcus Pollard. Actually made the Broncos 53 man roster in 2005 and caught a touchdown against Buffalo. Of all the former hoopsters that have tried to make the NFL since Gates entered the league, Duke is the most advanced.

TE Trent Smith ~ Cologne/San Francisco -- This former Oklahoma star just really needs to stay healthy and put together a nice season in Europe. Has shown glimpses of talent in the NFL. A very solid NFL Europe prospect.

OT Patrick Estes ~ Berlin/San Francisco -- Selected by the 49ers in the 7th round of the 2005 Draft. Using NFL Europe to switch from tight end to offensive tackle. Estes is a very good athlete, who was overshadowed by fellow tight end Heath Miller at Virginia.

OT Will Svitek ~ Frankfurt/Kansas City -- European born athlete, was drafted by the Chiefs as a defensive tackle and moved to offensive tackle. Worked out real well in the spring of 2005 and probably could’ve played defense in the NFL if he wanted to. Very good prospect for NFL Europe.

OG Mike King ~ Amsterdam/N.Y Jets -- The Jets like the very athletic King’s potential. He’s a full sized guard, with surprising speed and agility. His play in NFL Europe will likely dictate if he has a chance in the NFL with a new GM and coaching staff in New York.

OG Sam Wilder ~ Rhein/San Francisco -- Signed to the 49ers' practice squad in 2005, this former Colorado Buffalo is a hard working guard with decent NFL potential. At 6’ 5" and 303 pounds, he’s possesses reasonable athletic ability, having played mostly defensive tackle and offensive tackle in college.

OC Rob Hunt ~ Rhein/Broncos -- This talented small school star (North Dakota) was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 2005. He was cut, but spent the season on the Broncos practice squad. Quality prospect, who just needs experience. If memory serves us correct, ran a sub 5.0 40 at the 2005 Combine. Definitely in the Broncos mold of smaller, quick lineman.


DE Tyler King -- Rhein/Arizona -- We are admittedly partial to UConn and Yale football players, but this kid deserves the props. Cardinals practice squad player in 2005, was the first overall pick in NFL Europe’s draft. Relentless edge rusher, Tyler is the son of former NFL linebacker Steve King.

DE Walter Curry -- Rhein/Jacksonville -- A big favorite of our man Glenn Bernardi, Curry could be a 6’ 4", 275 edge rushing terror for Rhein this spring. Small school star from Albany State in Georgia wasn’t drafted in 2005. Was fairly highly regarded coming out of high school.

DT Keyonta Marshall ~ Hamburg/Philadelphia -- A seventh-round draft choice out of Grand Valley State in 2005 by the Eagles, Marshall spent nearly 3 months on the Eagles active roster. 6’, 330 pound run-stuffer should excel in Germany. Was a college superstar on the small school level.

DT Loren Mayers ~ Berlin -- 6’ 3", 350 pound defensive tackle is the Warren Sapp of the United Kingdom. Mayers played 5 games for Berlin at age 19 in 2005 and more than held his own. At barely 20 years old, spent last summer with the Oakland Raiders. Has very good potential looking forward. Could make an NFL roster at some point and contribute, but needs more experience.

LB Kris Griffin ~ Hamburg/Kansas City -- Chiefs are always very committed to NFL Europe and their allocations reflect that. Griffin, a small school star from Indiana (PA), was a member of the Chiefs 53 man roster in 2005. Best linebacker prospect in Europe? We’d say that’s likely.

LB Jeremy Cain ~ Amsterdam/Chicago -- Former University of Massachusetts star has spent parts of the 2004 and 2005 season helping the Bears on special teams. At 26 years old, he’ll need a big season in Europe to show Lovie Smith he can play linebacker in the NFL. He’s talented, so it’s possible.

LB David Bergeron -- Cologne/Carolina -- Was drafted by the Eagles in 2005, but didn’t stick. Bounced around on a couple teams practice squads. Limited upside potential, but the heady Bergeron has a chance to stick as a backup/special teams player with a good showing in Cologne.

S Ray Ventrone ~ Cologne/Patriots -- Small, but very quick and tough safety, who was impressive for the Patriots during the 2005 pre-season. Was told by the Patriots he’d be their 7th round pick in 2005 (Mr. Irrelevant), but they wound up picking a tight end in that spot. Had it not been for an injury during the 2004 season at Villanova, Ventrone would’ve likely been drafted. He’ll be a star in Europe, but where will he fit for the Patriots?

DB Jamaal Brimmer -- Berlin/N.Y Giants -- Big name draft prospect in 2005 from UNLV, who’s draft stock dropped drastically after running poor 40 times at the Combine. Limited NFL potential due to speed concerns, but a good season in Rhein can help him make an NFL roster on special teams.

DB Rob Lee ~ Frankfurt/Buffalo -- After a big time Pro Day in 2005, we thought the athletic Lee from Northern Illinois deserved to be drafted. He wasn’t, but he signed with the Bills and spent a season on their practice squad. College cornerback with terrific speed and decent size at 6’ 1", 195 pounds, making the move to safety. Should be one of the better athletes in Europe.

CB Antwaun Rogers -- Berlin/Denver -- Skinny cornerback, with pretty good speed and athletic ability. 2004 football injury scuttled his draft hopes in the 2005 draft. Rogers hopes to use NFL Europe to rekindle scouts interest in him.

SPT Sergey Ivanov -- Berlin -- We’ve added a special teams spot to highlight this young Russian athlete, who hopes to one day play in the NFL. At barely 20 years old, Ivanov led the Thunder’s special teams in 2005, showing hustle and speed to burn. Ivanov isn't even close to playing in the NFL now and may never be. Nonetheless, this 6'3", 200 pounder is real young and said to be a quick learner and a great athlete. At some point, NFL teams will bring him in for a look, at the very least to gain exposure in Russia.


last updated: 3/10/06
** has the results of the Washington State Cougars Pro Day. comment: After running a 4.47 40 and a 4.08 short shuttle at the Combine, Jerome Harrison, the Cougars top prospect, did not need to work out at Pro Day. The 5' 9", 200 pound tailback is hoping to be drafted in the 3rd round....Tight end Troy Bienemann is the Cougars next best prospect, but a serious knee injury has kept him from working out and may scuttle his draft chances. Nonetheless, Bienemann is a terrific player and a smart team will give him a long look at some point, when he's healthy....Nick Mihlhauser is a draftable center in the latter rounds.

Canadian defensive end Adam Braidwood hopes to get a shot in the U.S, but an almost certain roster spot is awaiting him in the CFL.....Cornerback Omowale Dada displayed an impressive 44" vertical and terrific short shuttle, but his 40 times were less than special for a cornerback (4.63 and 4.62).....Finally, Cougars defensive end Adam West had a solid work out, as he's hoping to move to tight end in the NFL. Imagine Batman Carroll of the Packers facing a real Adam West?

***** Spotlight on the NFL Draft: Missouri quarterback Brad Smith.


Draftniks feel Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter is a fit with the Patriots.


Where the San Diego Chargers see only a damaged shoulder, Drew Brees sees much more. Which is why Brees feels the Chargers are making a big mistake in essentially shoving him out the door by letting him test the free-agent market.


Former Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington met with the Miami Dolphins today.


Wide receiver Domenik Hixon posted the fastest time of Akron's Pro Day in the 40-yard dash, being clocked at 4.36.

Akron strength and conditioning coach Dan Bailey: "We've clocked Domenik at a 4.3 before so we knew he was quick. The biggest surprise to us was how Domenik wasn't invited to any all-star games or the NFL Combine last month. Many of the scouts were even amazed he didn't go to Indianapolis."


We’ve spent some blog space lauding the talents of Utah State offensive tackle Donald Penn, who was invited to the Hula Bowl and the Combine, but couldn’t compete at either venue due to an injury he sustained at the Hula Bowl. Penn, if he can get healthy and can workout well, could be a Day 2 selection.

Looking at’s workout numbers from Utah State's Pro Day, the player who’s name really jumped out at us is defensive end/linebacker John Chick, who wasn’t invited to an All-Star game or the Combine, despite turning in a sparkling senior season for the Aggies.

Chick ran his 40s in 4.59 and 4.64 seconds and finished the all important short shuttle in 4.26 seconds at Pro Day. These are sparkling times for a 6’ 3", 265 pound athlete. He also displayed a 36.5" vertical leap and did 30 bench reps (225 pounds). And, as we mentioned, Chick’s on field play was very good in 2005, ranking among the national leaders with 12.5 sacks and 19 tackles for losses.

The knock on Chick, according to insiders, was he’s a good athlete, but a "tweener" -- too small to play defensive end and not fast enough to play linebacker in the NFL. However, at 265 pounds he added nearly 20 pounds from the 2004 season and his 40 times indicate he’s faster than most expected. Based on his production and athletic ability, one would think he’s a serious latter round draft prospect, but we haven’t seen much about him, yet. Either way, we’d advise any 3-4 team that is looking for help at outside linebacker to give Chick a closer look.


The Washington Redskins prepare for the start of free agency....Speculation in New York is the Redskins may trade Patrick Ramsey to the New York Jets.


Wide receiver Isaac Bruce re-signs with the Rams, a few days after being cut.


Tony Pauline looks at ten players moving up and five down on NFL draft boards.


Oregon wide receiver Demetrius Williams did not run, but he was on hand at the school's Pro Day. comment: Williams, who is drawing significant attention from the Rams, is a player that insiders told us in Mobile (Senior Bowl) was on the rise. One went as far as saying Williams compared to Chad Johnson of the Bengals. That person also told us Williams could be a first round pick -- we doubt he'll be a first round pick, but he is a good player.....It was reported in an Oregon paper prior to the season that Williams had 4.6-something speed.

Williams' agent claims in the link above that speed isn't going to "make or break" his client, but we have gotten to know Oregon State's Mike Hass (4.59 official combine) and Florida's Chad Jackson (4.32 official combine) a bit, and both receivers emphasized to us how seriously they took the 40 yard dash, knowing scouts and the media obsessed on it. Both Hass and Jackson, by the way, are the same size as Williams. It will be fascinating to see how Williams runs and how that will affect his draft stock (for better or worse).


Fast Times at Ohio State University, as the Buckeyes top prospects put on a speed show for NFL scouts at the school's very fast track at Pro Day -- Sophomore wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez (not in this draft) ran a sizzling 4.29, perhaps dispelling the myth that he's a only a possession receiver?


In depth look at Florida offensive tackle Randy Hand, who we've always felt was a bit of an unsung player for the Gators.


Cornerback Tye Hill, who is drawing interest from the Rams, was a major attraction at Clemson’s Pro Day.


Grambling State University, led by defensive end Jason Hatcher, set to hold their Pro Day today. comment: Moe Thompson was one of the more highly regarded tight end prospects in America coming out of high school. He went to South Carolina, where he played defensive end. He was emerging as a decent prospect, until he ran into serious legal problems. He'll need a fantastic Pro Day to have any shot at being drafted....Check our March 6th blog notes for more info on Gambling's top prospects.


NFL scouts visited the Louisiana-Monroe for NFL Pro Day but they left with little info as injuries limited or kept out three top prospects.......The Washington Redskins were among the teams present of ULM Pro Day.


Ohio State's top prospects, led by their linebackers, put on an impressive display at Pro Day. also has workout numbers from Ohio State's Pro Day.


The Minnesota Vikings reportedly have orchestrated an "imminent" trade for quarterback Daunte Culpepper, one day after the veteran demanded his team either trade him or terminate his contract.....It remains unknown which team among several potential suitors has struck the apparent deal. comment: Any deal including Culpepper will likely result in the Vikings receiving draft picks for their former starting quarterback. Insiders have reported that the Vikings are seeking at least a second-round draft for Culpepper.


Montana's Jeff Bolton earned the ultimate honor at his position when he was named the 2005 Rimington Award winner as Division I-AA's top center.

last updated: 3/09/06

Combine numbers for all positions can be found at


A pair of Florida State prospects recovering from injuries look forward to Pro Day.


Penn State defensive tackle Scott Paxson is in trouble over his encounters with a woman he met online in 2004. comment: We were very impressed with Paxson in 2005 -- very underrated player, in our opinion, and we have stated that in our blog notes (Feb 13th). However, if you're a 5th to 7th round type prospect, last thing you need is these sort of claims (true or not) hanging over your head. NFL teams simply don't like friction or controversy. An elite prospect may catch a break in a situation like this, but a borderline draftable player may find teams less likely to invest a draft pick in him. Paxson even knows this is true.

***** reports two former Florida Gators appeared to improve their draft status at yesterday's Pro Day: Defensive end Jeremy Mincey and strong safety Jarvis Herring. Mincey impressed the scouts with a 4.59 time in the 40. Herring, who clocked at a disappointing 4.89 at the combine, turned in times of 4.69 and 4.62. comment: We have Mincey, an impressive outside linebacker type, unofficially running the 40's in 4.74 & 4.75 seconds at the Combine, so the times at Florida's Pro Day probably indicate the school has a faster track (harder surface to run on).


The sideshow for what promises to be a circuslike atmosphere has been canceled....wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. will not run for the approximately 100 NFL coaches and scouts expected to gather at Ohio State today.


Ohio State sophomore wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., who is "not" eligible for the upcoming NFL Draft, is expected to run the 40-yard dash for NFL scouts this week at the schools Pro Day.....Ginn was recently clocked at 4.21 seconds in the 40, according to Ohio media reports.


A more detailed breakdown of Wisconsin's Pro Day yesterday, including 40 times for most of the Badgers top players.


Nebraska offensive tackle Seppo Evwaraye, a native of Finland, had an impressive workout at the schools Pro Day, running a sub 5.0 40 yard dash, but still projects as a 7th round to free agent type....Other Huskers Pro Day info.

last updated: 3/08/06

NIFL News: Former NFL running back Byron "Bam" Morris (Steelers) signed a contract with the Katy Copperheads of the NIFL today.

***** reports Toledo safety Keon Jackson (5-10¾, 208) ran his 40s in 4.58 and 4.62 and displayed a 35 inch vertical jump at the Rockets recent Pro Day. comment: Jackson isn't real big or real fast, but he's quality safety who deserves a long look on the second day of the draft. Had a great career for the Rockets, recording 283 career tackles....Very good in coverage, grabbing 10 career interceptions (returning 4 for touchdowns) and registering 36 PD's during his career.


Breaking News: Wisconsin running back Brian Calhoun may have eased any doubts NFL scouts had about his speed by running a 40-yard dash in a blazing 4.38 seconds at the pro timing day today.....Calhoun had been clocked unofficially with disappointingly slow times of 4.59 and 4.62 at the NFL combine last month in Indianapolis.

Other unofficial 40 times. Appearently the Badgers run on a very hard surface at the McClain Center:

Wide receiver ~ Jonathan Orr -- 4.25

Cornerback ~ Levonne Rowan -- 4.28

***** has just posted some of Notre Dame 's Pro Day numbers from South Bend.

TE Anthony Fasano -- The New Jersey native ran his 40s in 4.74 and 4.71 seconds at Pro Day. Did everything else at the Combine....Outstanding football player -- receiving and blocking, who should be selected in the top 3 rounds of the draft.

WR Maurice Stovall -- Came into the 2005 as a long shot prospect. But after losing a considerable amount of weight prior to the season, he broke out in a big way as a senior. Stovall, a tall receiver with reliable hands, ran his 40s in 4.54 and 4.57 seconds today, a slight improvement over what he did at the Combine. Like Fasano, Stovall projects as a Day 1 selection.

WR Matt Shelton -- At slightly over 5' 11" and 180 pounds, Shelton ran his 40s in 4.43 and 4.42 seconds. This is a player we haven't mentioned much, but has been ND's top deep threat for a couple seasons. Was simply fantastic in 2004 -- 20 receptions for 515 yards (25.8 yard avg) and 6 touchdowns. Battled injuries in 2005, but still had 27 receptions for 304 yards as a 3rd receiver. Not sure where Shelton projects, but he deserves a chance somewhere due to his speed and athletic ability.


Florida wide receiver Chad Jackson rocketing up the draft charts; cornerback Dee Webb improves his 40 times from the Combine at Gator's Pro Day today. has just posted additonal information on Florida's Pro Day numbers from todays workout in Gainesville. Note: Pro Day 40 yard dash's are "hand-timed" by NFL several scouts, so you may see different 40 times reported to various media outlets for the same player.


Long look at Ex-South Carolina running back Demetris Summers, who hopes to be drafted, despite sitting out the 2005 season.

******* has just posted Oklahoma's Pro Day numbers from todays workout in Norman. comment: Most of the Sooners top prospects worked out at the Combine last week and did not run at Pro Day. Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek did run again and posted very nice times of 4.79 and 4.81 in the 40 yard dash for a 306 pounder.......Cornerbacks Eric Bassey and Chijioke Onyenegecha also ran well -- Onyenegecha (6' 1", 212) 4.46 and 4.48 and Bassey (5' 11-7/8", 195) ran 4.33 and 4.35 at Pro Day. Bassey's short shuttle time, which mostly displays quickness, was very impressive also.

Much more Pro Day info from


Quarterback Jeff Mroz did not work out at Yale's Pro Day and will work out at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh on March 18. Most of the NFL teams will see him there. The Pro day there is being held in conjunction with Pitt's Pro Day. Jeff will also have a pro day at the end of March in New Haven for the teams that don't see him on March 18. He recently had Cowboys quarterback coach Chris Palmer in to work him out. comment: Based on the East Coast, we got to see quit a bit of Ivy League football last fall. We like Mroz a lot, as a developmental prospect. Matter of fact, after watching the horrendous quarterback play in the Hula Bowl and Las Vegas Classic, we are simply at a loss as to why Mroz didn't get an All-Star invite to "lower rung" post-season game?

The fact that the Cowboys like him is no surprise. If he works out well, expect more teams to look at him as a latter round possibility. Mroz isn't going to wow you with his "workout times", but he's a big, strong, intelligent kid that can throw the football -- that's something the receivers in Honolulu and Las Vegas would've loved to have in those All-Star games, while they ran around aimlessly with no one to get them the ball down field.

**** has just posted Central Florida's Pro Day times and a player that impressed us enough in 2005 to get about a dozen mentions in our blog notes was the star of the workouts: Defensive End Paul Carrington ran the 40-yard dash in a very impressive 4.65 and 4.70 seconds at 6-6 7/8 and 267 pounds....He also had a 34-inch vertical jump, 10-foot-2 broad jump, 4.48 short shuttle, 7.22 three-cone drill and 21 bench presses. comment: Very impressive Pro Day. And by looking at the 40 times of some of his teammates at Pro Day, he certainly did not run on a "fast track". Sizzling times for a prospect his size and it explains why he looked so dominate in 2005 coming off the edge....The bench press isn't real impressive (not terrible either), but Carrington is young, athletic and has room to add weight to his frame.....This is a player we'd seriously consider in the 4th or 5th round, based on potential. However, we aren't sure if NFL teams will agree with that. We'll see. (Check our March 1st blog for more on PC).

******* -- Spotlight on the Draft: U.C.L.A Tight End Marcedes Lewis.


Believe it or not, the preliminary Rotary Lombardi Award Watch List has been released for the next college football season.


Closer look at UTEP star Thomas Howard. After a running a sterling 40 time at the Combine, teams are asking if he'll project at safety or linebacker in the NFL?


Coming off a solid performance at the NFL Combine, Western Michigan wide receiver Greg Jennings doesn't have much left to prove. He didn't even run the 40-yard dash at Pro Day, figuring his 4.41 in Indy was good enough. Some think he's a Day one pick now.


Today's upcoming Pro Days

Florida -- More info on this Pro Day in yesterday's blog. Don't expect junior wide receiver Chad Jackson to workout after a stellar Combine -- nothing more to prove. Lookout for cornerback Dee Webb, who can use a good 40 time to up his stock. Offensive tackle Randy Hand is a good player not invited to the Combine.

Nebraska -- Some good players here, although most of the top ones already competed at the Combine.

Brigham Young -- Don't be surprised if cornerback Nate Soelberg runs an amazing 40 time. Former track star has already run in the 4.2's for NFL scouts.

Nevada-Las Vegas -- Tight end Greg Estandia and safety Joe Miklos are the names to follow today for the Rebels.

Notre Dame -- Tight end Anthony Fasano will run his 40's, likely, after not doing them at the Combine....Maurice Stovall is another player to watch -- draft stock is rising. Linebackers Corey Mays and Brandon Hoyte hope to impress, after not receiving Combine invites.

Wisconsin -- Most of the talented Badgers worked out in Indy. Brian Calhoun will try to better his 4.6 - something 40 times from the Combine. The smallish running back's stock may drop due to his 40 times.

***** has added more times from Louisiana State's Pro Day....We hope to comment on some of these players soon.

last updated: 3/07/06

CFL News: Former NFL Pro Bowl linebacker Lee Woodall who retired from the NFL after the 2001 season, has signed with Toronto of the CFL. Woodall is 36 years old.

***** has some of Weber State's key Pro Day numbers posted: comment: The Weber State prospects are led by the McQuistan twins. Paul and Pat played next to each other their entire careers (Paul is a LT; Pat a LG) and are scarily similar in terms of size and athletic ability. Overall, Paul is considered the better prospect, having received an invite to the Combine. Some think Paul McQuistan has a chance to be selected as high as the 3rd or 4th round.

Defensive end Brady Fosmark had a great career for the Wildcat's, despite constantly being the focus of opposing defenses. At only 6' 2" and 260 pounds, he may have to move to outside linebacker, so speed will be important for him to show at some point. Sort of reminds us, physically, of former Denver Broncos star Karl Mecklenberg.

**** friend Grant in South Florida gives us a close up look at 2 quality young cornerbacks from the University of South Florida. Just for good measure, we ( mention three more Bulls defenders that are quality players/prospects.

Mike Jenkins and Trae Williams were both sophomores in 2005 and were a huge reason why the Bulls had a top 20 scoring and passing defense. Jenkins has great corner size 5' 11" to 6' and 205 pounds. He also has outstanding speed -- he caught Penn State stars Derrick Williams and Tony Hunt from behind last season. Jenkins ended up earning second team All-Big East Honors in 2005. Officially he had 38 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 5 PD’s, despite playing the first 4 or 5 games with a cast on his hand. He is the fastest player on our team, with Williams not far behind.

Williams, a converted tailback, is a little bit smaller, 5' 9" to 5' 10" and about 185 pounds, but plays much bigger and also had an excellent season. He was the Bulls special teams player of the year because he is an amazing gunner on punt coverage, catching 3-4 balls out of midair inside the 10 yard line and making several tackles on punt coverage throughout the season.

Both of these corners are very hard workers in the weight room and in conditioning drills (Williams especially). They are also both very aggressive tacklers which can be rare for cornerbacks. To put their speed into perspective, both have caught Bulls tailback Andre Hall from behind during scrimmages and Hall recently ran a 4.42 at the NFL combine.

OLB ~ Stephen Nicholas -- Speedy outside linebacker, who specializes in terrorizing Big East quarterbacks coming off the edge. This 6’ 3", 225 pound junior toyed with the idea of jumping to the NFL early in January, but decided to stay in school after receiving a Day 2 projection from scouts.

MLB ~ Ben Moffit -- Outstanding middle linebacker, who is the classic tough as nails run stopper. Pretty good overall athlete and definite team leader type, who moves well sideline to sideline. Solid size, listed at 6’ 2" and 235 pounds. Will be a junior next season for the Bulls.

FS ~ Danny Verpaele -- Was a freshman All-American in 2004, but was forced to redshirt in 2005 due to a foot injury. Should be back even stronger next season. Decent size (5’ 11", 195) and excellent speed -- reportedly ran a 4.41 40 as a freshman. Very intelligent player, who was a high school quarterback.


More info on Minnesota's Pro Day yesterday from UM's student newspaper.


Wide receiver Domenik Hixon is one of several former Akron Zips who will try out for pro scouts this week.


Roto World does a two round NFL mock draft comment: Great effort on the part of Roto World. But we've noticed Vince Young to the Oakland Raiders is a very trendy pick these days in mock drafts. We linked a great article from a Bay Area paper in December which mentioned how the Raiders, led by maverick owner Al Davis, are usually reluctant to use high draft picks on quarterbacks. It's been this way for decades. The last time the Raiders used a draft pick on a quarterback that would eventually lead them to a division title was back in the days of the old American Football League (Ken Stabler--1960's).

Also, the article mentioned Davis' affinity for veteran quarterbacks who can throw the ball downfield well to his speedy receivers -- the Raider way for decades....Unless the 77 year old Davis has changed his tune after some 45 years in the AFL-NFL, the Raiders aren't touching a rookie quarterback that high in round one -- particularly one that tends to run first and is not ready to start right away.


The University of Florida football program is holding it's annual Pro Day tommorow and it will be significant for some players, including senior safety Jarvis Herring who ran a 4.8 40 at the Combine.


We were told Bowie State will hold it's Pro Day next Tuesday at Velocity Sports Perfomance in Alexandria, Virginia....Georgia Tech transfer Sterling Green (6' 3", 225), a strong safety/linebacker who had 22.5 tackles for losses and 11.5 sacks last season is, perhaps, the Bulldogs best prospect.

Also, speedy wide receiver Glenn Thomas (6' 3", 185), who had 42 receptions for a 22.8 yard average and 16 touchdowns in 2005, will be there and likely get significant attention from scouts.


Arizona State linebacker Dale Robinson, who is hoping to be drafted in the first 3 rounds, reportedly ran the 40 yard dash between 4.72 and 4.78 at the Combine. He also did 18 bench press reps of 225 pounds and fared well in the positional drills the drills. His pro day is coming up this week, and the 2005 Pac-10 Co-Defensive Player of the Year hopes to even better his Combine numbers. comment: Robinson had a fantasitc senior season for the Sun Devils, racking up a team leading 115 tackles (15 TFL's). He didn't play very well against Rutgers in ASU's Bowl game, but it must be noted he tried to play with a significant injury....Robinson is a solid prospect, who brings toughness and tenacity to the field. In our opinion, at this point, he projects as middle round selection -- 3rd to 5th round.


Clemson is looking for someone to replace top NFL prospect Tye Hill at cornerback next season and early word is 2005 sophomore (junior-to-be) C.J Gaddis will get the first chance to take that spot. Gaddis, as you can tell from our sophomore safety rankings below, has been a productive player for the Tigers at safety.

He's an elite athlete that has already been drafted by Major League Baseball (Seattle) and possesses terrific strength for his size (about 5' 11" and 205 pounds). Tigers know he'll be a physical corner, but does he have enough speed to play outside in the ACC?

Either way, this former Clemson quarterback has more than enough speed to play safety for Clemson and should be a fine NFL prospect down the line.


Running back Quinton Ganther, who didn't workout much at yesterday's Pro Day, was the only Utes prospect to receive a highly coveted invite to the Combine, where the full sized back (5' 10", 215) ran the 40 yard dash in a very respectable 4.5 seconds and did 29 bench press reps (225 pounds).

One inside source told us during the 2005 season that NFL scouts really liked Ganther as a possible Day 2 player that might surprise. Also, considering Ganther's size, strength and tough attitude, he may even project as a fullback in the NFL if he can add some weight.

**** reports Utah wide receiver Travis LaTendresse turned in a nice performance at Pro Day yesterday, running a 4.53 40 and posting a 35" vertical leap at a shade over 6' 1" and 195 pounds. Not a bad time, when you consider how poorly some of the Utes wide outs ran at the schools 2005 Pro Day.

LaTendresse was outstanding for the Utes last season, snaring 55 receptions for 810 yards and 8 touchdowns, despite missing three games due to an ankle injury. As he got healthier, he got much better -- had 9 receptions for 192 yards against New Mexico in November and absolutely smoked Georgia Tech’s top notch secondary with 16 receptions for 214 yards and 4 touchdowns in the Emerald Bowl. LaTendresse isn’t scared to go over the middle. Wasn't invited to an All-Star game or the Combine, but has a chance to be drafted in the 7th round.


Defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery of Minnesota worked out as an offensive lineman yesterday. We think that could be a very good thing in the long run for him - shows versatility and could open up the possibility he can be a guard convert at the next level, like Brandon Moore of the New York Jets, if things don't workout on defense.

These defensive line to offensive line converts are fairly trendy these days in the NFL. And, unlike the wide receiver to tight end converts, these moves seem to actually pan out on the field for players.

As a defensive tackle, the 6' 5", 305 pound Montgomery did a solid job in 2005, registering 41 tackles (6TFL's) and 3 sacks for a struggling Gophers defense. He's got a chance to make it in the NFL on defense. But as we stated, the option of moving to guard can only help him make the NFL.

***** has posted the workout numbers and facts from Northwestern's Pro Day.....The Wildcats top three draft eligible prospects, including quarterback Brett Basenez, did not workout much (or at all) after participating at the recently concluded Combine. comment: All things considered, this is a very solid draft class for Northwestern and don't forget, the Wildcats lost NFL prospect Jeff Backus (S/KR) to a career ending back injury last summer and star defensive end Loren Howard transfered to Arizona State prior to the season.

last updated: 3/06/06 does a fantastic job tracking Pro Days -- Checkout full details on Minnesota & Utah's Pro Day, which we'll comment on soon.


The following is a list of top sophomore safety prospects, very loosely ranked. It's still very early and things can change significantly -- new names will emerge and rankings will change in time.

Tom Zbikowski ~ Notre Dame

Josh Pinkard ~ Southern Califonia

Reggie Nelson ~ Florida

Anthony Reddick ~ Miami (Florida)

C.J. Gaddis ~ Clemson

Christian Varner ~ Maryland

Japhus Brown ~ Texas A & M

Marcus Watts ~ Kansas State

Jamar Adams ~ Michigan

Jason Venson ~ Central Florida

Tierre Green ~ Nebraska

Marty Tadman ~ Boise State

Chris Davis ~ Duke

Sir Darean Adams ~ Michigan State

Quentin Demps ~ Texas El-Paso

Miguel Scott ~ North Carolina State

James Silva ~ Boston College

Tony LeZotte ~ James Madison

Tyrell Johnson ~ Arkansas State

Marquis Carpenter ~ Texas A&M

Brandon Sumrall ~ Southern Miss

Darien Williams ~ Oklahoma

Rocky Schwartz ~ Houston

Aaron Weathers ~ North Texas

Corey Lynch ~ Appalachian State

***** is reporting Texas A & M wide receiver DeQawn Mobley (6-1, 200) ran his 40s in 4.45 and 4.46 seconds. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.19 seconds and displayed a 36’ vertical leap.

Mobley was a very highly regarded JC transfer who made his way to College Station from the tough streets of the Bronx, New York. Mobley had a solid career for the Aggies, but 35 receptions for only 546 yards and 3 touchdowns wasn’t great production over two seasons. It’s not real likely he’ll be drafted before round 7 (or at all), but he could be a worthy practice squad/developmental prospect due to tremendous physical talent.


We reported this weekend that Texas A & M safety Jaxson Appel ( 5’ 10", 193) ran the 40 yard dash in 4.54 seconds at Aggies Pro Day last weekend. Today, is reporting Appel ran his 40 times in 4.53 and 4.46 seconds.

Appel is player we had ranked among our top 10 safeties all season and was in our top 5 for a while based on his career production. After he didn’t get a sniff at the Senior Bowl or the Combine (which invited 64 defensive backs), we dropped him from our top 15 safety prospects because a source told us he was "too slow", which is why he wasn’t really highly regarded by NFL teams....His recent 40 times show Appel is much faster than anyone believed and the sad part is, his great career as a four year starter basically went unnoticed to many scouts. Appel has a chance to be drafted, but history shows about 85 to 90% of drafted players not invited to the Combine are selected between the 5th and 7th round.


Our friend Russ D. informed us that top Division III wide receiver prospect Andy Wellendorf told a Cincinnati radio station he hopes to workout at Miami (Ohio's) Pro Day soon.....The 6' 5" wide receiver, with reported 4.5 speed, is hoping to attract the attention of coaches and scouts in order to get at least a free agent deal.


We recently received some E-Mails/contact messages from some Grambling State fans looking for input on some the Tigers better prospects. Going through our blog archives, it's easy to see we've probably spent more time on Grambling than any other Division I-AA, so we certainly aren't selling Grambling players short.

QB Bruce Eugene -- This talented Grambling quarterback has received close attention from several NFL teams, including Baltimore, Kansas City and Jacksonville -- Jags VP James Harris, who went to Grambling and is from the same town as Eugene, likes him a lot.....Eugene threw 56 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions in 2005.....Eugene was adequate at the Combine, we think. Our notes have him throwing the ball at 55 mph (not great; not bad either) and running the 40 yard dash in 5.08 seconds....Big knock on Eugene, who we've featured dozens of times in our blog notes, is his size. He lost a significant amount of weight (30 pounds?) to get down to 260 pounds for the Combine. That's a good job on his part, but he's still listed at 6' 1" and 260 pounds, which seems to be less than ideal size for an NFL quarterback...We think, at this point, Eugene will either be a 7th round pick or a free agent.

DE Jason Hatcher -- Full sized defensive end (285 pounds), who was reported to possess sub 4.7 second speed in the 40 yard dash, had a solid overall showing at the Combine. We have him unofficially at 4.91 seconds in the 40 yard dash at the Combine. That's not as good as Hatcher would've liked, but it's not terrible either considering his size. Hatcher could improve his 40 time at Pro Day and we think he has an excellent chance to be drafted between the 4th and 6th rounds.

As far as the Grambling juniors, we have several Tigers on our Junior Watch List....We think, at this point, fullback Ruben Mayes, a transfer from Tennessee, may be the best of the group, but it's still way too early to project.


As we mentioned below, the University of Richmond will hold it's Pro Day today. One player to watch out for, as a long shot NFL prospect, is the Spiders 6'2", 235 pound quarterback Stacy Tutt, who rushed for 996 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2005.

Word is Tutt is a decent quarterback on the Division I-AA level, but if he's going to make it in the NFL, it will be on special teams and some other position -- safety? Pound per pound, Tutt is very strong and he is said to be pretty fast too (4.5?). With strong workouts, he'll get a legimate chance somewhere.

Richmond's best pro prospect, looking forward, is probably 2005 redshirt sophomore Sherman Logan, a 6' 4', 245 pound impact defensive end/linebacker. Logan, who's career almost ended prematurely due to a serious spine injury in 2004, made his collegiate debut for the Spiders last season and racked up 54 tackles, 11 sacks and 13.5 TFL's for Richmond....Logan's got a long way to go before he can even consider the NFL, but he's definitely a player to watch.


Former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick pleaded guilty today in Hampton to two traffic charges that helped cost him his college football career.


NFL News: Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington will leave the team that drafted him 2nd overall in 2000.....An official with knowledge of the transaction, speaking to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said Arrington agreed to a buyout that relinquished more than $4 million rather than restructure his contract in a way that would allow him to remain in Washington. comment: After losing linebacker Antonio Pierce to the New York Giants last season via free agency, this is a tough loss, despite the baggage Arrington brought at times....Good news for the Redskins is this is great draft for a team in need of linebackers. Bad news is the Redskins don't have a first round pick in the upcoming draft and have significant needs at other spots to fill -- namely wide receiver.


Today's scheduled Pro Days:

Minnesota Gophers -- Minnesota running back Laurence Maroney, a possible first round pick, will not work out or be present at the Golden Gophers Pro Day today due to a strained hamstring. He intends to schedule a private workout at some point before the draft.

Utah Utes -- According to the Deseret News, players working out for NFL scouts should include running back Quinton Ganther; wide receivers Travis LaTendresse and John Madsen; offensive linemen Jesse Boone and David Dirkmaat; defensive tackle Steve Fifita and linebacker Spencer Toone.

Montana Grizzlies

Northwest Missouri State Bearcats -- Check out our March 3rd blog notes for info on NWM State defensive end Dave Tollefson, who impressed at Missouri's Pro Day last week.

Richmond Spiders


Yahoo! Sports Charles Robinson does a nice job breaking down Miami's most recent Pro Day....Solid information and projections on six Hurricanes, including athletic linebacker Roger McIntosh, who we think would make an excellent third round pick (or maybe low second) for some team.


Gil Brandt, analyst, writes some post-Combine thoughts -- defense.


Given the fact we are based in the Northeast and have covered the Ivy League quite a bit on this site, we were asked by several E-mailer’s recently if Yale’s March 2nd Pro Day was held as scheduled?

Truth is we don’t know, but we will attempt to check into it. We do know a fairly significant snow storm hit the state of Connecticut that day, so there is a good chance the Pro Day was postponed or canceled. While we are on the topic, we’d like to mention a pair of talented Yale Bulldogs that we will try to keep a close on going forward:

QB Jeff Mroz -- Big, strong armed senior quarterback (6' 5",230), who we know for a fact NFL scouts followed closely last fall. Mroz, who threw 22 touchdowns and completed nearly 60 percent of his attempts in 2005, just "looks the part" of an NFL prospect, due to his size and arm strength. Kind of looks like the Ivies version of Ben Roethlisberger, in terms of size and build.......He took the 2004 season off to enter the business world, but returned strong and more determined to make a run at the NFL.......Considering he didn’t get a All-Star or Combine invite, it would be silly to project him as a likely draft pick. But knowing NFL teams are always looking for big quarterbacks with strong arms, he will get a chance if he performs well in workouts. A lack of game experience and limited mobility are two negatives to his game, we think. Must also become more consistent and cut down on the interceptions.

WR Ashley Wright -- Wright, a wide receiver/punter for the Bulldogs, was one of the most impressive small school juniors we saw in 2005. At 6’ 4" and 190 pounds, with surprising speed and athletic ability for a big fellow that wears number 30, Wright almost looks out of place in the Ivy League as an athlete. Our first thought after watching him last season, was how did a kid this talented get away from major conference "academic schools" like Vanderbilt, Northwestern and Stanford?.....Former high school track star, who led the Bulldogs with 61 receptions for 795 yards and 10 touchdowns in only 10 games last season....It’s too early to project this gifted junior's pro potential, but if he displays adequate speed for NFL scouts down the road, we don’t see why he wouldn’t be given serious draft consideration.

last updated: 3/05/06

NFL News: Linebacker LaVar Arrington will leave the Redskins. An official with knowledge of the transaction, speaking to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said Arrington agreed to a buyout that relinquished more than $4 million rather than restructure his contract in a way that would allow him to remain in Washington.


Closer look at Florida International's (Sun Belt Conference) most recent Pro Day, were cornerback/safety Nick Turnbull left some scouts in awe. comment: Florida International's Nick Turnbull is a player that was absolutely dominant in the secondary for the Golden Panthers during his career. Mostly considered a safety, but he has also played cornerback for head coach Don Strock to best utilize his speed and athletic ability. The 6' 2", 215 pound Turnbull had 265 career tackles, 16 interceptions (75 tackles; 5 Int's in 2004).

A respected national draft writer once told us scouts he spoke to were shocked Turnbull didn't sign with Miami (Florida) or some other major conference school (ACC or SEC) coming out of the prep ranks. If Turnbull can get over the abdominal strain and workout at 100% before the draft, there is a chance he can be drafted.


Article linking the Green Bay Packers and ACC defensive end Mario Williams.


For the last few seasons, the Harding Bisons defense was led by star safety/linebacker Torrance "Tank" Daniels, who is 6' 4", 235 pounds and ran the 40 yard dash in an impressive 4.5 seconds for NFL scouts in the spring of 2005.

Daniels finished his career with a total of 231 career tackles, 15 sacks and seven interceptions. This Division II star has the frame to add some weight and play outside linebacker at the next level or could, possibly, stay at safety if he shows impressive speed again.

Making it to the NFL is very tough for any D-2 player, but Daniels, a 7th round or priority free agent candidate at this point, has a chance. He could improve his stock quite a bit if he can find his way to some Division I school's Pro Day (University of Arkansas?) and workout out well again for scouts.

Daniels game has improved considerably at Harding due to the coaching efforts of former Harding secondary coach Ronnie Huckeba. Ronnie's son Jeb Huckeba, a former Arkansas linebacker/defensive end, was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks last spring.


Allen Wilson of The Buffalo News takes an in depth look at the prospects who helped their stock and those that hurt their stock at last week's NFL Combine.


NFL News: Wide receiver Isaac Bruce , the last remaining member of the former Los Angeles Rams to make his way Missouri when the team moved in 1995, may be cut by the St. Louis Rams soon due to a contract squabble. comment: If the Rams do cut the 33 year old Bruce, we feel they will still have a solid pair of starting receivers with Tory Holt and speedy Kevin Curtis leading the way. Don’t be surprised, however, if the Rams select a receiver between the 3rd and 5th rounds to add some depth to a unit that already includes quality backups Shaun McDonald and Dane Looker.

Also, the Rams could help out quarterback Marc Bulger quite a bit if they can add a quality receiving tight end, something they’ve lacked since Ernie Conwell left via free agency. Tight end Vernon Davis of Maryland would be a great pick up for the Rams in round one, but it's doubtful he will be available at pick number 11 after the most recent Combine.


Quick glance at Iowa linebacker Chad Greenway, who also worked out with the defensive backs at the Combine.


Boise State held it’s Pro Day and has posted the results of the top Broncos seniors. Below we’ll take a quick glance at two Broncos seniors with a solid chance to be drafted this season and three younger Broncos, that could make some noise down the road:

OT Darren Colledge -- After a superb showing at the Combine (5.04 40 yard dash), Colledge only had a limited Pro Day work out, displaying his freakish 36’ vertical for a big 300 pounder again and lifting 225 pounds 22 times....We met a lot of bright players at the Senior Bowl, but Colledge really stood as very intelligent and focused. We think he’s a first round caliber athlete, but even if he isn’t selected that high, he presents "great value" to any team that selects him in round two.

DT Alex Guerrero -- This defensive tackle posted super numbers at Pro Day yesterday for a 303 pound athlete -- ran his 40’s in 5.06 and 5.09 seconds, completed the short shuttle in a very strong 4.33 seconds and displayed a 33" vertical leap.......Alex is a reader of and informed us via E-Mail he feels "slighted" by draft sites and the media in general when it comes to projecting his NFL potential. Considering the great career he had at Boise, and the quality workout numbers he put up at Pro Day, he might be right.....Guerrero has a chance to be drafted in the latter rounds. At the very least, he’s going to be a priority free agent, who should have a legitimate shot to make an NFL roster due to his size, strength and hustle. He’s right, he probably isn’t getting enough respect from folks like us, but playing in the WAC, where offense rules, he’s in a tough spot.

Some Younger Broncos to watch:

LB Korey Hall -- 6’ 1", 230 pound junior linebacker led the Broncos in tackles in 2005 (105) and has 282 career tackles already. This Idaho native is a quality college linebacker, who should vie for All-American honors next season. If he displays solid workout numbers after next season, he’ll be seen as a definite NFL prospect.

WR Legedu Naanee -- Another 2005 season junior. While fellow Broncos wide receiver/NFL prospect Drisan James gets most of the attention from the media, Naanee has the attention of NFL scouts. Naanee, a former Boise State quarterback, is a total weight room freak. At 6’ 2" and 225 pounds, he packs quite punch going over the middle. Naanee’s speed numbers are unknown to us, but even if he doesn’t run a real fast 40, he’s got the type of size and strength to play H-Back in the NFL.

S Marty Tadman -- Fascinating personal story for the once very troubled Tadman, who was recruited by all the top schools in America (Notre Dame, USC, ect.), but went to Boise State to get away from the temptations of the big cities and major football universities. Registered 101 tackles and 5 interceptions for the Broncos in 2005 as a sophomore. Has great speed and overall athletic ability, although his listed size of 5’ 11’ and 175 shows he needs to add bulk. Can probably even play cornerback in the WAC and excel.


More news from Texas A & M's Pro Day yesterday, including info on offensive tackle Jami Hightower.


Texas A & M held it's Pro Day yesterday and per the information we have gotten, a pair of skill positions athletes and a very strong guard were standouts.

Jaxson Appel, strong safety, ran a solid 4.54 in the 40-yard dash and turned in a decent 4.21 in the short shuttle.

Jason Carter, Wide receiver, ran the 40 yard dash in 4.64 seconds and did his short shuttle in an outstanding 4.00 seconds flat.

Aldo De La Garza, guard, reportedly impressed scouts doing 42 reps on the 225 pound bench press. comments:

Jaxson Appel -- We've always thought very highly of Appel, who was clearly one of the better college safeties in America the last few seasons. 344 career tackles and 11 career interceptions is outstanding production. Pound per pound, Appel is as tough as they come and he'll play through injuries.....The knock on Appel has been his speed and size (5' 11", 200), but if yesterday's showing is any indication, he is faster than most expected he would be and no one should question his toughness.....Yesterday's workouts may have put him in a position to be drafted in the latter rounds. At the very least, it gives him a chance as a very high priority free agent.

Jason Carter -- With only six career starts coming into the 2005 season, Carter is a player that probably never expected to be an NFL prospect. But when a rash of injuries hit the Aggies receiving crop, Carter was thrust into action and responded with a huge season -- 54 receptions, 15.3 yard average and 6 TD's, for a program more known for running the ball. Also played real well in East-West game.....Carter doesn't have great size or ideal NFL speed, but he's got solid hands and great body control when going for the football in the air.....Like Appel, Carter likely projects as a latter round pick or high priority free agent.

Aldo De La Garza -- Has been a key starter for the Aggies since his sophomore season. Is particularly strong as a run blocker. Excellent size at 6' 4", 324 pounds and very strong, as you can tell by the 42 reps....Good team player, also. De La Garza is a probably another Day 2/free agent type prospect, but don't forget this name going forward. He's a solid football player.

last updated: 3/04/06
** does a fantastic job tracking NFL Pro Days --Checkout full details on Miami's Pro Day.


Miami cornerback Devin Hester followed a disappointing workout at the NFL scouting combine with a stunning time of 4.27 seconds in the 40-yard dash at Miami's timing day for all 32 pro teams Saturday. Note: Pro Day 40 yard dash's are "hand-timed" by NFL several scouts, so you may see different 40 times reported to various media outlets for the same player.


Recently we got an informative E-mail/contact message from someone close to Duke junior defensive end Eli Nichols, who is on our Junior Watch List. We very much want to reply to the contact message, as the person asked us to, but he didn’t leave a return E-Mail address. If he can send that to us, we will be happy to reply.

While we just mentioned Eli Nichols, we might as well take a quick look at the junior who showed us glimpses of talent in 2004 and 2005 on film. He is definitely a player we will follow closely next season. Nichols is an athletic 6’ 4", 260 pound edge rusher, with decent speed (4.8?) and a 34.5" vertical. He is the strongest member of Duke’s team with a 475 bench and 30 reps at 225 pounds.

He has led a struggling Duke team (1-10 in 2005) in sacks and averaged 47 tackles the last two seasons, despite facing a steady dose of double and triple teams. Nichols also showed versatility playing some nose guard and defensive tackle in 2005 because of Duke's depth problems on the defensive line. Eli is also an Academic All-American, who will earn his degree this May in Mechanical Engineering and then a Masters degree by next May.


While we are on the topic, another Duke junior very worthy of being followed closely next season is 5’ 11", 180 pound cornerback John Talley. He was clearly the Blue Devils best player and should be one of the premiere college cornerbacks in nation next season. However, not a lot of folks know about him because he plays for Duke, which doesn't get a lot of national media attention. Talley has a nose for the football and is a much better tackler than you’d expect for a cornerback. He had a nice junior season, registering 51 tackles, 5 interceptions and 8 PD’s for the Blue Devils in 2005.


Gil Brandt, analyst, writes some post-Combine thoughts -- offense.


LSU defensive tackle Claude Wroten is a fine a football player, but his tough off-season may have gotten worse today: is reporting Wroten, who was kicked off the Senior Bowl roster due to an arrest and sat out the Combine, had a very weird Pro Day today.

He only did 24 bench press lifts of 225 pounds (a little below average for a DT) and then "pulled up on his first 40 run"....We aren't exactly sure what they mean by "pulled up", but we assume he didn't finish his 40 yard dash and other drills due to some sort of injury.

Average 2005 Combine Bench Press:

Defensive Tackle -- 26

Defensive End -- 23

Nose Tackle -- 29

Outside Linebacker -- 23

Inside Linebacker -- 26

Free Safety -- 19

Strong Safety -- 18

Cornerback -- 15


Linebacker 40 Times at the Combine -- Note: Most of the better times are by smaller/lighter, borderline safety prospects:

Jon Alston ~ Stanford: 4.43 & 4.50

James Anderson ~ Virginia Tech: 4.65 & 4.58

Chad Greenway ~ Iowa: 4.75 & 4.74

Spencer Havner ~ UCLA: 4.72 & 4.73

A.J. Hawk ~ Ohio State: 4.57 & 4.60

Abdul Hodge ~ Iowa: 4.80 & 4.76

Thomas Howard ~ UTEP: 4.52 & 4.45

Clint Ingram ~ Oklahoma: 4.65 & 4.62

D'Qwell Jackson ~ Maryland: 4.82 & 4.70

Brandon Johnson ~ Louisville: 4.52 & 4.56

Tim McGarigle ~ Northwestern : 4.73 & 4.75

Roger McIntosh ~ Miami (Florida): 4.61 & 4.61

Terna Nande ~ Miami (Ohio): 4.53 & 4.55

A.J. Nicholson ~ Florida State: 4.87 & 4.90

Kai Parham ~ Virginia: 5.03 & 5.11

Freddie Roach ~ Alabama: 4.92 & 4.94

DeMeco Ryans ~ Alabama: 4.62 & 4.65

Ernie Sims ~ Florida State: 4.53 & 4.51

Gerris Wilkinson ~ Georgia Tech: 4.76 & 4.70

Leon Williams ~ Miami (Florida): 4.62 & 4.65

Jamar Williams ~ Arizona State: 4.62 & 4.64

Travis Williams ~ Auburn: 4.56 & 4.56

******* Spotlight on the Draft: Auburn offensive tackle Marcus McNeill.


Colorado paper looks at three local prospects quest to make the NFL: wide receivers Jeremy Bloom of Colorado and David Anderson of Colorado State. As well as Northern Colorado safety Reed Doughty.....NFL scout gives his opinion on all 3 players in the article.


Big Ten superstars A.J Hawk and Bobby Carpenter of Ohio State and Chad Greenway of Iowa lead a large group of very talented linebackers in the upcoming draft.


Did Penn State quaterback/athlete Michael Robinson hurt his draft stock by refusing to workout at the Combine?


After a fine showing at the Combine, Hofstra wide receiver Marques Colston draft stock is improving.


The Miami Hurricanes top senior prospects get ready for today's Pro Day in Coral Gables, Florida.....While some of the big stars may not workout fresh from the Combine, 2nd tier prospects like safety Greg Threat hope to impress scouts today.

***** reports Texas El-Paso wide receiver Jason Boyd (6-3 3/4, 222) ran his 40s in 4.59 and 4.57 seconds and displayed a 35.5" vertical leap at the schools' Pro Day Friday. reports Texas El-Paso running back Tyler Ebell (5-8 3/8, 182) ran his 40s in 4.57 and 4.60 seconds and finished the short shuttle in 4.16 seconds at the schools' Pro Day Friday. reports Texas El-Paso wide receiver Chris Francies (6 3/4, 193) ran his 40s in 4.53 and 4.53 seconds and displayed a 36" vertical leap at the schools' Pro Day Friday. reports Texas El-Paso defensive tackle Chris Mineo (6-1 3/8, 295) ran his 40s in 5.21 and 5.21 seconds and did 26 bench press reps at 225 pounds at the schools' Pro Day Friday. comment: For more info and complete workout numbers from UTEP’s Pro Day, please check out, which does a fantastic job keeping track of the workouts....After a solid showing at the Combine this week, linebacker Thomas Howard did not need to work out at Pro Day. We'd say both receivers -- Boyd and Francies -- have the best chance to be drafted, among the players that worked out a Pro Day. Both have excellent size and had productive 2005 seasons for UTEP. Our guess is they are both latter round, Day 2 types or high priority free agents.

Mineo is a high-motor player and very productive, but his lack of ideal size, coupled with average workout numbers, will likely mean he'll be an undrafted free agent. But don't count him out, he shows up when the whistle blows, which matters most.....The smallish Ebell, a UCLA transfer, has the look of a free agent too.


Some potential impact juniors to watch out for next season at Texas El-Paso:

QB ~ Jordan Palmer -- 6' 5", 230 pounder is a virtual clone of his older brother Carson Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals, except he doesn't have his brother's arm strength or accuracy. Definite NFL prospect, nonetheless.

WR ~ Johnnie Lee Higgins -- Speedy wide receiver/kick returner should be one of the most dynamic playmakers in America next season. Also a definite NFL prospect.

FS ~ Joe Fleskoski -- The more we watch this 6' 1", 200 pound safety that hits like a linebacker, the more we like him. Good athlete with a nose for the football. Junior Watch List


Can't be more specific, but.....Please support our site by helping those that support our site.

last updated: 3/03/06

Abilene Christian defensive back Danieal Manning ran in front of NFL Scouts at the NFL Combine Tuesday in preparation for the draft....Manning worked out with receivers and defensive backs in Indy.

Info on four ACU prospects getting ready for the schools upcoming NFL Pro Day, including defensive end Clayton Farrell, who had 4 sacks in the Cactus Bowl (D-2 All-Star game), but could be shifting to the offensive line in the NFL.

******* Senior Analyst Pat Kirwan writes NFL roster purges (cap cuts) might just be business as usual.


Look at Clemson wide receiver Chansi Stuckey, a junior not eligible for the upcoming draft, who hopes to be one the better players in the ACC next season.


A small school player to keep an eye on is Northwest Missouri State defensive end Dave Tollefson (6' 4", 255), who had a game high six tackles at the Hula Bowl. is reporting Tollefson ran the 40 yard dash in 4.72 seconds yesterday at Missouri's Pro Day. He also did 27 bench press reps of 225 pounds and displayed a 34.5" vertical leap.

Tollefson, a Division II star, collected 12.5 sacks and 16.5 TFL's in 2005. We were able to watch Tolefson twice last season and he impressed us with his tenacity and closing speed coming off the edge. Coming from a D-2 school won't help his chances to be drafted, but he has a shot to be a latter round pick based on his performances at the Hula Bowl and Pro Day.


Missouri linebacker Derrick Ming , at the request of the Indianapolis Colts, worked at fullback yesterday and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports he may've been the star of Pro Day for the Tigers.....Ming tested high in every speed and agility test for more than 15 NFL scouts. He bench pressed 225 pounds 25 times, ran a 4.47 second 40-yard dash and had a vertical leap of 35.5".


The Columbia Missourian reports NFL scouts were very fascinated with a 6' 2" cornerback named Tarrence Rhodes out of Missouri Valley College who ran a 4.36 40 at Missouri's Pro Day....Reportedly, scouts from most of the the 16 NFL teams present yesterday requested Missouri Valley game video so they could take a closer look at Rhodes.


Safety Jason Simpson and cornerback Marcus King among the top seniors working out at the Missouri's Pro Day yesterday.

******* NFL Combine -- Players on the rise NFL Combine -- Players on the decline


Nine scouts from eight different NFL teams attended Baylor's Pro Day yesterday, to see some legit NFL prospects not invited to the Combine like outside linebacker Colin Allred, who was clocked at 4.75 seconds in the 40-yard dash. comment: In addition to seeing legit NFL prospects, NFL scouts got to catch 5' 3", 145 pound walk-on running back Phil Tran, who couldn't lift 225 pounds or run a decent 40, but he did a nice job on the Wonderlic.


You knew it was bound to happen again: A college basketball coach claiming his power forward -- Jai Lewis, with almost no football experience, is NFL draft worthy. comment:Last spring it seemed like we spent half our blog space (half kidding) writing about NFL teams chasing obscure, non NBA prospects with no college football experience in a quest to find the next Antonio Gates from the world of college basketball.

The names seemed endless: Chevon Troutman from Pitt, Wesley Duke from Mercer, Matt Jones from Appalachian State (son of ex-NBA player Bobby Jones), Corey Lamkin from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Chucky Hayes from Kentucky, Joey Hawkins from Texas Tech and others we just don't even remember.

How has that group fared?

Well, the Denver Broncos signed Wesley Duke to their 53 man roster at the end of the season, making him the only "Gates type project" to make a roster in 2005. Good for him, but don't expect Duke, a former power forward from Mercer College, to get much playing time soon, except in NFL Europe. He's more of a project for down the road.......Lamkin was on the New York Jets practice squad, but we don't read too much into that, except he's another project.......We spotted Hawkins on the Colts roster when they played Denver in the pre-season, but he was no where to be found during the season and might be headed to NFL Europe too.

The big name from last spring was clearly power forward Chevon Troutman from Pitt, as it seemed a week never went by without some football writer tagging him the "next Gates". Troutman signed with the Redskins soon after the draft with much fanfare, but couldn't cut it in football and simply walked away, likely for good, after a few spring practices with Redskins rookies.

There is definitely nothing wrong with NFL teams searching all available talent, but true NFL insiders will tell you the chances of finding another starting football player anywhere with absolutely no college football experience is very remote. Some of those insiders will go as far as saying teams that spend too much time scouting these players are foolish, despite the Gates story.


Our good friend Glenn Bernardi has put a lot of thought and time into his most recently revised 3 round mock draft and sent it to us tonight. Glenn, an avid draft follower since the 1970's, is a great student of game and it's history and brings a nice dimension to the site.


The New York Giants may be focus on defensive talent in the draft and free agency.

last updated: 3/02/06

We talked to several Florida State players at the Senior Bowl in Mobile and asked them if anyone from FSU is a first round pick, who would it be in their opinion?

They all said defensive tackle Broderick Bunkley. Next, we asked them why and they said basically he's a monster -- which he showed at the Combine this week, running a 4.99 40 at over 300 pounds and doing 44 bench press reps.

He really is a great player and carries a legit latter first to early second round projection. We wouldn't rank him higher than Gabe Watson or Haloti Ngata, at this point, but he's right up there.


Closer look at Michigan defensive tackle Gabe Watson, who we met at the senior Bowl and impressed us. Was dominate that week in Mobile, and we think, based on potential, he is worthy of a first round selection, despite the fact some deemed him an underacheiver in college.


No player with ties to Louisiana did more at this week's NFL Scouting Combine to improve his draft ranking than LSU offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth.


Texas defensive tackle Rod Wright discusses the Combine -- running drills, taking tests, meeting with teams and the biggest topic of the combine -- Vince Young's Wonderlic score.

******* Site Note: We are currently in the process of updating all our rankings, as well as adding more information, in an attempt to make the best free draft site on the Net....We just finished updating our top Senior Rankings list and we'd like to make some quick points below.

**Trying to rank these players accurately is nearly impossible, but we are doing the best we can. At some positions (like safety, wide receiver and cornerback) we see very little difference, for example, between the 4th and the 10th player we have ranked a lot of times. So these ranking are never absolutely set and always changing.

** From the very beginning we've said Maryland tight end Vernon Davis was the top tight end in America. However, according to some scouts, there was a fear among NFL teams that he was only 6' 1", which is very short for a pro tight end. Davis measured in at a little over 6' 3" at the Combine, which is still a little short for a top tight end. However, that's good enough for us to place him above all the other tights ends, considering his workouts and, more importantly, college production.

**Insiders are saying Chad Greenway dropped a bit at the Combine after running a 4.74 40 and doing only 16 reps, but he still appears to be a very solid first round pick. One 4.74 second run a track in February can't erase a great career, a stellar Senior Bowl and a solid overall Combine -- NFL teams are still very impressed with his athletic ability and even worked him out at safety at the Combine this week.


Former University of Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski said he was very satisfied with his performance at last week's NFL Combine in Indianapolis and hopes to be be drafted somewhere between the third and fifth rounds.


Western Michigan tight end Tony Scheffler, a former college baseball player, is looking more and more like a Day 1 NFL prospect after running a sterling 4.54 40 at 6' 5" and 254 pounds.


Although Vince Young declared for the draft, the quarterback position remains very strong going into the next college season with Brady Quinn of Notre Dame and Drew Stanton of Michigan State leading the way.

Right after the 2004 season, we ranked then Vanderbilt junior Jay Cutler among the top 3 quarterback's in his class. We showed some foresight there, as most pay sites didn't even rank Cutler among the top 10 quarterbacks in his own class in the summer and early fall of 2005.

We have been asked several times who we think the next "Jay Cutler type" might be in the current junior class -- player that may surprise folks with his play and physical skills. This is tough, as it's still early, but we believe Stanford's Trent Edwards could be in line to make a huge move upward next season, if he can come up with a big senior season and, much more importantly, if he can stay away from injuries for a full season.

Although he was "nagged" by injuries from time to time last season, Edwards did play in 11 games in 2005 and fared well statistically, completing 63% of his attempts and throwing 17 touchdowns (only 7 interceptions). In terms of physical skills, insiders tell us the 6' 4", 220 pound cannon-armed quarterback is very highly regarded by PAC-10 coaches and NFL regional scouts.


Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press reported USC quarterback Matt Leinart reportedly scored a 35 on the Wonderlic test at the NFL Combine.


Look back at some of the winners and losers at the NFL Combine.


CBS Sportline Shoppers' Guide: Ranking Top 50 NFL free agents, led by Seattle guard Steve Hutchinson.


The Miami Dolphins and others rush to cut salary....The NFL, long a model for success, faces a crisis situation today as labor negotiations lag and teams prepare to dump veteran players in drastic cost-cutting measures.

last updated: 3/01/06
** reports SMU cornerback Rolando Humphrey, ran his 40s in 4.35 with wind and 4.45 against the wind and completed the short shuttle in 4.16 seconds. reports SMU safety Alvin Nnabuife ran his 40s in 4.59 with wind and 4.65 against the wind and had a 40½" vertical jump.

Related item: Look at some of SMU's top players in 2005, including some juniors that may make some noise next season.


Look at UCLA linebacker Spencer Havner's performance at the Combine....We spent a lot with time with Spencer at the Senior Bowl in Mobile and he's a good person, as well as a terrific athlete, who really wants to be given the chance to be an impact player in the NFL.


Our good friend Art C. E-mailed the site: "I've been following the draft since 1971 and I have never seen as many fast 40 times as those posted at this year's combine. Do you men have any idea why - new running surface?"

DD: Yes Art (and for those draft fans that don't know) this year's combine was held on new FieldTurf surface, considered faster than the old, tough AstroTurf, replaced in the RCA dome. FieldTurf has an advanced cushioning system designed to imitate grass, as well as a synthetic surface that has better traction than traditional grass, all of which adds up to faster times than in year's previous.


Note: to fans (including our friend Art) that have emailed the site through the contact page - if you do not put your email address in the message or name boxes we cannot reply privately. Thank you.


A few more "unofficial" 40 times from the Combine Tuesday:

Florida safety Jarvis Herring -- 4.82

Arizona safety Darrell Brooks -- 4.74

Pitt cornerback Josh Lay --4.49


Central Michigan held it's Junior Pro Day today, for seniors-to-be to show off for scouts.....Who, cares, right?

Not so fast, a pair 2005 CMU juniors -- DE Daniel Bauzin and OT Joe Staley -- are among the top returning prospects in college football.......Staley, a 6' 5", 300 pound tackle ran the 40 in a sterling 4.7 seconds. And Bauzin, who had 16 sacks and 26.5 tackles for losses in 2005 ran even better.

Find Staley and Bauzin at's 2005 juniors watch list.


Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports does a new mock draft, with Vince Young headed to the Raiders.


Straight shooting Rick Telander, one of our favorite national writers, gives his candid opinion on Vince Young and the Wonderlic exam. Excellent article, as Telander takes a sample Wonderlic and claims the test is almost too easy. comment: Rick Telander, a former defensive back at Northwestern, was drafted 198th overall in 1971 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. That's a little known fact about Rick.


Former Kansas University defensive back Charles Gordon clocked unofficial times of 4.53 and 4.62 seconds in the 40-yard dash at Tuesday’s NFL Combine, according to the NFL Network, which falls short of the elite cornerbacks. comment: We've always liked Gordon as a cornerback, particularly after his sterling sophomore season in 2004. But we get the feeling the average 40 times, coupled with size issues (he's 5' 9") and lack of experience at corner (he played wide receiver in 2005) will cause him to drop into Day 2 of the draft. Nonethess, even if does slip a bit, he should still be an excellent value pick. Question is, where does he fit, wide receiver or defensive back?


Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler is suddenly the hot topic of the NFL Draft.


Colorado State wide receiver David Anderson, who we watched grab 14 receptions for 300 yards and 3 TD's in weeks 7 and 8 against the MWC's top two corners (D. Martin & G. Fulbright) in 2005, catches the eye of the Denver Broncos with a solid Combine performance.


The Central Florida Golden Knights, who went from 0-11 in 2004 to Bowl eligible in 2005, kickoff the long schedule of NFL Pro Days today.....Below, we take a quick glance at 3 UCF prospects that will keep scouts busy tomorrow.

WR Brandon Marshall ~ Central Florida -- Marshall is a player that literally came out of nowhere to have a great senior season for the Golden Knights. In 2004, as a junior, Marshall had a total of 8 receptions for 84 yards, starting three games at wide receiver and seven at safety.......The 6' 4", 230 pounder was moved back to wide receiver during the spring and that move paid off, as he put up huge numbers last season for the Knights -- 74 receptions, for 1,195 yards and 11 touchdowns. Played well at the Hula Bowl, which earned him a Combine invite, where he displayed impressive 4.50 speed. May not work out again, after doing drills at the Combine recently.

DE Paul Carrington ~ Central Florida -- Very tall, skinny defensive end (260 pounds), who came on big time in 2005 as a redshirt senior for the Golden Knights. He led the defense with 9 sacks last season. Carrington is the type of player that can be drafted on Day 2 if he fares well at Pro Day, as some NFL scouts will like the fact he still has room to add weight to his tall frame. Good athlete for his size.

TE Darcy Johnson ~ Central Florida -- This 6’ 5", 256 pound tight end had a solid season for the Golden Knights -- 36 receptions for 435 yards and 2 touchdowns. Decent blocker, who can create match up problems in the secondary with his athletic ability. Played in the Las Vegas Classic. Did not received an invite to the Combine, so he must impress at Pro Day.


Not only did Syracuse defensive end Ryan LaCasse, a big favorite during the 2005 season, run the second fastest 40 time (4.54) of all the defensive linemen in Indy, he bench pressed 225 pounds 34 times and ran the important short shuttle in a respectable 4.30 seconds. LaCasse fared so well in Indy, expect him to be in street clothes for Syracuse's Pro Day, as he has nothing more to prove to NFL scouts in workouts.


LaCasse wasn't the only former Orange defensive end that fared well in Indy, his line partner James Wyche also worked out well, running the 40 yard dash in 4.63 seconds Monday.


While the 40 yard dash is most scrutinized by fans and the media, for linebackers (as well as other positions) the shuttle drills, which show off a players ability to "play football fast", may be more important to NFL teams....2005 article explains this.

Top Group 10 Linebacker Short Shuttles from Tuesday

A.J. Hawk Ohio State 3.96

James Anderson Va. Tech 4.07

Spencer Havner UCLA 4.07

Tim McGarigle Northwestern 4.07

Clint Ingram Oklahoma 4.10


Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick has been an impressive at the Combine: 4.42 40 yard dash; 36" vertical and a sparkling 4.08 short shuttle. However, an inside source has told us Vick has not impressed in interviews and several NFL teams won't even touch him, fearing his history of off-field problems will continue.


Unofficial reports are that hard hitting Texas Tech safety Dwayne Slay ran a 4.85 40 at the Combine yesterday.


Unofficial reports are that talented Alabama linebacker DeMeco Ryans ran his 40's in 4.61 & 4.65 seconds at the Combine yesterday.


Unofficial reports are that hard-nosed Iowa middle linebacker Abdul Hodge, a top runstopper in the Big Ten, ran his 40 yard dashes in 4.76 and 4.80 seconds at the Combine yesterday.

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